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Fate: Sword and Arrow

Part II – Fate Aprocrypha

Chapter 20 – Epilogue

A week after the end of the fights in Romania, everything went to normal, so to speak.

The Yggdmillenia family had contacted the Mage's Association and requested their assistance in the cleaning after the war.

Of course, the family's prestige was pretty much reduced to mere insignificance, after what happened, so they accepted whatever penalty the Association desired. In essence, nothing much, as Fiore, Caules and Gorges had pledged their loyalty to the Association. Gorges became one of the instructors in Alchemy while Fiore and Caules were enrolled as students. Also, the family had transferred any and all knowledge they acquired to the Association, relinquishing all of their rights to it. Of course, they had no choice in the matter, as the Association would provide everything they ever needed. Waver Velvet personally had guaranteed them that.

Obviously, he had the backing of the Vice-Director as the situation that Darnis created was quite troublesome to handle.

In the end, it was all thanks to Emiya Shirou that the consequences of the war were not so adverse, because if he weren't there, then Amakusa Shirou, the representative of the Church who turned out to be a Servant, would have obtained the Greater Grail and would no doubt use it for something that would have dire consequences to the world. Waver later found out that the other masters from the Association were being used by Amakusa Shirou for their command seals and their mana supply to power the servants. Caules Yggdmillenia was the one who released the Association's masters from Amakusa Shirou's control, though by the time he arrived, it was much too late to save them.

Still, his actions did manage to improve his image to the Clock Tower.

After the battle, Sieg had glued on Emiya Shirou like a cockroach, asking him all sorts of questions about what to do now with his life. Shirou tried dissuading the kid who saw him as role model, but he relented in the end. Arturia had admonished her husband forever daring to think that he was not a suitable role model. To this day, the former King of Britain had trouble thinking of someone else better suited for the part and the woman knew a lot of male figures in history. In the end, Shirou was of the opinion that Sieg had to take the opportunity granted by both Siegfried and Jeanne D'Arc and live his life as best as possible, taking his due time to understand what he wished to do from now on. The homunculus was a clean slate in terms of personal understanding, and he needed time to ponder about his next move in life.

Laeticia had offered Sieg to go with her to her hometown in France and he gladly accepted.

He missed Jeanne, but he had at least a friend in Laeticia, someone who understood what happened and that vowed to help him as much as possible for their mutual friend, the holy maiden Jeanne D'Arc. Shirou had even invited both of them to stay with them in Fuyuki for a while if they so desired. After all, Sieg paid special attention to Shirou's philosophy in life and how he chose to become a doctor.

As for Shirou and Arturia, they had soon left Romania and took a train towards London, since they were scheduled to have a meeting with Lord El-Melloi II.

Poor Shirou had slept for an entire day as soon as they arrived at their hotel, because of the strain in his magic circuits.

He was keeping Lancelot, a powerful servant, for two weeks and fighting other servants. She had ordered some room service for the couple as she quietly watched Shirou snore beside her. Looking back at her life after the fifth grail war, Arturia found that she had little to no regret in her decision to remain by his side. They had helped each other with Shirou always being there for her in her troubled times and Arturia was there for him in every step of the way. Of course, she often pondered about the road not taken. If she chose the kingdom over her lover. The spectrum of changes would be immense. What would happen to her life? Who would have taken the sword from the stone? What would happen to Camelot? Would her knights even exist? Perhaps her sister Morgan would have done something to take the throne without taking the sword from the stone.

Many possible outcomes could come from her wish to the Grail.

There was no telling whether her choice would meet her expectations in the end. She wanted the betterment of her kingdom and frankly believed at the time that she was the one responsible for its ruin. Now, though, even if the regrets were still there, Arturia found peace in the notion that she had done the best she could as king, given the circumstances. Choosing to be by her husband's side was the best choice she could ever make as right now, her entire focus was to have a family with him and make it grow.

She was above all else proud of him for keeping up with the same beliefs and ideals that made her fall in love with him.

He had worked hard and found a different way from Archer to help people at the hospital in Fuyuki and even in their travels around the world for the Red Cross. Gently caressing his cheeks and his hair, Arturia giggled as she heard a soft moan from him, though still asleep. Their dinner arrived soon and Arturia then dressed in her night gown, before searching for perhaps her favorite place in this whole wide world, her husband's chest pillow.

===Next day===

When the sun rose in dear old London, the couple was still fast asleep.

Emiya Shirou slowly opened his eyes as he saw the bundle of blond hair on his chest. He smiled upon hearing her slight snore. Shirou gently removed her head from his chest as he went to the room window. The room had a spectacular view of the River Thames as the sun beams illuminated the water. His body had yet to fully recover from the war, but at least he was already better than yesterday. It would still take some time to be one hundred percent, but at least with the war over, he would not have to exert his magic circuits for a long time. Also, with the war gone, he could resume his side project that was the completion of his family's magic crest, something that he could pass on to his progeny.

Shirou was focused on the view outside, so he did not pay attention when Arturia's breathing became more labored.

Swords clashed violently as Clarent battled for dominance against Excalibur.

Once more back at the Battle of Camlann, Arturia and Mordred crossed swords. Arturia could feel the anger in each and ever swing of the mighty sword. The battle went on for quite a while as neither was able to gain much ground. Arturia's style had more finesse and skill, but Mordred more than compensated with her aggression. The field became empty and the only sound that could be heard was their swords clashing. One strike would choose the winner of this war. Mordred took some distance and then slammed Clarent on Excalibur, forcing Arturia to release her sword. However, much to Mordred's surprise, Arturia had grabbed her holy lance and stroke her clean in the chest. Arturia's face was devoid of emotion as she saw the look of hurt in his son's eyes.

She flinched once Mordred land a strong hit on her stomach.

Normally, the dream would end there and Arturia would wake up immediately after.

However, now the scene shifted and Arturia was now facing Mordred, but at a different setting. They were at the Round Table. Mordred had her armor without her helmet and Arturia had her royal blue cape and her crown. This scene was different in her mind as there would be others present, mainly her knights.


"Mordred, I cannot simply give you what you believe you deserve."

Arturia found it strange that this time Mordred was not behaving like an immature child, demanding for recognition.

Something in the girl's eye made Arturia look at her more closely.

"Huh, still treating me as if I'm not here...I'm already used to it Father. No matter what happens, you will never look at me any different." Arturia frowned…Mordred's expression was of resentment sure, but she looked tired. Perhaps tired of expecting a different treatment from Arturia. Ever since she arrived, Arturia had indeed ignored her presence. Just by looking at Mordred, made Arturia remember what Morgan did to the both of them. However...yes, Arturia recognized something. She could never grant Mordred the throne, however that does not mean she could not at least recognize the cold hard truth.

"I apologize for the treatment I have given you Mordred…" Arturia could see Mordred look at her in surprise. She could see the urge in those eyes of her. "No matter how much I tried to deny, you are still my progeny and I also apologize for not being a good enough father to you…" Arturia found it strange how those simple words made Mordred's eyes morph from usual anger to one filled with tears. Arturia then moved from her usual position and approached Mordred who was catatonic…despite all her aversion to what happened…despite all her anger at her sister for what she did…Arturia could not held Mordred responsible for it. She did not choose any of this mess.

Mordred was even more surprised when Arturia enveloped her in a hug.

"Father…" Father and son crossed eyes and Mordred could see her father's smiling at her. It was a content smile, one that in the end, Mordred always wished to see.

"I hope you can forgive me..." Now, it was Mordred's time to show a content smile as she closed her eyes, returning the hug. Father and son stood like that for quite a while.

"I can only hope that my sibling can have more of these moments with you, father."

Arturia broke the hug immediately as she once more looked at Mordred in surprise, who was rubbing Arturia's stomach tenderly.

This was the last scene before Arturia opened her eyes in great shock as she rubbed her stomach exactly where Mordred was doing in her dream.

Shirou was by her side immediately as he tried to sooth her by caressing her head.


Shirou found it strange to see not a scared look like her last nightmares, but one of deep and profound elation. Arturia had told him everything about the dream and she could see his face of happiness at the possibility. He gave his wife a quick check-up, but he had taken her to a hospital to confirm the actual news. They had found one close to their hotel and got the wonderful news that Arturia was indeed pregnant. The couple was ecstatic at the news and specially Arturia who now will have the opportunity of being a proper parent, only now as a mother.

===At the Clock Tower===

Already making a few plans about the baby, Shirou and Arturia stopped at the place neither of them wished to be right now.

Being averse to the magus class, they were about to embark inside a place where only magus resided, and it brought chills to both of them. Not to say that they were afraid. Shirou had enough swords and noble phantasms at his disposal to take care of most magus and Arturia could certainly take care of anyone here, without even trying. The problem was the possible consequences of their actions if the worst happened. Just by winning the last war, they were targeted by some of the most influential magus families. Now, they had also won the Sixth Grail War which was considered even bigger than the fifth with double the number of servants and in a city where the leyline was more powerful than Fuyuki.

Frankly speaking, Arturia was considering just anticipating their flight back home and take the fight back to Fuyuki where Shirou's bounded field would take care of most threats.

When they were only Shirou and Arturia, it was one thing, but now they had a child on the way.

Her maternal instinct of protection was beginning to weight on her shoulders.

"I know what you're thinking, Arturia. We will walk straight into his office and then leave right afterward." Arturia did not like it, but she went along with it.

"Let us get this over with, Shirou. I don't want to spend any more minute than necessary in this place." She could not help but compare this place with her sister.

They soon opened the double doors and found Waver's assistant Gray waiting for them by the entrance to escort them to her teacher's office. The soon to be parents were still dumbstruck at how much this girl resembled Arturia when she was king. However, the mere thought of asking questions in this place was too much of a hassle to bother. As they walked around, they could see people from all ages going about as if they were inside a normal school. They would see teenagers chatting, children playing in the open areas and even teachers chatting amongst each other; neither even bothered to pay most attention to the couple. However, that only appeared so to the untrained eye.

Shirou and Arturia could plainly see that at least the teachers and even some adults watching them, sizing them up.

It was quite the unnerving feeling and made them on edge.

Despite reaching Waver's office, the feeling did not fade, especially when inside the room, they found that Waver was not alone. There was a woman sitting on a coach located far away from the door. She wore formal clothes, formed by a white overcoat, dark brown horse-ridding trousers, and light brown boots. Her eyes settled on Shirou and Arturia as it was clear that she was sizing the couple from head to toe. It came as a relief that at least someone in this god-forsaken place at least did not bother to hide it. However, that alone was not enough to release them of their worry as this woman looked quite dangerous.

Still, Arturia found it disturbing that whoever this woman was kept staring at her husband like that.

"Shirou, Arturia, please come in and take a seat, we will begin immediately." Waver was sitting on his desk closer to the window. "Could I offer you two some tea?" Both Emiyas fought the urge to snort at the offer. As if…

"No thank you Lord El-Melloi II." Waver did not think any less of the rejection and took a seat near the woman.

"First, I would like to formally introduce you two to Miss Lorelei Barthomeloi. She is the Association's Vice Director." Shirou and Arturia bowed in traditional japanese greeting, before taking a seat on the other coach. "The reason the vice-director is here is that she wishes to personally…"

"I think I can speak for myself, thank you Lord El-Melloi II."

Waver sweat dropped at the rude interruption, but he would not dare voice it out loud. The woman was crossing her arms in clear irritation. "I will be brief here, since I have other places to be right now. Emiya Shirou, on behalf of the Association, I would like to extend our gratitude for your actions in Romania. I would also like to personally thank you for sharing with us the real intentions of this Amakusa Shirou's and also stop him before he reached the Grail. I have been looking for something to use against those imbecils from the Church for quite a while now. They had a servant in their payroll for sixty years and no one bothered to look."

Shirou and Arturia looked at the woman for a while, both finding it humorous that she was also speaking to a former servant in this very room.

Still, the woman made it sound like Shirou did what he did as a favor to them.

"Not to sound disgraceful here, but my participation in this war was not as a favor to the Clock Tower. Let's just say that Lord El-Melloi II here had used some compelling arguments to convince me to join."

Arturia had to fight her urges not to snort at her husband's way of mincing words. They were literally forced to participate. Waver simply let out a 'humpf' as he drank his tea.

"Yes, well, I am quite familiar with those compelling arguments as you so eloquently put it, Emiya Shirou, as I was the one who ordered him to do so." Shirou found that it was not that surprising. "The other reason I'm here is that Lord El-Melloi II had told me about your request in exchange for representing the Association in this war. And I am here to personally give you and your wife the word of the Association's Vice Director that under no circumstances are any of the magus families allowed to attack either one of the Emiya family, be it officially or unofficially. Those who do will have to deal with me personally." Shirou and Arturia perked up at this. Waver did already state that this would be granted to them, but only if a family officially moved against them.

Against mercenaries, it was another manner.

"I appreciate it Vice-Director." Lorelei nodded, clearing her throat for a second part of the conversation.

"Now, also considering how it was through your actions that the Yggdmillenia Family has accepted the penalty from the Association, I am also inclined to grant you another request."

For one of the highest ranks of magus there is, this person was being surprisingly generous.

"Once more I appreciate it Vice-Director, but there is nothing more I request other than keeping the magus families away from my family."

Lorelei looked at the magus with narrowed eyes as it was quite unusual for one not to accept such an offer, specially from one such as herself.

"I urge you to reconsider, Emiya Shirou…for instance, there is something we have that belongs to you…if you wish, we can give it back." Waver looked at the woman next to him in surprise. Normally, magus operated on the basis of equivalent exchange. And yes, what Shirou did for the Association required equal retribution, but he wondered if Shirou had provided them enough to make Lorelei consider giving him that. Arturia looked at the woman quietly while Shirou wondered what they could possibly have that it was his in the first place.

"Forgive me, Vice-Director, but I don't know what you are talking about…"

"A long time ago, your grandfather Emiya Norikata received a sealing designation, because of his atrocious research with Dead Apostiles." Shirou's eyes widened at that…his father never bothered to mention about his family before and Shirou found that he never did ask. Still, it came as a shock to him that his grandfather did something like this. "As such, the Emiya's Magic Crest is safely stored here at the Association. While we cannot and will not give you the magic related to his research, there are parts of it that may prove interest to your family, like his time alteration skills. In fact, some of it was already released to Emiya Kiritsugu, but he never found interest in taking the rest, hence is now here at your disposal, if you so desire."

Shirou had never seen his father using any type of mage craft, hence he was at a loss of what exactly does 'time alteration skills' mean.

Arturia very well knew it as she saw Shirou's father fight in the Fourth War.

"That is indeed something to ponder, Vice-Director, however I was adopted by Kiritsugu. Normally, magic crest is only passed on to a blood relative, like an organ transplant." Waver placed his teacup on the table and clarified.

"While that is true in a way, one with the good knowledge of healing mage craft such as yourself could implant the magic crest without risk of rejection."

Something to ponder indeed and Shirou supposed that Avalon could help smooth the process along.

"Well, it's yours in case you want it. Anyway, like I said before, I have other meeting to attend, so if you wish the crest, then Lord El-Melloi II can get it for you."

When the woman got up, so did the others present in the room, before she left. Now, Waver, Shirou and Arturia stood alone inside the office.

"So, what is your decision concerning your family's magic crest?"

Shirou looked at Arturia for a while as they both seemed to have a conversation using their eyes, followed by a nod from her.

"I will take it if that's okay with the Association." Waver humpfed and looked at Gray's direction, before the girl left the office probably towards the archives.

"Now, with that settled, let us talk about the war…I already have most of your report here with me, together with the detailed description and abilities of the servants that participated in it, which I must say, was quite thorough." Shirou nodded as Waver continued. "In regard to the plane we borrowed for you, our associate in Romania found it quite curious when he heard from one of the military that the plane somehow was fixed to prestine condition. Though, they did report that the plane suffered some damage on the left side wing, which was patched up although rather poorly." For this, Shirou looked at Arturia who fought the urge to blush and look away. When she landed the plane back at the base, it was nowhere near as perfect as Sir Lancelot did it. Still, Shirou could not complain as he did not know how to fly that thing.

"What else…well, as far as expenditures, I guess I can't complain much. While the overcall cost was not cheap, certainly it was not out of control. I will handle your report to the higher-ups, but I guess everything is in pristine order."

Shirou nodded. To him, it was like filling up a chart from the hospital.

"Are we free to go then, or is that anything else you need, Lord El-Melloi II?" The man smiled and asked in good humor.

"I don't suppose you would tell me what you wished for the Greater Grail?"

Arturia and Shirou smiled as well.

As soon as they left the huge rock that was the greater grail, it vanished, very likely attending Shirou's request to hide in a place where no one will ever be able to find it.

"Would you believe if I told you that I did not make a wish…" Waver's eye twitch followed by a sweat drop told him otherwise. "Guess not…"

Arturia was holding her stomach in pain from laughing at the scene.

"A simple 'no' would have sufficed…"

After that, the meeting ended with Gray bringing back a suitcase with the Emiya family's magic crest.

===Two years later===

Shirou had performed the implantation of his family's magic crest. Arturia had to supply constant energy to Avalon both in the middle of the implantation and afterward, so that Shirou could better acclimate to the foreign magic crest without risk of his body suffering for it. Shirou had found his father's notes about Innate Time Control. Even so, it took an entire year for his body and his own magic circuits to acclimate to it. And with that, Shirou had finished his own Magic Crest now added by the Emiya family's thaumaturgy. Lorelei's promise did bear fruit as the Emiya Family was no longer attacked. As such, they had leaved quite peacefully returning to Fuyuki after London. Shirou had returned to the Hospital and worked double shifts for a good month so as to compensate for being away for so long.

With him working at the hospital, Arturia would sometimes go together with him to certify that everything was alright with their baby.

Everyone was static at the news of the pregnancy. Taiga would bombard them with little clothes of both sexes, and she was even more elated when the news came that they would have a daughter. There was no doubt in either Shirou or Arturia's mind that she was to be their daughter's godmother. Unfortunately, as the woman was unlikely to find a husband anytime soon, Shirou asked for his friend Issei to be the godfather. Aside from that, magic wise, Shirou had recorded literally every knowledge there was inside the family's magic crest in the house library just in case something happened to them.

Little Emiya Mordred was born perfectly healthy nine months later.

A year after her birth, the Emiya family was seen in a small country house with a chimney Shirou had acquired for them in Glastonbury. It would be their home away from home, a place for the family to travel from time to time. Emiya Shirou was seen doing some chores on the house's garden while Arturia was teaching little Mordred how to take care of Dun Stallion, their horse. With a few strays of blond hair and bright brown eyes, Mordred cutely giggled as Arturia lifted her and placed her on top of the horse.

Arturia saw the grownup Mordred up the hills next to their house, looking down at them and showing that big brand smile of hers in approval.

Shirou stopped his chores and looked at his wonderful family having fun together and realized that he really could find no higher joy in his life.

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