Sebastian helped up Ciel, then put away his trunk. Then he nodded to Ciel and turned to the other, unwelcome visitors, I guess you can say. "I'm afraid there isn't enough room in the carriage. You must ride in your own carriage." Sebastian plastered a (*cough* fake *cough cough*) polite smile onto his face as he spoke. "Awww, but I want to ride with Ciel!" Lizzie pouted. "No, I will ride with Ciel!" Alois shoved Lizzie aside. "Hey! It's my turn to sit with Ciel!" Soma cried. Sebastian sighed inwardly. Giving a loud cough, Sebastian apologizes and says, "I'm quite sorry, but I believe that I should sit with my master. After all, I must be there if my master requires me." Sebastian said, stepping between the quarreling trio.

"Hmph!" All three of them scowled and turned away from each other. "Lady Elizabeth!" Lizzie's maid, Paula, came hurrying over. "Are you ready yet, my lady? I've just finished preparing the carriage for your journey!" Paula beamed and bounced on the balls of her feet. "Yes, Paula. Let's go!" Lizzie said, lifting up the hem of her skirt so they wouldn't get dirty and hurried off to her carriage, with Paula bouncing behind her. Claude and Agni walks over and retrieves their masters, Agni having to practically drag Soma away from Ciel.

"Now that we have that all sorted out, let us be off." Ciel turned on his heel and climbed into his carriage with Sebastian's help. As Sebastian closed the door and sat down, Ciel removed his hat and rested his cane against his leg. Smirking, the older demon pulled Ciel into his lap. "Oi!" Ciel yelped. "Let go of me, Sebastian! Since when did you have that much energy?" Ciel huffed angrily, bouncing slightly as the carriage hit a slight bump in the road.

Caressing his lover's thigh, Sebastian answered, "Ever since you've accepted me as your lover." Ciel made to hit him but his wrists was grabbed. "UGH, YOU IDIOT! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" Sebastian turned Ciel's head towards him and kissed him on the lips. "Shh, you don't want us to be heard, do you, young master?" Ciel blushed furiously and turned away with his arms crossed. "Hmph!"

5 Minutes Later

"Come on now, you don't have to have that kind of attitude!" Sebastian was trying (unsuccessfully) to coax Ciel into having sex with him. "In the carriage?! Are you out of your mind?! Besides, what if some one else hears us?" Ciel wailed. "They won't. After all, I do have this..." Ciel looked around but saw nothing. He turned back to Sebastian, opening his mouth to question what he had when Sebastian suddenly stuffed something into his mouth. "Seb-mpfh?!" Ciel sputtered through the handkerchief that was stuffed into his mouth. "Mmphuf!" Ciel half-mumbled, half-yelled through the handkerchief. "Don't worry, Bocchan, I promise I'll be gentle..."

Ha! Thought I was going to write some smut, didn't you? Nope, I can't. Not ready for THAT kind of writing just yet. Any who, Sebastian sure does have a lot of energy, doesn't he? Bye for now!