Seven Years Later

Hermione smiled to herself as she looked at the Newspaper in front of her.

Front page headline and story; this was all the coverage she needed to make sure it all took off with a bang.


Hermione Granger, famous adult fiction writer and author of the sexy adult series 'Write for me' , for Wizards and Muggles A-like! Has a new and final book of the series out today! For full interview and spoilers of the delights in store, turn to page 4!

"Anything interesting there, Granger?" His hand clasped her shoulder and his lips and nose nuzzled into her neck. She sighed and tilted her head back into him. She loved the way his stubble tickled her neck .. she'd always loved that. For the last seven years, she had loved every subtle little thing about him.

"No, not really ... just a little book launch, that's all..." she felt him leave her and pluck the paper from her fingers. He sauntered over to the kitchen work top and she heard him pouring tea into a cup for himself as he poured through the pages.

"I'm intrigued... wonder what this one is about, then?" he asked in false curiosity. She turned to view him and saw that tell-tale smirk on his lips. He looked so handsome of a morning, with his hair mussed and looking thoroughly fucked from their previous night's escapades.

"Oh, the usual, you know ..." she sighed sarcastically, smiling. "Boy is mean to girl, girl hates boy. Boy reads dirty stories that girl has written and then falls hopelessly into lust with her..." she got up from the table and walked towards him, plucking the paper back out from his hands and nuzzling into his neck as her arms went around him.

God ... his smell ... she would never get over his smell. That smell had been part of her existance for the last seven years ... and when she married him, if he still smelled like that, then she would want him all the more.

He raised a blonde eyebrow at her. "Never heard that one before." He told her casually, a wicked glint in his eyes as he put his arms around her waist. "But as long as the boy is blonde, devilishly handsome and you tell the reader how good he fucked her ... then I'm sure I'll be more than happy to read it, too."

Hermione smiled to herself.

He was right, ofcourse.

He was blonde.

Her muse had always been blonde.