The work-lights flickered as the sound of footsteps resounded in the otherwise silent castle, and the silhouette of a hooded figure entered the library.

"Excuse me."

An unprecedentedly determined voice.

Leaning on his chair, Soo-Won looked up from his book, at the dark night sky through the window to his right, and then turned his head to the hooded figure that had entered.


There were countless suppressed emotions contained in her name he managed to utter.

Her voice that spoke his name also contained various repressed emotions.


The 16 year old girl lowered the hood that covered her face, and her red hair fell, reaching her shoulders.

"Pardon the late timing; I've come to talk. It concerns the war with the Kai Empire... and my father."

Yona looked at Soo-Won as if he were a stranger right across the street from her.

But she hadn't always seen him that way.

2 years ago, she considered him the man she loved. They had once been close friends.

Oh, how things had changed.

Author's note:

The prologue is set in an unknown future. Yona and Soo-Won are both in Hiryuu Castle, but not exactly on good terms.

You'll eventually find out what happened to the other characters and what on Earth is going on.

I already have a plot worked out, but if you have any suggestions/questions please let me know in the comments.

Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoy future chapters.