This here is a parody of a scene from Family Guy, but I toned it down a bit to make in more family-friendly. Enjoy this randomness that I came up.

(P.S. I do NOT have a burp fetish. This is something I only wanted to do for fun. I just wanted to do a parody.)


Inside a house-esque cave in ocean was Gill, Bloat, Bubbles, and their little friend Nemo, who they called "Sharkbait." Gill was sitting on a skull chair, while Bloat, Nemo, and Bubbles was sitting on a coral couch. All four of them are holding a bottle called Ipecac. They have never tried it before, but all they knew was that Bloat found it somewhere in the ocean. They have seen some fish that burp a lot when they drank Ipecac, in which they found pretty hilarious. The reason why these 4 have the bottles is because earlier, the boys were previously having an argument over who would get the last slice of Kelp Cookie Cake that Peach got for them from a bake sale. Gill then had an idea to hold a contest that whoever goes the longest without burping will get the last slice of Kelp Cookie Cake.

Gill then explained to the boys, "Okay, listen up. Now remember, when we drink the Ipecac, whoever can go the longest without burping gets the last slice of Kelp Cookie Cake. Alright?"

"I'm ready to win," said Bloat.

"Good luck guys," said Nemo.

"Bubbles will be victorious," said Bubbles.

Gill then exclaimed, "Alright boys. Aaaaand... GO!"

The boys quickly drank up all of the Ipecac in their bottles, not knowing of the major consequences that would soon happen. Once they all finished up all their bottles, they began to wait.

Gill asked the boys, "Okay, so how's it going for you three?" "Bubbles feels okay," exclaimed the energetic yellow tang." "No burping for me yet," said the overconfident pufferfish. "I'm still good," exclaimed the happy young clownfish, who was excited in winning the slice of cake.

"Okay then, so far so good guys," Gill said cooly, "you know boys, when I tasted some of that Kelp Cookie Cake, it was delicious. I have to admit, that was some pretty good stuff that Peach got from that bake sale she went to last we-" Before Gill can continue talking, a loud and violent belch came from Gill's mouth. The scarred Moorish Idol groaned in pain from the big burp.

Bubbles was laughing a storm when he saw his leader lose the challenge. "One done, two more to go. Bubbles already knows that he will win the last sli-"

Karma came quick to the yellow tang as he gave out a huge burp from his mouth. Bubbles laid on his side in pain as the last 2 contestants watched.

Nemo was then beginning to frown, in which he held his belly. "My belly doesn't really feel very swell for some reason," whined Nemo as he was clearly feeling uncomfortable. "Well, I still feel fine, Bloat declared with a smile full of pride on his face, "so I'm very sure you're gonna lo-" A gigantic burp came from the pufferfish's face as fell on his belly.

Nemo, realizing that he was the winner, swam around in happiness and did a victory dance. "Oh boy! I win! I get to eat the last piece of Kelp Cookie Ca-" The little boy's victory was cut short as he gave out a monstrous belch.

Bloat and Bubbles both burped violently in pain while Gill crawled over to Nemo to comfort him. "Oh gosh," moaned Gill as he hugged the whimpering kid. "I guess this was actually a bad idea-" the idol quickly turned his face away from his godson as he belched. "OH GEE! Ya think Gill?" Bloat angrily yelled as he let out a huge burp, as his insides were burning inside. "Gill... I'm scared," whimpered Nemo as he too faced away from his godfather and burped violently.

"BUBBLES DOESN'T WANNA! BUBBLES DOESN'T WANNA!" Bubbles cried in fear as he let out another throat-itching burp.

"Gill! Call my dad! Call Peach! CALL ANYONE!" Nemo cried as he somehow was able to hold back a painful burp. Gill swam around aimlessly as he tried hold himself together. "Peach! Sweetheart! Get in here! Please... HELP US!" shouted Gill as another violent belch came out.

"BUBBLES'S INSIDES ARE BURNING!" screamed the poor yellow tang as he let out yet another humongous belch.

"Okay... okay... I think it's done Gill," Bloat groaned, hoping he was right, only to let out yet another pain-wrenching burp.

"Guys..." Gill weakly said, "I'm really sorry." Nemo cried out, "Gill, please hold me tight." Gill crawled over to poor Nemo and hold his lucky fin tight as the young boy gave out a horrifying belch.

By now, all fours were on the ground, gasping weakly for sea air as they tried to have their lungs relax. Gill was hugging Nemo tight while Bubbles tried to comfort Bloat. Soon, Peach came to them with a plate of food and asked them one question that would make the boys give out their final burp.

"Anyone want the last slice of the Kelp Cookie Cake?" Peach asked innocently.

Her answer came when the boys gave out their big finale belch on Peach.

Peach, in shock, then asked them, "What the heck did you four even drink?"

The Moorish Idol, the Clownfish, the Yellow Tang, and the Pufferfish looked at each other for while, and then gave Peach their answer.


Well, I hoped some of you guys actually this parody of a scene from Family Guy. If you're wondering what scene I'm parodying, it's this: watch?v=_SKdN1xQBjk (Warning: Watch at Risk!)

See you guys next time!