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Rachel was picking up her daughter's toys and was about to go to hers and Emma's room, but stop when she hears Joey's voice, so she stood at the doorway listening to their conversation.

"Well Emma, I hate to say it, but mommy and I are gonna be just friends." Joey told her sadly.

Emma looks up at Joey.

"But between me and you, Emma." Joey started. "That's gonna be hard...because before your mom, I um...I had this girl who just used me to make her boyfriend jealous and she had the guts to tell me that no one could ever love me...maybe she was...maybe she was right." Joey close his eyes to stop the tears.

Rachel closes her mouth with her hand so she wouldn't get caught for eavesdropping on them.

"I gotta admit it Emma, yes I, Joey Tribbiani, may get it on with the ladies and all...but-" Joey atopped and took a big breathe. "But all I want is a love of my life, to hold her in my arms, tell her how much I love her...and have a family...but that's never gonna happen."

Emma stood up from the crib and reached out for Joey.

"Awe come here sweetie." Joey said picking her up and sitting her down on his lap, hugging her. "To be honest kid, your mother, Rachel is the only woman I loved and who actually loved me."

"Joey...sad." Emma spoke.

"Yes, Joey is very sad..." Joey repeated. "Depressed."

Emma cuddles in Joey's arms.

"I don't wanna lose Rachel, Emma." Joey cried.

Rachel opens the door with tears streaming in her eyes.

"Rachel?" Joey asked as he put Emma back in the crib.

Rachel just walked over to him, grabbing his face and kissed him before pulling away, smiling.

"What are you..." Joey started, but was stopped when Rachel puts her finger on his lips telling him to be quiet.

"Just kiss me." Rachel said.

"But not with Emma here." Joey said.

Rachel chuckles at his innocence.

"Joey, I love you." Rachel told him.

Joey stared at her.

"I want to spent the rest of my life with you." Rachel says. "You're the one that I want." She added.

Joey smiled a little.

"But we couldn' know." Joey explains.

"Sex? Joey I don't care if we have sex or not." Rachel told him.

"Shh, not in fron S." Joey whispered, making Rachel smiled.

"But wanna know how much I love you?" Rachel asked him.

Joey looked at her.

"That I wanna grow old with you." Rachel told him. "And can be Emma's stepfather."

"But what about Ross?" Joey asked.

"Joey, it's you and me. Not Ross and me." Rachel told him. "Beside Ross and Rachel are over, for good."

"But Emma needs her parents." Joey told her, voice cracking.

"We are still gonna be her parents even when we're not together." Rachel say as she sat on her bed. "I don't want to be with Ross, I wanna be with you. I'm happy with you, I feel like I can be myself when I'm with you."

"Really?" Joey asks as he say next to her.

Rachel nods her head.

"Yeah, all my life people expect me to act like this spoiled rich brat, but...i don't want to be that person." Rachel explains to him.

Joey moves the hair out of her face.

"I think your perfect no matter what." He said softly.

Rachel smiles.

"You are so sweet Joe." Rachel blushed. "And Chandler did tell me you had a crush on me ever since I met you guys."

"What?" Joey asked, trying to lie. "That was...the old Joey. The old Joey would do anything to get you into bed with him."

Rachel gave him the look.

"Ok not really, but I let it go when Ross liked you." Joey told her.

"But Joey...I love you, now." Rachel said kissing his cheek. "Always has and always will." She added.

Joey kissed her forehead.

"I love you, too." Joey replied.

They looked over to at Emma blabbing to herself and chuckled at her.

"We can get married and have more kids." Rachel suggests.

Joey chuckles.

"Let's slow down and wait a year, you don't know how much I always dreamed of this." Joey told her making her smiled.

They both stood up looking at Emma who was fast asleep.

"Goodnight Emma, your mommy and your stepdaddy loves you very much." Rachel says looking over at Joey.

Joey smiled heartily.

"We sure do." They leaned in for a kiss.

Joey and Rachel decided to give it another chance.