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Knight Yagami: The son of Light Yagami and Misa Amane. His mother's looks and father's brilliance combined with his unshakable sense of justice and ruthlessness makes him the perfect heir to Kira.

Gilth (Pronounced "Guilt"): The god of death reincarnation of Light Yagami. After hearing his story from Ryuk, he passes a Death Note onto his son and watches as his son evolves as Kira.

"Break": The leader of a trio of detectives hunting down Kira. His intelligence is on par with L's but he possesses an advantage that L never had.

Extended Summary

In the Heir Arc of Death Note: Light's Out, Knight Yagami, the son of Light and Misa, is an orphan at the Wammy House next in line to succeed Near. Upon being given the Death Note by his god of death father, his life changes forever. Using the Death Note, he picks up where Kira left off and succeeds his father in becoming the God of the new world. Things couldn't have gone better for him with this power in his hands but things take a turn for the worst when he is hunted down by a trio of detectives who know his deadly secret.

Realm of the Shinigami

No, Light, you weren't actually a god back then. You were something else. Go ahead, why not give it a shot. If you're lucky, some unbelievable guy might just pick up your notebook. Maybe you'll get to see something you'll never forget for the rest of your life. That's why I think, wouldn't you agree….Light?

The Human World

October 27, 2030

This world is rotten. This world is infested with vermin and people allow it to be infested. Where is Kira; we need him now more than ever. I would kill to bring him back. Who knows, maybe Kira will return and steer this world in the right direction.

The Wammy House.

Knight Yagami, Age: 17.

On the rooftop of the Wammy House, Knight Yagami sat on a beach chair with a chessboard set up on a table in front of him. He plays by himself and thinks of the next moves ahead for each side. Knight Yagami was known around the Wammy House for his orange hair, which was actually strawberry blond. He had blue eyes and fair skin. He wore a buttoned-up khaki shirt that was neatly pressed and a red tie. He also sported black pants and fancy brown shoes. He sat in his beach chair with one leg over his knee and he moved the knight up and to the right, checkmating himself.

From the sky that had been covered with gray clouds, a notebook fell.

"OW!" Knight exclaimed as he clutched his head. A notebook from above had fallen on his head and nearly put him in a coma. He winces and rubs his head before he clears his composure to study the device that had ambushed him from above.

Death Note

He picks it up from his lap and examines it carefully. He flips it open and reads the first page. "This Is A God of Death's NoteBook." He chuckled. "A Shinigami, it did fall from above so I wouldn't be surprised." He flips to the next page. "How to Use: The human whose name is written in this note shall die. This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected." He read the next set of rules, which took about seven or eight pages and stopped when he read a rule that read, 'All humans will, without exception, eventually die. After they die, the place they go is MU. (Nothingness)'

He smirks. "I can believe that." He shuts the notebook. "If this is a prank, it's a well-thought-out one. I could've come up with this notebook if I wanted to." He flips to the first blank page. He takes out a pencil from his breast pocket. "If I just write a name, then the person will simply die of a heart attack while I picture their face in mind. This is beginning to sound like a prank the kids are playing on me because I'm the only one in this godforsaken orphanage who supports Kira."

"I knew it worked."

Knight looks up. He gasps as his mouth is covered with a mouth. His eyes widen as he gazes upon the monster silencing him. He calms down after a brief moment.

In front of him was a behemoth of some kind with a permanent grin across its skeletal face, red eyes, and spiky hair that had been tied back by a red headband that matched the color of the tie Knight was wearing. He also was carrying some kind of weapon made of bones on his back.

"You don't seem scared of me," the Shinigami said, "Are you not surprised to see me?"

Knight spoke when the Shinigami moved his hand away from his mouth. "This is a Shinigami's notebook," Knight smiled, "You're the owner of this Death Note, am I right?"

The Shinigami laughed. "You're smart, just as I knew you'd be. My name is Gilth and I've been watching over you for a long time, Knight Yagami."

Knight cocked his head. "How do you know my name? At the Wammy House, I am known as K, or 'Kip' as the others call me."

"Simple," Gilth said, "I can see your name and lifespan floating above your head and I must say, you have quite the lifespan, Knight Yagami."

KNIGHT YAGAMI, 16 4 5 31 3 9 1

Knight flips to a page containing rules. "You're not permitted to tell me my lifespan?" he asked.

"I'm not permitted to tell you that," Gilth answered, "But I can't tell you how happy I am that you found the notebook."

Knight narrowed his eyes. "What are you talking about? I didn't find the notebook, it fell on my head and you clearly said that you've been watching over me for a long time. The instructions are written in English, which means that you either had a contingency plan in case the notebook fell into a human's hands or you dropped this book on purpose."

Gilth tilted his head. "Smart," he praised before looking down at the chessboard, "You're calculative, I always knew. You're perfect for this Death Note."

Knight packed up his chessboard. He clutched the notebook tightly in his arm. "The notebook said that only the owner or people who have touched the notebook can see you."

"That's right," Gilth confirmed, "You're sharper and more observant than I anticipated."

Knight takes the notebook downstairs and he locks himself in his room.

Gilth limped into Knight's room as if he had been injured.

"How has the world been since the reign of Kira almost eighteen years ago?" Gilth asked, "Did they teach Kira that he is a hero?"

Knight sneered and started grinding his teeth. "Teachers, politicians, police officers, they all have taught us that Kira was the evilest mass murder in history." He clenched his fists. "I don't believe that."

"Why not?" Gilth asked.

"I was born nine months after Kira suddenly vanished. When I was growing up, the global crime rates spiked ninety percent. Terrorist groups became more dangerous than before, politicians became corrupt, thousands of innocent people suffered just when they had everything going for them. And it's all because of Near, who has taken the mantle of 'L'. There was one Kira killing old people that Near dubbed C-Kira and then there was A-Kira, who put a Death Note up for auction, the world has never been worse before."

Gilth's eyes lit up red.

Near...you ruined everything all those years ago. I'll make sure you pay.

He takes out a pencil. "If I knew what Near's real name was, then I would write it down. I know this Death Note is real, I believe it, but I still require an experiment. I want to see the power of God before me."

Gilth stopped him. "I have to warn you, Knight, the human who uses a Death Note can neither go to Heaven nor Hell for eternity. And when your time comes, I will be the one writing your name in my notebook."

Knight scoffed. "Humans go to MU when they die. Either way, I don't believe in Heaven, Hell, God, or the Devil. Religion is a waste of time and Kira is my one and only deity."

Knight, Gilth thought, You really are your father's child. You ARE Light Yagami's son.

"What you are holding in your hand is the very weapon that Kira used to rid the world of evil."

Knight laughed softly. "I already deduced that."

I still have my memories of my previous life, Gilth thought, I think I'll transfer my memories into my son.

Gilth chuckled before he grabbed Knight's shoulder. "You want to know a secret, Knight?"

"It better be worth my time, Shinigami," Knight said with a rude and condescending voice.

He whispers: "I want to tell you that I am Kira."

Knight froze.

Does this Shinigami expect me to believe this? Does he expect me to believe that he is Kira?

"Prove it," Knight challenged.


Gilth held out a hand and grabbed the back of Knight's head.

"Is this enough proof?"

Knight's heart dropped to his stomach. His eyes went wide. His breath was stolen from him.

Visions flashed through Knight's mind, the entirety of Kira's life passing through his mind, specifically, when Kira received the notebook, all the way to his end near the Yellow Box Warehouse. He saw the last of the flashes where it revealed that Light Yagami was Kira.

Light Yagami...my father...was Kira? And my mother was Misa Amane...the second Kira?

A smile crossed Knight's face and his eyes turned red. "I'm heir to Kira's throne."

He smiled, which gave him an uncanny resemblance to his father.

My father was Kira. I, Knight Yagami, son of Light Yagami and Misa Amane, am heir to Kira. This Shinigami claims to be Kira himself which could only mean one thing: Light Yagami was reincarnated as a Shinigami. He came back to the human world to see to it that I finish his work. And I won't disappoint my father, mother, or all those kind and gentle people who suffered because of Near.

He picks up the notebook.

With this tool, I will change the world. I will redeem the world back to Kira's utopia and I will make sure there isn't an L to chase me down. I'm going to kill Near and everyone involved in his death. This means everybody in the SPK and the Japanese Task Force that chased down Kira and killed him. I'm also going to make sure no inferior carbon copies of L chase me down; I'll write down the names of everybody in the Wammy House.

Knight prepares to write in the notebook before there is a knock on his door. He quickly hid the notebook in his drawer before he walked to the door. He puts his hand on the knob and hesitates.

"Don't worry, they can't see me," Gilth said.

Knight opened the door to find a girl standing there, blushing.

"Kip," the girl said.

Knight recognized her as a child under the alias of 'I', or 'Ice'

"Ice" Knight called her by her alias, "What do you want?"

She blushed. "I-was-just…." She reached into her jacket pocket and took out a yellow envelope. "I just...wanted to give this to...you."

Does she have to blush whenever she's around me?

Knight takes the envelope and tears it open. It was a paper with his test results. Gilth laughed.

"Number one again," Knight said, "Scored 2000 points on the Wammy House Exams."

"That's the highest score anybody has received in the Wammy House. You've been number one for three years in a row, Kip," Ice said, "If you keep this up, you will succeed Near in no time."

Knight chuckled. "Why would I want to succeed Near?"

"You're the smartest kid in the Wammy House and the test results prove it. You should be the one to succeed Near. The kids at the Wammy House are groomed into succeeding L and you are the most qualified candidate."

Knight turned and sank into his chair. "Step in and close the door behind you."

Ice blushed again but she followed Knight's command. "What is it, Kip?"

"Ice, I need your honest opinion: What do you think about Kira?"

Ice looked at the ground with twitching fingers before looking at Knight. "What do you mean?"

"What's your opinion on Kira? I know that we are groomed into becoming detectives to stop people like Kira out of duty but what is your personal opinion of Kira?"

Gilth watched the exchange between the two and laughed. "I can't wait to hear her response."

"Well," she began, "In my opinion...Kira is...evil."

Knight's eyes widened. Her fingers twitched. "What?" he whispered. "What did you say?"

You think Kira is evil?

Knight's fingers twitched. He looked down at the ground.

Iona Abernathy, you call Kira evil?

Knight opens his drawer without looking.

"Kira is justice," he growled under his breath. He slowly looked up at her with red eyes. "When Kira was law, global crime rates dropped seventy percent and wars have stopped. Criminals became fearful of Kira and stopped themselves from committing crimes and at the same time, discouraged people from doing bad. Six hundred thousand innocent people were saved from violent criminals every year for six years and people who did no wrong could live a cheerful life. Ever since Kira went dark all those years ago, crime has worsened."

"Knight," I said carefully, "Why are you saying this?"

He takes a pencil and presses it to the notebook.

"Let me ask you something, Iona Abernathy, if I rape you right here and now, I would be a bad person. I'm smart, so I can find a loophole in the system to get out of jail for free. Would it be justice if I rape you and get off scot-free?"

Ice gasped. "It...wouldn't be right."

"Of course," Knight said, "But that's what you are saying. You are saying that you would rather live in a world where I could rape you and get away with it then to live in a world where evil people get punished for their crimes."

"Kip," Ice said, "I know that you support Kira but what has gotten into you? Why are you saying this?"


He looks at his watch.

"I am Kira."

Ice's eyes widened and she gasped.




Ice clutched her chest and collapsed to her knees. She falls on her side and gasps for air. She holds out her twitching hand as she gasps in horror upon realizing what was going on.


Knight took out the Death Note and flashed the page with her name written on it. He smiles. "I'll see you in Nothingness, Iona Abernathy."

She slowly exhales her last breath of existence. Her eyes slowly closed as she drifted off where she could rest in peace.

Gilth laughed. "You are too perfect for the Death Note, Knight. I couldn't be more proud of my son."

Knight chuckles. "I know what I must do now." He slowly turns his head towards Gilth. "I will succeed where the original Kira failed. Once I get rid of Near and everybody at the Wammy House and Japanese Task Force, I will then become the God of the new world. Hell, I'm already God. I'm the smartest kid at the Wammy House orphanage and thanks to the memories you showed me, I now know the names and faces of everyone involved in the death of Light Yagami."

Gilth laughed again. "Do you have a plan for taking down the SPK and the Japanese Task Force or are you just going to write their names down? To tell you the truth, I want them to suffer."

"After all they've done in killing Light Yagami and restoring this world to its original rotten state, I do have a plan and they will suffer." He thrust the Death Note on his desk and put the tip of his pencil to the page.

October 31, 2030, Japan

"Are the rumors true?" Matsuda asked Aizawa as he sat in the passenger seat. "Is there another Death Note?"

"L," Aizawa began, "Said that he detected a large number of mafia families dying in Japan. He said that mobsters of the Matsuri gang started dropping like flies from heart attacks and before anyone knew it, this became the case for all mafia families in Japan. All except for one, the Hidan Family."

"So there's a good chance that the Death Note's been picked up by a member of the Hidan Family mafia."

"That's was L said." He contemplated.

"Ryuk," Matsuda said, "Could he have dropped another Death Note? It's been about five years since I saw him."

"It was with A-Kira," Aizawa said, "L dubbed this current Kira as M-Kira, for 'Mafia Kira'."

They see a man pass by their vehicle.

"Is that Haruki Haruno?" Matsuda asked, "The second-in-command of the Hidan Family?"

"That is."

Aizawa and Matsuda get out of their car. They trail Haruno but keep a distance from him. They have their hands on their gun holsters and ready to draw their guns.

"Look," Matsuda pointed.

They spotted a notebook under Haruno's arm.

"Is that the Death Note?" he asked.

Haruno paused.

"What's he doing?"

"Stay on alert, Matsuda."

Haruno turns his head and looks down an alley. He takes out a pencil and writes something down in his notebook. He stands there doing nothing for about thirty seconds before he places the notebook inside his jacket and starts walking.

"After him," Aizawa ordered.

"Police," Matsuda called out.

Haruno turned and ran off upon seeing the two officers.

The two looked down the alleyway that Haruno was staring down to see three men in suit and ties collapse to the ground. They recognized them as mafia members.

The two officers chase after Haruno. Aizawa calls into Mogi and Ide and tells them that Haruno is the owner of the Death Note and that they are in pursuit.

The two officers chase the mob boss down all over the city. He runs into oncoming traffic and barely manages to evade the officers. He runs and jumps down an overpass and lands on shipping containers. Aizawa and Matsuda copy his actions.

Haruno runs to the Daikoku Wharf. He is cornered by a police car with Mogi and Ide inside. He turns around and runs into the closest building: The Yellow Box Warehouse.

He forces the door open and runs for it.

Matsuda gets to the door and he aims.

Haruno turns around and gets shot five times. He is barely alive and falls into a puddle of water.

"Nice shot," Aizawa said, "Use one bullet next time, we need him alive."

The four close in on the wounded mobster as he lays there unable to move. There was blood in his eyes. "Eyes," he muttered, "Eyes."

"Eyes," Aizawa said, "He is talking about the Shinigami eyes, which means the Shinigami is in the room with us."

Mogi and Ide search the wounded mobster and find the notebook in his inner pocket.

"Can you see the Shinigami?" Matsuda asked.

Ide and Mogi looked around, neither one said an answer.

"I can't see it," Ide said, "Could it be that the Shinigami is hiding? Maybe it phased into the ground."

Aizawa took the Death Note.

Ide and Mogi check Haruno.

"If we move him then he'll bleed out quicker," Ide said.

"Near is in Japan," Aizawa said, "And he said that he wanted to talk to the mobster himself. Until then, we have to check the Death Note to make sure that it is authentic."

The officers checked the Death Note and they found no names written on with the exception of 'FUCK YOU' written across one page.

"This has to be a decoy," Matsuda said, "But we saw those men die in the alley."

"Let me check the notebook for myself."

Near, Gevanni, Halle, and Rester stood at the door. Near was standing but he was carrying toys with him.

Near sat in the middle of the room and grabbed the notebook. He touched his hair. "This is a decoy," he said and then he contemplated. "Unless…"


Haruno screamed in agony as he gave his life away from Kira's calling card.

The eight of them stared in shock at the deceased mobster.

"What?" Matsuda said, "He's dead, but how?"

Near deduced the answer. "We've been played."

The door behind them was opened and stood Knight Yagami. The eight looked at the young boy, who had a grin on his face and was snickering.

"Kip," Near said, "What are you doing here?"

Knight continued to snicker. He burst out into laughter. "My name...is Knight Yagami." He studied their shocked expressions. "And I am Kira."


"Dead on arrival," Knight laughed.

Shuichi Aizawa and Anthony Carter collapsed to the ground.

Knight looked at his watch. "That's for putting my father under suspicion, Aizawa."


Kanzo Mogi and Stephen Loud collapsed.

"That's for switching the notebooks, Gevanni."


Hideki Ide, and Halle Bullook went next.

"That's for opposing Kira in general."

Touta Matsuda fired a bullet but missed Knight, who didn't even flinch.


Matsuda collapsed.

"That's for shooting my father."

Near was the only one 'standing'.

Near looked at Knight Yagami, recognizing no emotion in his eyes. "What have you done?"

"Nate River," Knight said, "I set this all up for you."

Knight pulls out the real Death Note and flashes it to Near. "You were all being manipulated by me." He turns to the page he wrote in. "October 28th, 2030, the names of thirty men part of the Matsuri gang die of heart attacks. October 30th, 2030, the largest mafia gangs in Japan start dying off, one by one. October 31st, Nate River, Halle Bullook, Stephen Loud, and Anthony Carter fly to Japan to investigate. Haruki Haruno takes a notebook and writes 'Death Note' across the cover in white painting. He stumbles upon a gang of two members of the Hidan Family, who die of heart attacks. Shuichi Aizawa, Kanzo Mogi, Hideki Ide, and Touta Matsuda chase Haruno into the Yellow Box Warehouse. Matsuda shoots Haruno and fatally injures him. The four SPK members meet the Japanese Task Force in the Yellow Box and they start dying off as someone walks into the warehouse behind them at 1:29 in the afternoon, with the exception of Nate River, who dies at 1:30 PM." He closes the notebook. "I didn't actually write that, I was just giving you a general idea but you get the point either way. I wanted to recreate everything that happened on January 28th, even the date and time but I'm not able to wait that long. Especially considering that I used the Death Note on Ice recently."

Near bowed his head in defeat. "How could you do this, Kip? You were the smartest child at the Wammy House and you were next in line to become my successor."

Knight laughed. "Me, your successor? You make me laugh, Near. Did you really think that I would want to take over after you died?! To take over for the man who caused the death of my mother and father!? The man who made this world a dystopia?!"

Near looked up at Knight in shock. "You're just as crazy as your-"


Near's eyes widened in shock. He drops a toy he was holding and collapses on his side. Knight stands over Near with a maniacal grin on his face. "What's the matter, Near?" He lifts his foot and smashes Near's toy with it, not breaking his devilish grin. "The end is 'NEAR' for you."

He kneeled and grabbed Near's hand. "A parting gift," Knight chuckled. He put Near's hand to the Death Note.

Near's wide-eyes saw the Shinigami standing behind Knight, who had the same grin Knight displayed. "This time, the notebook is real," the Shinigami said, "Near."

Light Yagami…

Near's eyes close slowly.

"Say hi to L for me," Gilth taunted.

Knight gasped upon seeing the life drain from Near's face. He was at a loss of breath before he broke out in laughter once more. "NEAR, there will NOT be another L!" He laughs harder and looks at his Shinigami. "I've succeeded where you failed, father, I am GOD!"

His cellphone rings. He answers it. "Watari?"

"I've done it," Roger Ruvie said. "Every single child."

Knight's smile does not falter. "Good, then proceed as instructed." He hangs up.

"I was going to say," Gilth said, "What were you going to do about the Wammy House?"

"I calculate every move I make to the 144th degree. It's easy for a person like me, who plays chess by himself every chance he gets. Whether it be a pawn or a bishop or my personal favorite, the knight, I always plan nine steps ahead for both sides." He reads from a page. "On October 31st, 2030, at 12:30 PM, Roger Ruvie uses a piece of the Death Note provided to him to write the names down of every child attending the Wammy House orphanage, picturing their face as he writes their name. After he finishes writing the names, he calls this number listed and tells the person on the other end that it is done. He then proceeds to set the entire orphanage on fire and he burns to death along with the corpses of the students." He closes the notebook. "Everybody, that opposed Kira all those years ago, will be cleansed from my perfect world and I will pick up the trail that Kira left behind."

"Are you willing to trust Watari to write the names of every orphan at the Wammy House?" Gilth asked, "What happens in the event that one of them survives."

"Unlikely," Knight said, "In the event that someone is still alive for whatever reason, I also ordered Ruvie to tell me the names of the people whose face he couldn't picture on the phone. And if he has a face in mind but doesn't know their name, I told him to send their photo ID to me via email and if he doesn't have a photo then I told him to sketch out the face as best as he can and send the photo to me."

"What happens if one person from the Wammy House survives?"

"Unlikely," Knight said, "I still have contingencies, I always plan ahead. As I said, I plan everything out to the 144th degree. Backup plans for backup plans for backup plans. If one person does happen to survive, then I will forfeit ownership of the Death Note. You'll take it back to the Shinigami Realm and I'll have you kill this person for me before returning the notebook. In addition, on the paper that Watari used to write the children's names on, I had him write my name, spelling out Night Yagami without a K so if anyone investigates, they'll believe that Knight Yagami died in the fire."

Gilth stared at Knight, trying to find the words to say.

Wow, the Shinigami thought, He's thought everything through, inside and out. He read the rules to the notebook and like I did when I was a human, he used it to his advantage. He's strategic, calculative, and highly intelligent. Who would've known that my spawn with Misa would've turned out to be a perfect heir to Kira? If I knew that he would've turned out this perfect then I never would've considered writing his name down in the Shinigami Realm.

Knight vacated the warehouse. He approached the set of stairs his father died upon all those years ago. Halfway up and halfway down, a clear symbol that Death Note users don't go to Heaven or Hell (Considering that all humans go to MU when they die). It also symbolizes that his father never made it to Godhood. Knight lays himself down on the same spot his father died in and sighed while closing his eyes.

"Kira never died," Knight said, "He just took a break." He rises up from his father's resting place and climbs up the stairs. "With the SPK and Japanese Task Force taken care of, I will inherit their criminal database and Kira's reign will spread farther than before."

Knight climbed to the building where his mother jumped off and he stood at the edge.

He takes out a pencil and his Death Note.

"This world is mine now."

His eyes turn red as he gets to work.

One by one, he writes names down. He doesn't skip any beats as he fills the body bags full of villains. He could practically hear the men screaming in pain as their heart stopped. He started out with small-time criminals in Japan before he aimed higher, killing off every major criminal in Japan, including the rest of the Hidan Family.

Kira's killings reached China, then Russia, and continued to spread West. Terrorist groups, corrupt politicians, ruthless murderers both inside and outside of prison were dropping dead like the scumbags they are.

He wrote the names of the evilest people imaginable in the continent of Asia. He wrote the names of every known terrorist leader in his notebook when he killed villains in Africa.

Once he was done with one continent, he moved onto the next one.

He reached the United States and it was a field day for him for the next half hour.

"There's one loose end I have to tie up."

His grandmother, Sachiko Yagami, died eight years ago from a heart attack peacefully in her sleep. His aunt, Sayu Yagami, became a member of the police force and was next in line to become part of the Japanese Task Force.

He wrote his aunt's name down and wrote that she died in a traffic accident.

With the memories the Shinigami gave me, I can learn from my father's mistakes and I can surpass him.

He continues to write names down. When he's done, he's killed approximately 2,340 criminals, with each page containing 156 names.

I am the god of the new world.

The number of pages of the Death Note will never run out.

It is useless trying to erase names written in the Death Note with erasers or white-out.

You cannot kill humans at the age of 124 or over with the Death Note.

You cannot kill humans with less than 12 minutes of life left in human calculations.

The Death Note will have no effect on pregnant women. In addition, a woman is considered pregnant twenty-one days (based on the human calendar) after conception.

AN: Hello, this is for Death Note fans out there. I saw Death Note and I liked it so much that I rewatched it. I loved everything about it and unlike most, I prefer Light over L. Yeah, L was a good character but Light was my favorite and I don't hate Near as most people do. One thing I do hate is the Netflix Death Note. Anyway, I wrote this story in response to the unnamed Shinigami that Ryuk tells his story to, who is obviously Light. Another reason I wrote this story is that I dislike how most Death Note fanfictions I read have the main character and successor to Kira sympathetic. What makes Death note unique is that it has an evil protagonist; if I wanted a sympathetic protagonist then I would've watched the trashy Nextflix version. Straight to the point: Knight Yagami is the son of Light Yagami and Misa Amane. He is pure evil and is the evilest protagonist I'll ever write in fanfiction. If possible, he's probably eviler then his father.