April 15th, 2031

The Shinigami Realm

Hurte didn't waste any time running for his life. He would've used his wings to fly but he was too lazy too. He didn't know what was hunting him but Pike, Grudge, and Grem were all dead. If he wanted to be the sole survivor, he had to get as far away from the portal to the human world as possible. He kept running until he stumbled onto a group of four Shinigami.

"Guys," Hurte panted, "I know this may seem random but can I hang out with you for the rest of my life?"

The four Shinigami were Deridovely, Gook, Zellogi, and Daril Ghiroza.

Deridovely spoke up, "What's wrong with your group; getting tired of them?"

"My entire group is gone," Hurte panicked, "Grudge, Grem, Pike, they're all dead and I'm afraid I'll be next."

"You're fine ya idiot," Zellogi said, "As long as you don't slack off on writing names down, you'll live forever."

"Tell that to Grudge, Grem, and Pike."

The four Shinigami looked at him with bewilderment.

"Pike was the first to die, then Grudge, and then Grem. All of their notebooks are in the human world now and since there can only be six Death Notes in the human world, there's a chance I could die and my notebook could be dropped to earth. I don't want to die."

Daril Ghiroza chuckled, "I didn't know you were so scared of humans." She let that sentence linger before she continued. "Then again, I've seen a few humans up close to know that they can be scary." She began stacking a pile of human skeletons in front of her.

Hurte looked at the female Shinigami and his eyes widened. He stared at her for a few seconds before rubbing the back of his head. "Hi," he said sheepishly, "I'm Hurte."


The Shinigami laughed. "I get it, my name is pronounced as 'hurt'."

Deridovely, Gook and Zellogi looked at Hurte with their heads shaking.

"Weren't you saying something?" Deridovely nearly snapped.

Hurte snapped out of his schoolboy crush fantasy and turned back to the three Shinigami. "Right, I was hoping to stay with you guys until there is a sixth Death Note in the human world."

"I gotta say," Gook began, "Shinigami dropping their notebooks in the human world is utterly ridiculous. What's the point?"

"Grudge dropped his because he wanted to bond to a human. From what I gathered, he died protecting his human companion but it was in vain because his companion ended up killed."

"What about Pike?"

"I don't know too many details but from what I can infer, he wrote down a human's name, broke a rule somehow, and he died."

"What rule is that?"

Hurte shrugged.

"And what about Grem?"

"Grem..." he nervously licked his lips, "He's been dead for a month. When I was going to play a game of cards with him, he dropped over dead suddenly and turned into a pile of sand and dust. Then this one Shinigami, one of the new ones, picked it up and took it with 'em to the human world."

"Wow," Deridovely sighed, "Pike and Grudge died because of a human and Grem's lifespan expired. If you truly care about your life, I suggest you write down the names of three humans."

"That's another thing: Humans! This whole thing started when that new guy, the one with the goggles and tie around his head, dropped a notebook to the human world. His human companion is using a Death Note to drop humans, just like when Ryuk dropped the late Sidoh's notebook to the human world."

"I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that," Zellogi said, "Humans are dropping from heart attacks on a daily. If this keeps up, all the humans are going to die!"

"No need to worry," Hurte chuckled, "Unlike us gods of death, there are over seven billion humans; one man with a notebook can't kill all, especially since the Death Note can't be used on humans under 780 days old or over 124 years of age. What I'm concerned about is being the last of my group to die off."

Deridovely's eyes rolled to the back of his skulls before he pulled out a deck of cards. "If you're so scared, then you can hang with us."

Hurte bowed to them rather dramatically. "Thanks my new compadres."

After writing the names of three random humans in America, he quickly went over to his new group, sitting next to Daril Ghiroza, occasionally taking side glances of her stacking human skeletons.

The Yagami Household

It's been four hours since the incident at the arena. Knight and Iris escaped unscathed and discarded their disguises as soon as they were safe in the Yagami home.

Gilth and Masi flew in after them.

Gilth held up the toy walkie-talkie. "I got the walkie-talkie off of Ibata."

"And with him dead, ownership has been transferred back to us," Knight said. He took his shirt off to remove the corset holding the Death Note to his back.

Iris looked at the shirtless Knight with burning ears and red cheeks. She did not realize that Knight had a six-pack.

Knight noticed Iris's discomfort and took advantage of it.

"This is what this knight looks like under his shining armor."

Masi, sensing Iris's discomfort, lifted the back of the girl's shirt up and loosened the corset to take out the Death Note.

"I stayed hidden in the walls like you asked," Masi said as she dropped the notebook on the table, "And I could see the Shinigami from the TV. He wasn't following anyone, however."

"But it proves that Keiri was there."

"Yeah," Iris confirmed, "he was definitely there." She crossed her arms over her chest. "I believe that the Faceless Keiri was there in person while the Nameless Keiri was off-site. More than likely, the bear mascot was the Faceless Keiri."

Knight looked at her and nodded. "Good work. And when that corpse was flying in the air, no doubt that was the Shinigami. They planned this."

"The threat about lifting a human into the air and dropping was a bluff," Gilth said, "Shinigami aren't permitted to kill a human without a Death Note; it's a death sentence if they do."

"Goes to show that Keiri is being more cautious than last time, making sure they have all the winning cards." Knight laughed. "But we have aces up our own sleeves."

The television was turned on and the channel switched to the news detailing of the arena incident.

"This is News 7 anchor, Sora Hajima, standing outside the Saitama Super Arena."

Knight eyed the reporter with interest, brows arching after hearing her name.

Sora Hajima was a woman of medium height with collarbone-length brown hair and brown eyes. She wore lipstick and ran a hand through her hair and parted her bangs over her right eye. Her outfit consisted of a short-sleeved brown jacket with black leggings that had the sleeves coming over the shin of her leather brown boots.

"Where just three hours ago, a horrifying massacre caught everyone by surprise. Five people fell victim to Kira's power being used in the hands of someone calling themselves 'Keiri'. I stand out here with some survivors from the massacre." The camera followed her as she did a one-eighty and approached a boy with golden blonde hair standing with his girl, who had chocolate brown hair.

"What's your name, son?"

Knight smirked at the screen.

"My name is Kisho Asahi."

The boy with the golden blonde hair was Knight Yagami.

I find it interesting that they pre-recorded the news segment, Knight thought, But with Keiri, I wouldn't take any chances either. Plus, with that disguise, he can't see our real names or lifespans and assume we're already dead.

"What happened in there?" Sora asked.

'Kisho' stuttered before saying, "It was a nightmare!"

Pun intended, Knight thought.

"One minute, I'm sitting there with my girlfriend before one of the basketball players c-collapses from a h-heart attack! I thought that maybe he passed out from exhaustion but the second person collapsed and then a third. Then those words, they just appeared on the screen... blood... the words were written in blood. I was panicking, freaking out, and I covered my face and hid behind the seats in front of me. I kept my head concealed as much as possible, and when I saw that man bash his head into the wall, I-I - I've never seen anything like it." He paused for a second to catch his breath. "Then I saw the other man walk down the stairs and stab himself in the neck - oh my god, I've never been so scared in my life!"

"It's a good thing you got out. Are you a Kira supporter?"

'Kisho' looked at the screen for a brief second before turning away, saying, "Not anymore!"

Knight's smirk grew into a smile.

"If Keiri was watching this, he wouldn't see the results of his bloodbath because it's prerecorded."

Iris came up to his side and put a hand on his shoulder. "Yeah, who knew my art skills would come in handy."

"Yep," he said, popping the 'p'.

Iris looked at the screen. She noticed that she was hiding behind 'Kisho' shoulder and looking away from the camera.

I always was a nervous one, she thought, Even with a mask on.

"Keiri had their chance," Knight said, "Now it's time for us to attack." He looked at Iris, his grin never leaving his face. "Since Keiri wants to push Kira off his pedestal, we're going to have to break their hearts and crush them underneath it."

"Unless we have the Shinigami eyes, finding Keiri is going to be hard. Not only that but we can't see their Shinigami."

Knight looks at his feet and touches his chin, contemplating his next action.

"You have a point but we have to strike first no matter what. If we want to restore Kira's good image then we must strike ASAP. We must be proactive." His eyes suddenly drift to Iris and he narrows them. He studies her hard before turning his body to face her. "Iris, you said it's going to be hard to draw out Keiri without the Shinigami eyes. You may be right about that but I think I came up with an idea." He watched her cock her head. "That woman on TV, the one I didn't kill."

"Murasaki Kagami," she said, "Kira worshipper and prominent churchgoer of Church X of Kira. What about her?"

Knight licked his lips. "Because she might be able to help us. She is the only known person to have had contact with Keiri's Shinigami."

Iris's eyes widened. "You want to use that churchgoer to lure out Keiri?"


"How do we know she's still alive? For all we know, Keiri could've killed her because she can see their Shinigami."

"I can find out right now."

Knight went up to his room with Iris in tow. He pulled out his computer, logged into the police database, and searched up the woman's name. He got a report dated early this morning that the woman was alive and has a police escort with her outside her house.

"She's still alive," Knight confirmed, "We're going to use her to help with our investigation."

Iris stared out Knight's window and touched her chin.

Murasaki Kagami is the only person who has seen Keiri's Shinigami. Given she is still alive, she still possesses the ability to see him.

She looks at Knight and her eyes run down the side of his strawberry blonde hair.

Her hair and eyes turn pink.

I can only speculate what Knight is planning but he'll most likely have Murasaki tail him at all times or set Keiri up in a way where she can identify him by his Shinigami. Knight is a brilliant planner, I lack that ability.

Her eyes widen slightly.

However, while Knight succeeds in planning and HOW a suspect committed a crime, I succeed in deducing WHO committed a crime. Knight didn't even consider the possibility that Keiri might be connected to Kiyomi Takada; I was the one who figured it out and it brought us one step closer to catching Keiri.

She bit her lower lip.

If I can create a profile and narrow down the list of suspects, it'll help Knight in whatever he's planning with Murasaki. I just hope he doesn't kill her.

Unknown Location

The Owner came home drenched in sweat. They ran a hand through their hair and wiped the sweat off their forehead with the sleeves of their shirt. The Owner stripped off their jacket and kicked off their shoes.

"You're back," the now mellow Borrower said, standing from the couch, "What's wrong?"

The Owner went into the grim bedroom. The Borrower followed and watched as the Owner made a fist with their hands.

"Damn it," the Owner exclaimed, "They got us!"

"What are you talking about?"

The Owner slammed their fists onto the bed.

"I knew that Kira would've had some kind of countermeasure against my eyes but I had no idea he would pull off something like that."

"What do you mean?"

"Kira has more than one notebook. He was able to forfeit ownership of his notebook and give it to someone else. Osamu Ibata was the owner of a notebook but he wasn't Kira. I thought that he was stupid for showing up with no protection but how wrong was I. Ibata was a pawn, a trick."

"Oh," the Borrower nodded, remembering why they got hysterical in the first place, "I wrote that Osamu Ibata would reveal his connection to Kira in the notebook. Based on prior experiences, this should've happened but for some reason, he refused to obey orders."

"How is that possible? You can only control a person if they're able to do a certain task and given as to how Ibata was ready to reveal his connection to Kira, he just went silent and killed himself."

"Yeah, that's what frustrated me."

"Kira found a way to counteract the manipulation of the Death Note. He found a way to prevent us from controlling his pawn. Kira was there at the stadium and I'll bet he was laughing his ass off as we killed his pawn, aware that we were unable to control him for some reason."

The Borrower walked up to the Owner and put a hand on their shoulder.

"Control yourself, fam, we will defeat Kira. Ever since you found out that Kiyomi Takada, our flesh and blood, was connected to Kira, you've had the ambition to bring Kira down." The Borrower removed their hand and looked away. "As much as I hate anyone who supports Kira, I think making them commit suicide is immoral."

"I understand," the Owner said before crossing their arms over their chest, "But, it's better to kill a hundred innocent people than let one truly guilty person go free."

"There's another quote to that: 'It is better that five guilty people escape justice than allow one innocent person to die'."

The Owner looked at their companion. "Kira understands that logic perfectly. Kira would rather kill innocent people than allow guilty criminals to walk away. I'm a fan of that logic but he's also not above corrupting people. He corrupts our beautiful relative Kiyomi, and discarded her afterward." The Owner turned to the doorway and glared at the Shinigami.

I'm going to kill you next, Shinigami.

"What's with that look?" the Shinigami asked.

"Just because you didn't kill Kiyomi doesn't mean you're any less guilty than Light Yagami."

"I understand that; this is atonement for believing in that false god. Learn from my mistake and kill Kira by any means necessary."

The Owner and Borrower looked at the Shinigami with glaring eyes.

"What?" the Shinigami shrugs nonchalantly.

Several minutes later, the two of them go digging through a suitcase they pulled from under their bed. They find a CD before putting it on in the living room.

A reporter appeared on the screen.

"Good evening, this is Kiyomi Takada from News 6. Starting today, it will be my duty to spread the word of Kira accurately and quickly. From now on, NHN will fairly and carefully present Kira's message to the citizens of the world."

The Owner paused the video.

The Borrower got on their hands and knees in front of the TV. They held up their dominant hand and touched the screen, caressing the surface like a parent to their child.

A tear escaped from their tear ducts.

The Owner sighed and picked themselves up. They walked over to the Borrower and put a hand on their shoulder. "I promise, we will get justice for our family." They kneel to meet the Borrower's gaze. "The game is getting more interesting; Keiri vs. Kira, suicide vs. heart attacks, killer vs. executioner."

"And the winner shall deliver or receive justice as they see fit." The Borrower intertwined their hands with the Owner's hands.

The Owner smiled.

"When was the last time things have been this much fun, exciting, exhilarating?"

The Borrower's grin matched the Owner's.

"I think I would've died from boredom had you not reived the notebook."

"Since we've struck Kira twice and he's going to counterattack, we must be ready."

"He already counterattacked when we struck the second time, we're going to counterattack when he strikes us."

Their hair and eyes turn purple.

"Kira," they both whispered, "Kill us... if you can."

Murasaki Kagami's House

Murasaki Kagami took one last look at the police cruiser outside before locking herself in her home. She put the keys down on the table beside her before the sound of a boy's voice brightened her smile.

"Mama," little four-year-old Rei exclaimed as he ran into his mother's arms.

Murasaki caught Rei and lifted him in the air. "Hey there, my little ruler. Did you miss mommy today?"

"Yeah!" Rei nodded vigorously, "Daddy was being lazy and drinking beer today."

Murasaki nodded and put her child down. "Let's hope he didn't drink too much beer."

Rei rubbed Murasaki's stomach. "Mama, did you find out if I'm having a brother or sister?"

Murasaki laughed before rubbing her son's hair. "No, I won't be able to find out for another month." She rubbed her slightly showing belly. "I do hope for a girl though."

Murasaki took her son into the kitchen to prepare some food. Her husband was sitting on the couch and snoring soundly, a bottle of beer in his hands.

"Wake up your father."

Rei obeyed his mother's orders and tapped on his father's nose until he woke up.

"Minori, what did I tell you about drinking when you are watching your son?"

"I only had one bottle."

"Then why did you pass out on the couch?"

"I didn't pass out, I was just catching up on my sleep."

Murasaki pressed her hands together in a bowing gesture. "What have I told you about staying out past eleven? Not only that but why are you drinking when you're supposed to be watching our son?"

"I'm sorry; boss needed me to work overtime and since I got my bonus for it, I thought a beer bottle would help with the occasion."

"I guess before we met, you must've had a lot of occasions for drinking beer."

"I understand I used to have a problem but now that I have another son on the way, I'm taking responsibility. This is the first bottle I've had in a month."

She glares at him.

"Aside from the social drinking at work and with our worshipping groups."

"If that's the answer you're comfortable with then help me make dinner."

Minori helped himself up and told Rei to go play in his room while he helped Murasaki make dinner.

After dinner, her husband went to take a shower. She took the time to clean up.

The next day was a Wednesday. She knew that her church had been locked off not for being a crime scene but because it was in the process of being renovated. When that churchgoer set himself on fire, there was minimum damage but regular churchgoers have been insisting that something is to be done to repair the church of its 'unholy' firey burns.

She went inside, not expecting anyone to be inside the empty church headed over to the altar. She got on her knees and interlaced her fingers together to start praying before she noticed something on the altar. When she got a better look at this square object on the altar, she realized what it was.

A notebook?

She picks up the red-cover notebook and opens to the first blank page. When she finds all pages to be empty, she closes it. When all seemed to be done, a silhouette before her made her open her eyes. When she looked up, she stared into the red eyes of a Shinigami with a red tie wrapped around their forehead.

She drops the notebook and covers her mouth to suppress her scream.

Oh my god! she internally screams, It's another Shinigami! But this one is different from the other one. Does that mean Keiri is back?

"Murasaki Kagami," a voice spoke behind her, a voice she could identify as human. "Don't turn around unless I tell you to."

Murasaki slowly lowered her gaze to the ground and removed her hands from her mouth. They subconsciously went to her abdomen.

"Okay," she whispered softly. "Who are you?!"

She heard distinct footsteps getting closer and closer. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt a hand grasp her shoulder. She could tell by the warmth against her ear that this person's mouth was near her ear. But what she heard next sent chills down her spine.

"I am Kira."

Her eyes widen and her heart pounded in her chest before she felt it warm up inside her melting away any chills she felt.

She smiled.

"I've been waiting, Lord Kira."

On occasions where the cause and situation of death are written before the victim's name, multiple names can be written as long as they are written within 40 seconds and the causes and situations of death are not impossible to occur.

In the occasion where the cause of death is possible but the situation is not, only the cause of death will take effect for that victim. If both the cause and the situation are impossible, that victim will die of a heart attack.