December 5, 2030

"At the very least, we can conclude that Kira may be a student but narrowing the list down can be tricky," Roach said.

"This Kira is smart, resourceful, cunning, and always has a backup plan," Maroon stated, "At the very least, his intelligence is on par with the original Kira's, who was smart enough to kill the original L."

"So we're looking for highly intelligent students," Roach said, "We should pull up a list of students who attend cram school and private academies."

Maroon tilted his head. "Private academies?"

"This Kira has gifted intelligence; he's not going to waste it on public schools. Private academies offer a better education. Light Yagami was a student of a private academy."

Maroon nodded. "True"

Roach took out his cellphone. "Chief, Maroon and I require assistance on the Kira case."

"Roach?" the voice on the other end said. It was the director of the NPA in Japan. "What is this?"

"You have a daughter who goes to a private school and a cram school, right?"

"What are you saying?"

"I need you to print a list of everybody attending your daughter's private high school and cram school. I have reason to believe that Kira is a student at Daikoku Private Academy and goes to cram school. I need a list of every student attending both Daikoku Private Academy and every cram school in Kanto."

He doesn't let the detective say anymore before he hangs up.

Maroon looks at Roach. "Daikoku Private Academy?"

"Light Yagami attended that school."

Maroon smirked. "We're lucky that we have the cooperation of the NPA on our side. Chief Kudo is a great detective and his team could help up in the investigation."

"Same way the original Japanese Task Force helped L."

December 6, 2030

Four men entered the darkroom and turned on the light. When the lights came on, it revealed a group of two men sitting on the floor, crisscross, with a computer in front of them and papers at their feet. One was a black man and the other was a chubby one.

The black man with dark hair stood up and introduced himself. "My name is Roach."

The chubby spoke up from his sitting position, "And my name is Maroon."

Roach started off with a: "You guys are the reinforcements."

Maroon was indifferent. "It's nice how Roach talked to the director of the NPA and gave us reinforcements."

"I am the director of the NPA," Chief Kudo, a middle-aged man, introduced himself, "I'm the one you spoke on the phone."

The three men standing behind the chief pulled out their badges.

"Itsuki Hayate," the bearded one introduced himself.

"Katashi Soma," the youngest one said.

"Kaito Yamane," the one with dark brown hair said.

"These are aliases," Kudo said, "With the exception of mine."

"One can't be too careful nowadays," Roach said, "But you should get a false police badge."

"I know that Kira needs a name and a face," Soma said, "But how does he commit these murders?"

"The young and eager one I see," Maroon smirked, "I'll explain everything but no information spoken in this room must leave. Turn off the light."

Kudo turned off the light and the darkroom was lit up with the light coming from the computer screen in front of Roach and Maroon.

"Why are the lights off?" Hayate asked, "I can barely see in here."

"We work better with the lights off," Maroon answered.

"Sit down," Roach instructed, "Sit down crisscross like we are."

The four cops obeyed.

"To let you in on a little secret," Roach began, "Kira kills people with a special notebook called a Death Note. If you write someone's name while picturing their face, that person dies. These notebooks come from a world known as the Shinigami realm."

"What?" Hayate said, "You expect us to believe in gods of death?"

"Hayate," Kudo began, "Kira can kill people with a heart attack from anywhere in the world. He has proven his power to the world numerous times. If Roach says that this notebook is how Kira kills and that it belonged to a Shinigami, then I believe him."

"But at the same time, it seems absurd," Hayate replied.

Kudo turned back to the two detectives. He pulled out a file in an envelope he brought with him. "Here are those files."

Roach took the files and looked over them with Maroon.

"What is this about?" Soma asked.

"Roach and Maroon speculate that Kira might be a student attending Daikoku Private Academy and cram school," Kudo answered.

"How could they have known this?"

"Because, in the last four days, Kira killed criminals whose names are broadcast on local tv stations in Japan without taking into consideration of their crime. After three o'clock, when school typically ends, Kira's killing patterns become erratic for a brief window before they revert back to criminals being broadcast."

"And this happened during school hours?" Hayate asked.

"Yes," Maroon answered. "We speculate that Kira has been killing people during school hours so the police could rule a student out as a suspect. I theorize that Kira is using his Shinigami to kill criminals."

"What are you talking about?" Soma exclaimed.

"A human owning a Death Note is possessed by a Shinigami until they die or they forfeit ownership. They can only be seen and heard by people owning the Death Note or by people who have touched the Death Note. What I know about Shinigami is that they are intangible and that any object their holding will look like it's floating to those who can't see the Shinigami but when this object enters their body, it vanishes into thin air."

"What does this really prove?" Kudo asked.

"We theorize that Kira is hiding a mini-TV inside the stomach of his Shinigami. It's a near-flawless plan. The mini-TV is invisible to all but him and he can watch criminals who are being broadcast live and he can write their names in the Death Note. The only flaw is that he can't really look into whether these criminals are truly deserving of death and he kills them as soon as their broadcast, regardless of their crime."

"Care to explain why Daikoku Private Academy?" Kudo asked.

"This Kira's profile is almost identical to the original Kira almost seventeen years ago. The OG Kira's name wasn't publicly revealed so we're investigating who the original Kira could be and the suspect we have in mind attended Daikoku Private Academy."

"That doesn't mean anything," Hayate said.

"This Kira is highly intelligent," Roach said, "On par with the original Kira. I can only assume that someone matching Kira's intellect wouldn't waste their brains on public schools so that why we're looking into private schools, specifically, the one the original Kira suspect attended."

Roach scanned through the names of kids attending the private academy before he came across one name in particular.

Knight Yagami

His eyes perk. Knight Yagami, as in Light Yagami? Is this a relative of Light Yagami or someone who just happens to share a similar name.

He looked at his date of birth.

October 6, 2012. By that logic, he can't be Light Yagami's son. Light Yagami and Misa Amane never conceived a child. The latest they could've conceived a child was December of 2012 and their son would be born in September of 2013. Then again, it is possible that Amane could've been late and gave birth to Knight almost a monster AFTER he was supposed to be born. But what if Knight Yagami is actually the child of Sayu Yagami? Then again, I could be wrong and it is just one hell of a coincidence to find a student named Knight Yagami attending a private school, the same one Light Yagami attended.

Maroon watched as Roach scanned over a file before he grabbed a file himself. It was for students attending cram school. One name, in particular, stood out to him.

Knight Yagami, similar name to our OG Kira suspect. He's attending cram school. If Knight was a relative to Light, what would his relation be? His son, nephew, cousin? Either way, we can't overlook this. Break, Roach and I suspect that Light Yagami was the original Kira and we have a student attending cram school with the same name. It's most likely not a coincidence, but then again, having a similar name to a suspect doesn't necessarily prove anything. We have to look into this.

"Detective Kudo," Roach looked up, "Do you happen to know a Knight Yagami attending Daikoku Private Academy?"

Kudo tilted his head. "He's my daughter's boyfriend."

"And how long have they been dating?"

"I don't see how any of that is your business."

Maroon looked at Roach.

I know what Roach is thinking, Maroon thought, Knight Yagami is a suspect.

Roach narrowed his eyes. "Knight Yagami is the son of Raito Yagami. Both Knight and Raito helped us solve cases in the past and they are both exceptionally intelligent. Unfortunately, Raito has been promoted to working in France and hasn't been home in decades. I want Knight Yagami to help us in this case."

Maroon nodded, catching onto his plan.

"Are there any plans that your daughter has with Knight Yagami?" Roach asked.

"They're going to Spaceland tomorrow," Kudo said.

"I'll talk to him on Sunday," Roach said.

Roach: Knight Yagami, there's no evidence that you are Kira but your profile is identical to Light Yagami's.

Maroon: We can't overlook suspects, no matter how perfect they may seem. The only way to prove that Knight Yagami is Kira is to look for the Death Note. If he's not Kira, then we'll investigate how he's connected to Light Yagami.

Roach/Maroon: However, ff Knight Yagami is Kira, we must search his house for the Death Note when he is gone.

December 7, 2030

Spaceland Adventure

Spaceland Adventure was everything that Knight dreamed of (based on the memory that Gilth bestowed upon him). He and Hina had a good time. It was too risky for him to write names in public especially in a crowded place where Break, Roach, and Maroon could sneak attack him with their Shinigami. He stayed with Hina the entire time, always keeping his hand entangled in hers.

They come across a dart game and there was a giant teddy bear that Hinga was staring at.

"You want that giant teddy bear?" Knight asked.

Hina nodded, "Yes, would you win it for me?"

"I can play darts in my sleep."

He picked up three darts and he got three bullseyes, winning the teddy bear for her. He kisses her on the cheek, making her blush.

Knight took her to a stand where they were giving away caramel apples. "I don't know about you but I'm buying a caramel apple."

In the Wammy House, I was known for playing chess all by myself, but I had a secret love for caramel apples.

Knight bought two caramel apples and gave one to Hina. They sat at a table and ate their caramel apples. Hina put the teddy bear and caramel apple down to answer her phone.

It was a call from her father.

"Knight and I are having a good time at Spaceland," Hina said, "I'm having fun, Dad." She paused. "I promise to call the second we leave. Love you, Daddy."

Knight looked at her. "Was your father asking about me?"

"He just wanted to make sure that we got to Spaceland safely and that I was having a good time."

Knight's House

Knight's grand plan was put into effect. While Knight was on a date at Spaceland twelve kilometers away, Gilth was at home, taking pictures of profiles on the ICPO network and doesn't miss a beat. Knight's grand plan involved taking pictures of everybody in the ICPO database and ever since Monday, he's been taking pictures of profiles on the ICPO network while Knight slept for eight hours. Even if he took pictures for six hours, he would have to continue for another six hours and this seemed like a lot of work but (unlike Ryuk), he was on Knight's side.

There was a car door that slammed outside.

Roach and Maroon stepped out. They calmly walked up to the house.

Roach narrowed his eyes.

Knight Yagami lives in the same house that Sayu Yagami lived in, confirming that Knight Yagami is related to Light Yagami in some way. The only conclusion I can think of is that he is Light Yagami's nephew and Sayu Yagami's son. Tragically, Sayu Yagami died in a car accident. The chances of Sayu Yagami being killed by Kira are slim. At the same time, Sayu Yagami's death doesn't necessarily prove that Knight Yagami is Kira. A, Kira killed her because she was going to join the Japanese Task Force and didn't kill Knight Yagami, as he was a student or B, her death was a natural accident, which would also explain why Knight Yagami is still alive. The only way to find out if it was natural or homicide would be to look into Kira's notebook.

Maroon approached the front door. He put his hand on the handle and picked the lock.

If Knight was Kira, then his Shinigami would be trailing him at Spaceland Adventure. Then again, at the same time, Spaceland Adventure is only twelve kilometers away and a Shinigami can only go fourteen kilometers away from the person they're attached to. It's a double-edged sword. Everything with our Knight Yagami suspect appears to be a double-edged sword.

They infiltrate Knight's house.

Shit, Gilth thought, Someone's in the house. I've got to hide the Death Note and computer.

Gilth hides the Death Note in the usual spot and hides the computer in a secret compartment in Knight's drawer. He looks outside the window.

What the hell is going on? This could be a house robbery, I better check these people out for myself.

He floated down the stairs and saw Roach and Maroon searching the house, specifically, for books.

What? Who are these people?

He looked at the door.

They picked the lock on the door. These guys aren't police, they have to be burglars. But if they were, why are they digging through books?

Gilth's hair and eyes turn red.

Could these two be Roach and Maroon? If they were, it would explain why they're searching through books. Also, Knight suspected that Roach and Maroon are Americans like Break is and without a doubt, these two are Americans. These two have to be Roach and Maroon or at the very least, working for Break. Police don't pick locks, they talk to suspects. By definition, what these two are doing is breaking the law. There's no doubt: These two are Roach and Maroon.

The god of death must not stay in the human world without a particular reason. Conditions to stay in the human world are as follows:

When the god of death's Death Note is handed to a human.

Essentially, finding a human to pass on the Death Note should be done from the world of the gods of death, but if it is within 82 hours this may also be done in the human world.

When a god of death stalks an individual with an intention to kill them, as long as it is within 82 hours of haunting them, the god of death may stay in the human world.