"So, you've brought it back."

Sidney sat in the interrogation room at the Woodsboro police station. Deputy Joshua Watkins sat across from her, a steaming cup of coffee in front of him. His hair was black with hints of grey, his eyes green as grass as they stared a hole through her. Sheriff Judy Hicks stood behind him, her long blonde hair pulled back into a messy bun. She rolled her eyes. "Josh, we talked about this."

Sidney was impatient, her hands folded in her lap. "Judy, what's the meaning of this?" she asked.

Judy sighed. "It's Sheriff Hicks today, Sid." Sidney almost smirked at Judy's similarity to former sheriff Dewey Riley just then. She continued, "Not that I personally believe you've done anything wrong, but this did happen just as you got into town. It's just protocol we assume you're a suspect."

Josh rolled his eyes. "I mean, really? You expect me to believe you've been through this four times and have come through it each time a little 'stronger?'" He did air quotes on the last word. "It's a little unbelievable."

"It's the truth," Sidney responded quickly. "I don't know what else to tell you." She glanced up at Judy, who was biting her lip and avoiding eye contact.

"Okay, so maybe that is the truth," Josh continued. "That's a lot for one person to go through. Who's to say you haven't just snapped? I mean, here you are in Woodsboro. What for, again?"

"I was supposed to appear in a documentary," Sidney replied, becoming annoyed. "When I found out about the murders, I told them I didn't wanna be involved."

"Isn't it funny, though, that this happens on the very night you get into town?" Josh sat back in his chair.

Sidney looked up at Judy. "He doesn't mess around, does he?"

"He's from LA," Judy replied.

Sidney gave him a falsely impressed look. "Wow, LA. How'd you end up in Woodsboro, Deputy?"

Josh glared at her. "Well, not that it's any of your business, but I came here because I was no longer happy with the constant pressure I felt in LA. It's a very fast-paced city, and not that I couldn't keep up or anything, but I wanted a slow-down. I'm not getting any younger."

Sidney looked him up and down. "I can see that."

He shot her a look. "Back to you, Ms. Prescott."

Sidney leaned forward in her seat. "Look, I'm not sure what you want from me. I offered to cooperate and help you guys find this fuck. I've learned a few tricks over the years."

"Leave the detective work to the detectives," Josh snapped. "You can't possibly be in a good state mentally with all the alleged psychos coming after you."

"I'm sorry, do you have a problem with me?" Sidney demanded coldly.

"No, no problem at all," Josh replied calmly, taking a sip of his coffee. "It's just an interrogation."

"Well, there's nothing here to confess," said Sidney. "Now, am I under arrest?"

Josh smirked. "You're pulling that one out? Really? Can't be more original than that?"

Sidney gritted her teeth. She really didn't like this guy.

"That'll be all, Sidney," Judy said with a half-smile. "You're free to go."

Sidney stood up. "Thanks." She smirked at Joshua and walked out.

Judy followed behind her. "I'm sorry, Sid. He's a little... much."

"He's an asshole," Sidney responded. "It felt very personal. I don't even know him."

Judy shrugged. "He's from LA, Sid. There's all kinds of sick people there that he dealt with on a daily basis. He's just upfront."

Sidney rolled her eyes. "If you say so." She was about to continue when the people walking around the corner behind Judy caught her eye. A huge grin lit up her face. "Oh, my God!"

Dewey and Gale Riley, Kirby Reed, and a tall, handsome, fit young man with a well-rounded face and a chin full of stubble smiled back. Sidney ran over to them. "It's so nice to see you all!" she said enthusiastically.

"You too, Sid," Dewey replied, pulling her in for a hug. "We've missed you."

Sidney hugged Gale and Kirby and looked at the young man. "Hi, I'm Sidney," she said in a friendly tone, holding out her hand.

The young man smiled and shook it. "Devin."

"Sid, this is my fiancé," Kirby said, wrapping her arm around Devin. "He's a major in computer science."

Sidney smiled. "That's great." She looked at all three of them. "They called you guys in for questioning, didn't they?"

Gale rolled her eyes. "Of course. We're 'suspects.'"

"Honey, it's just a precaution," Dewey defended.

Gale shot her husband a look. "We've always helped solve these things. Why would we randomly decide to start being psychopaths now?"

Judy walked over, her face flushed. "Sher — Dewey." She smiled, not used to calling her former boss by his first name.

Dewey smiled back, earning a death glare from Gale. "Sheriff Judy."

Judy turned her eyes to Dewey's wife, a smile still plastered on her face, although it was definitely not that genuine. "Gale."

Gale gave a half-hearted smile. "Sheriff Hicks. Nice to see you again."

Judy caught the fakeness in her voice, but continued. "Likewise." She turned to Kirby. "Forgive me..."

"Kirby," Kirby finished. "It's probably a good thing you don't know my name. Dewey couldn't forget it. He used to give me tickets every other week."

Dewey laughed. "It's nice to know you've learned that you don't always have to floor the gas pedal." He and Kirby exchanged a smile.

Judy said, "Well, Miss Reed, you're first. Would you like to begin?"

Kirby bit her lip and replied, "Sure. Might as well get it over with."

She followed Judy down the hall to the interrogation room. Devin looked around, a confused look on his face. "So, why do they have to interrogate Kirby?"

"She survived last time," Sidney replied.

"So? Just because she didn't bite it doesn't mean she'll be the next one behind the mask." Devin shrugged.

"I agree," said Dewey. "But, like I said, it's just a precaution. They always do this."

Devin sighed. Gale crossed her arms. "I can't believe this is happening again."

"It could be an isolated incident," said Dewey.

"It's never just an isolated incident," Gale responded. She looked at Sidney, who was nodding her head in agreement. "This is Woodsboro, for crying out loud."

"I just wonder what the motive could possibly be this time," said Sidney. "I can't possibly have any more crazy family members that wanna kill me."

"One would think." Gale shrugged.

Sidney sighed. "I wanna meet her."

"Who?" Dewey asked.

"The girl," Sidney replied. "You don't just get spared for no reason. That's not how this works."

"The police have already talked to her," said Dewey. "She doesn't have a clue."

"There has to be something."

Gale nodded. "I agree."

Dewey sighed. "Alright. We'll go after we finish here."

Sidney looked at Devin. "Are you ready for this?"

Devin was clearly lost. "For what?"

"You're one of us now," Gale replied. "You're a target."

Sidney, Gale, Dewey, Kirby, and Devin walked down the hall at Woodsboro General Hospital. Nurses and doctors walked all around them, as well as patients. Everyone knew who they were, and everyone knew what they were there for. Each of them received a look as they were passed.

David, Montana, and Robin exited the room. They stopped dead in their tracks when they saw the five. "Oh. My. Fucking. God," David said breathlessly. "It's them. All of them."

"Look," Montana said, rolling her eyes, "the people who have made it their goal to end my career."

"Before it even begins," Robin added quietly, getting a look from Montana.

"What are you doing here?" Sidney asked. "I already told you, the documentary isn't happening."

"Not that documentary," Montana replied in a snarky tone. "We're doing a new one."

Gale arched an eyebrow. "About?"

"We're going to be documenting this new set of murders in real-time," Montana answered proudly. "Luck was clearly on our side. We arrived just in time to break new ground in the journalism world."

Kirby nodded. "You sure did. You arrive here just as the attacks begin." She eyed them up and down. "Very lucky."

"Or unlucky," said Dewey.

Gale looked Montana in the eyes. "Almost too lucky."

Montana made a face. "What are you looking at?"

"I know you go to extreme lengths to get your career off the ground," Gale responded. "Trust me,I've been there. But too far is just too far."

The trio were silent for a moment before it registered. Robin said, "Whoa, wait, you're accusing Montana of attacking those kids? I mean, she's a crazy bitch, but she's not a murderous bitch."

Montana pursed her lips together. "Thanks?"

"Not just her." Dewey looked at them suspiciously. "All of you."

Montana grimaced. "What the fuck are you on? We didn't even get to town until this morning. Besides, I'm just one little person, I couldn't do all that by myself. And these dumbasses sure wouldn't be able to help." She pointed to Robin and David. "They're barely capable of doing normal jobs."

"Who says they were in on it?" Gale walked toward Montana.

Montana smiled sarcastically. "Look, I really admire you. Don't fuck it up by being a bitch to me. You're way past your prime, sweetie. Might as well teach me a thing or two because I'm about to make millions off this, and I'd gladly share with my idol."

"I don't need your money," Gale snapped. "If you're behind this, we will find out. You won't get away with it, and—"

"Gale," Dewey pulled her back.

"What? What?" Gale looked annoyed.

"Don't threaten her," Dewey explained. "The police are already looking at us as suspects. A threat is just gonna make it worse."

"But she clearly did it!" Gale argued, her voice rising, attracting the attention of everyone around them.

"Fuck off, Betty White," Montana snapped. "You must've forgotten to take your dementia medication today or something because—"

Gale whirled around and punched Montana in the jaw before she could finish. Montana fell to the ground as Sidney and Dewey grabbed Gale's arms and held her back. "If you think I'm too old to kick your skinny little ass, you're dead wrong!" Gale barked.

Dewey pulled her away as a nurse with an angry expression on her face walked toward them. "We're just leaving," he told her, turning Gale around and looking over his shoulder at Sidney. The nurse was right behind them, ready to attempt to take Gale down herself if it came to it.

Sidney sighed and looked at Montana. "Just go, please. This innocent girl doesn't need you here."

"Why are you here?" Montana demanded.

"Just let it go," Robin moaned. "Jesus, you're more trouble than you're worth."

"It doesn't matter why I'm here," Sidney replied. "That girl doesn't need a camera and a microphone stuck in her face right now."

Montana shrugged. "She seemed fine with it to me."

"Montana, she was literally in tears and her mother made us leave," Robin corrected.

"Shut up, Robin!" Montana snapped. She looked at David for some help, but he just looked at Sidney, taking in every bit of her essence. "GOD!" Montana stormed off.

Robin looked at Sidney, Kirby, and Devin. "I'm sorry. She's a lunatic," he told them before following Montana down the hall. David followed right behind him, but not before looking at Sidney and saying, "Bye!" in a very chipper, almost schoolgirl-like tone.

Kirby watched them go, then looked at Sidney. "What a strange group of people."

Sidney nodded in agreement. "Are you ready?"

Kirby looked to Devin. "Just stay out here. We'll only be a few minutes."

Devin nodded. Kirby and Sidney walked inside the hospital room, closing the door behind them.

Holly Martin lay in the bed, both her legs elevated, her face covered in gauze and bandages. An IV was hooked to her left arm, and her mother sat next to it. She looked at Kirby and Sidney. "May I help you?" she asked firmly.

"Hi, I'm Sidney, and this is Kirby," Sidney replied warmly. "We'd like to talk to Holly."

"Are you with the police?" Holly's mother asked.

Sidney shook her head. "Well, no, but—"

"Then no." The woman crossed her arms.

"Mrs. Martin, please—" Kirby started to urge, but the woman held up her hand.

"Wait," Holly said softly. "Sidney? Kirby? As in Sidney Prescott and Kirby Reed?"

Sidney and Kirby nodded. Holly asked, "Why are you here?"

"We've come to speak with you," Kirby replied. "That is, if your mom doesn't mind."

"I absolutely do," Mrs. Martin snapped. "Look, I know exactly who you are and you aren't to come near my daughter. She's been through enough. The last thing she needs is... is her coming around." She pointed at Sidney.

"Mom, it's okay," Holly said quietly. She looked at Sidney and Kirby. "You heard about what happened to my friends."

Sidney nodded. "I'm so sorry, Holly."

Holly sighed. "So why are you here? I've already talked to the police..."

"Because we wanna help," Kirby replied. "The faster we figure this out, the better."

Holly slowly nodded.

Sidney was about to ask a question when a cell phone started ringing. Holly's mom picked it up from the table next to the bed and looked at the Caller ID. "Holly, it's your phone," she said to her daughter. "Private. Do you wanna take it?"

Holly shuddered. "Last night..." Tears filled her eyes.

Mrs. Martin looked alarmed, then pointed to the door. "OUT!" she barked and Sidney and Kirby.



Sidney and Kirby exchanged quick glances, then walked out the door. They closed it behind them. Kirby turned to Sidney and said sarcastically, "Well. That went well."