10 years later saw Troy coming back home from the gym. He had made it as a professional player in the NBA after he graduated college after four years, he played for the remaining three years before focusing his time on sports psychology as a sports therapist while still continuing to play casual basketball and coaching a youth team at a local high school.

Gabriella was in the kitchen, unaware of Troy's return. She was a practicing lawyer, one of the best in California despite her young age. As a result of her high status, she was able to do most of her work at home, only going into the office to meet with clients or whenever she deemed necessary.

Troy stood at the doorway, smiling at his wife of five years. Some may have seen it as somewhat naive to get engaged at their graduation, but he knew that they were going to last. They got married five years after he proposed (a year after the college graduation), they had a small wedding with their family and a few close friends.

Noting that she was still unaware of his presence, he waited until everything was out of her hands before sneaking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist; he spun her around the kitchen as he smiled at the sound of her giggle. He lowered her to the ground and turned her towards him. "Hey Baby Girl, how was your day?"

She smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Hey Wildcat, it was good, I just did some work at home today. How was your day, how's the team going?"

"All good Brie, just the usual and the team's going well, they're shaping up that's for sure, I bet they'll be ready for the championships in no time."

"I'm glad, I know how much you love the team." He leaned down to place a soft kiss on her lips before leaning their foreheads together.

Suddenly he felt arms around his legs and grinned down at the two three year olds. A couple years after they graduated from college, Gabriella felt pregnant with their twins and they were blessings to the couple. He lifted his son and daughter into his arms, kissing the side of their heads. Their son, Harrison David Bolton, was the older twin, he looked like a mini Troy but had Gabriella's tan skin and brown eyes, he had his father's personality and confidence. Their daughter, Paige Hope Bolton, was an almost exact replica of her mother, only with Troy's bright blue eyes, she had her mother's shy and quiet personality. "Hey kids, how was your day?"

The older twin responded. "We pwayed at daycare and with Mommy."

He smiled at his son. "That's good Bud, did you play with your friends?"

The boy nodded excitedly. "I pwayed with Jacob."

Gabriella looked at her son, she knew that there was another boy that he normally played with as well, the three toddlers were inseparable. "What about Ben, did you play with him today?"

Harrison shook his head. "He's not my friend, he's mean to Paige."

Gabriella noticed her daughter look down and stroked her hair, the little girl reached out to her and Gabriella took her into her arms. The three year old looked at her brother. "I sowwy Harry."

The little boy shook his head. "Ben's not my friend, he's mean to you and I wove you more than him." Gabriella and Troy smiled as they watched their son place a sloppy kiss on his sister's cheek.

Troy got his son's attention. "Did you protect your sister Bud?" He nodded resolutely. "Good boy, I'm proud of you Harry." He turned his attention to his daughter. "What did Ben do to you Sweetheart?"

The little girl timidly responded. "He took my toys and said I have no friends."

Gabriella kissed her daughter's head. "Don't listen to him Angel, you do have friends, Chloe was just feeling a bit sick today, I'm sure she'll be back tomorrow." The little girl nodded and leant her head on Gabriella's shoulder. "How about we play ball outside while we wait for dinner?" The twins cheered and the couple smiled, taking their children into their yard to play with them.

Later that night, Troy and Gabriella were sitting in the living room of their house after tucking their kids to bed. He pulled her into his lap just as he'd always done since he was 17 and she smiled at the action before sighing. "What should we do about Paige, I don't like her getting picked on, she's already shy enough, I don't want her to be pushed further into her shell."

He kissed her temple. "Yeah I know Baby, I don't like the idea of anyone picking on my sweet girl but I'm glad that Harry's protecting her at daycare. Would it do any good to talk to the teachers when we drop them off, could they do anything?"

"Yeah I'll try and speak to them tomorrow. She doesn't deserve to be picked on, she's such a sweet little girl."

"Yeah she is Brie, they're both good kids. I think we've raised them well."

She smiled and kissed his cheek. "Yeah we have Baby."

The silence hung between them before a thought popped into Troy's head. "Can you believe that around this time 10 years ago we were graduating from East High?"

"It's crazy, they'll be having the 10 year reunion soon. I can't believe that we've been together for 12 years."

He nuzzled her neck. "I can't either Brie. It's been a blast though Baby Girl, I've loved every second with you and I love our little family."

She caressed his cheek. "I have too Wildcat, I have the most amazing husband and the sweetest kids in the world, you've given me everything Wildcat."

"I promised, didn't I?"

She giggled and nodded. "Yeah but I was happy as long as I was with you. I love you so much Troy."

"I love you too Brie, so much Baby."