Today is the day. Today is the day I will become free. Today is the day I will not longer suffer. That's what I wish Every. Single. Day, but someone like me do not deserve peace. My own ignorance and naive stupid mind got me there. I was scapegoat in my childhood several times. I thought what I did will change everything. It did, but everything was worse...

My name is not important, I am monster in human body, once innocent soul in normal world then reborn into hellish world.
I wish I could forget, but whoever send me there gave me genius level intelect and perfect photographic memory. Now it does not matter anymore. People I slaughtered are forever burned in my mind, but I don't care. People I killed were just in my way when I was on mission. Just like now. My mission is simple, normal infiltration.
Target is water dam

December 24, 2094 - 2300 hours
5 miles from Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam
United Eastern Federation

Three months ago my contact arrived in U.E.F. as 'IT Consultant' from German Union looking for better life, but in reality they were given task to infiltrate and gather data on enemy. Thanks to several contacts, They wereable gain job at objective very quickly. Over time they earned trust from workers. As IT Consultant, they had access to server, which was quickly abused by uploading advanced Virtual Intelligence. But contact stopped sending reports. Now it's my turn to get the data.

Forest is very beautiful, especially when it's snowing and, but not for me when I have to walk through it. My main weapon AK-509 is resting on my back, and my trusty Reaper is in my holster. I choose AK-509 because it's very effective Battle Rifle, it's hybrid between coilgun and gun powder propelled weapon, it has suppressor too if you are wondering. Reaper is semi-auto pistol with Ultra-Thermite rounds, which burns through half meter of tungsten without problem
My suit is nothing to scowl at, it's mixture of kevlar, Ceramic carbid and carbon nanotubes, helmet is covering full face, has many visions and I even have retractable mono-molecular blade on left forearm. It's also have chameleon ability, though it's not so reliable, but it's enough for me.

After thirty minutes, I got to the Dam. I already deactivated cameras and killed several guards with blade. I quickly got over to the entrance, opening it with card I borrowed from guard, I go inside, doors closing behind me. I look around and immidiately realize something is wrong, it's silent, only sound I could hear are turbines, and they are very quiet when working. Thermal is showing me nothing out of ordinary. I walk through the well lit stairway down to search for intel. Everytime I take a step, I make sure it's light and quiet, I support myself my arms, each step I made turbines were more loud. After few minutes I get down and I am facing doors. I go to them after triple-checking with thermal I open it slowly. I see turbines and notice some half meter long gray cylinder with blue glowing parts... They wouldn't... I instantly turn around and start running up the stairs. I quickly cut through doors with blade destroying them, and continue running like devil is behind me. My lungs burns, my legs are protesting but I have to run.
Just half way through. I have to get to the safe-BOOM
I fell, before I stood up road under me collapsed and I was feeling moment of vertigo before being caught by wave. My helmet was broken, water got inside my lungs, I struggled but I hit something and everything went black.

When I woke up, I felt weak and everything hurt. I am so tired. What happened? Why I can't breath? I want to sleep. WE ARE LOSING HIM! Who said that? Set it to Three Hundred! Something hit me in chest, once, twice, thrice on forth attempt I could finally breathe.

I quickly opened eyes and jolted in sitting position, and took long breaths. This surprised people around me. My body felt weird, I wanted to look but Pain made itself known. It was worse than I felt during training.
I felt someone putting me in lying position, then I was given mask over my face. Pain dissapeared and I lost consciousness

I Hope you enjoy this chapter, I had to rewrite most of the prologue because it sucked.

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