Author's Note: Well you may wonder why I made another Fic. Well it's the same Fic where the RWBY event started. Those who did not read a trailer that would be the past of the four characters:

Martin (Character Original)

Ray (My Oc),

Frederic (His Oc: Spartan-626)

Kane (His Oc: NightRoad891).

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Prologue: The Arrival Of The Hero


a voice echoed in the darkness where in the middle of the darkness there was a kind of great capsule.

"You have suffered a lot, since this child took everything from you ..."

inside the capsule was a large figure that has a strange characteristic but breathed with a vent.

"The beauty ... the essence ... the lust ... and your friend ... the only thing what he don't take away ..."

the heartbeat detector begins to slightly increase the speed of the heartbeat.

"The desire to kill ... the desire to destroy ... the desire to snatch ... the desire for revenge ..."

the beats began to beat a thousand where the capsule begins to create a small crack. The vent begins to bubble out.

"Do you want to look for the one who took your life from you?"

the capsule glass begins to expand more cracks expanding toward the edge of the door. one of the cracks creates a leak out of a black liquid.



The Glass of the capsule breaks into pieces. the eyes open where they emit a red color.


An unknown place.

We see a ship that is crashed in the desert, we approach to see the interior of the ship where there is a person who is unconscious in the pilot's seat and wakes up looking at his surroundings.

"Captain Hale?"said the soldier looking at the other seat that is empty.

"* Unknown language *"the Soldier pales when he hears the voice with the unknown language and looks back where the hatch of the ship is open and there is a person who is standing further away from the ship.

the soldier decides to go out to the ship and looks at the sky that is all red and approaches the person who is dressed in white armor and had his helmet on. The person takes off his helmet and looks at the destroyed moon.

"Captain Hale, what's going on?" Said the Soldier.

"They're calling us ... it's the beginning ..." He said before turning around revealing his eyes with red color.

"No ... Hale ... you don't ..." said the Soldier.

"John ... or should I tell you Konrad ..."Hale said approaching John where he pulls out his magnum pointing at his own captain.

"Back off ... or I'll shoot you ..." Konrad said in a hostile tone.

"Konrad ... you are not going to change fate ... it will only make it worse like you did in Dubai and like you did on this suicide mission ..."

"Sorry Captain ... or should I tell you who is behind everything ... they are going to kick your ass, motherfucker ..."he said before pulling the trigger killing Hale possessed.


Argus City.

"Ahhh!" He yells in shock waking up. "This damn dream again ..." He said sweating his forehead and looked at his pillow where he was drenched in sweat.

look at the clock that said at 23:37 PM at night. He gets up walking slowly to the bathroom to wash his face wiping the sweat.

"It was 20 years ... 20 damn years ..."he mutters to himself and looks in the mirror looking at his face that has short blonde military hair and light blue eyes and has a short beard and some wrinkles. He would be about 40 years old, he wipes his wet face with his towel and leaves his bathroom and goes to the closet to pick up the white uniform that had a well-known emblem. It's from Atlas, and also a patch that showed the man's name.

Lt. John Reedruck.

He puts on his uniform and adjusts his tie and looks in the mirror where there is a photo of two people who are hugging each other with the expression of happiness. John is hugging a woman with glasses with blond hair and emerald eyes. There was a message in the frame.

* Let's not forget this moment. John .. *

John closes his closet and goes to the kitchen to make his coffee where his Scroll makes an incoming call. When John grabs to see who's calling. He sighs wearily.

"Say?" John said as he prepares his coffee.

[ didn't tell me you had a son ...] The voice was female. Her voice sounded seriously angry.

"Stepson clarified ... I see that Ozpin is interested in him ..."bounded John and look at the photo where there are three people that this john along with an old woman and a boy with blue eyes.

[How do you know?]

"Well, I explained a little about him ... he's a very special boy ..." he finishes making the coffee.

[Like what?]

"In scroll it is not safe ... just wait for me when I go to visit you and I explain everything ..."

[John ...]

"See you Gylnda ..."John hangs up the call, and sighs emotionally tired and drinks coffee quietly where his Scroll is triggered entering the incoming call. "Now what?" John said slightly annoyed. "¿What?"

[John! You have to get out of here!] A female voice screams.

"Penny what's up?" John said worriedly.

[I detect hostility that is in the same building that you are in!]

John looks around his apartment and goes to the closet, pulling out his personal weapon and pointing it at the door.

"What kind of hostile is it?"he said cautiously where he places his scroll inside his suit and puts a headset on his right ear. "Is human?"


John looks at the window where there are cars running. "Is it Faun?"


"What is it?"

[I can't detect it, it's something big ... but it's not human and it's not Faun ...]

John felt a tremor. "Is it a Grimm ...?" John said pulling out the safety on his rifle.


a blow destroyed the wall where a stranger enters, John saw that the stranger was 3 meters tall and had strange characteristics. But it looked like the human body but with exaggerated muscles.


a taxi driver was driving happily driving on the quieter streets of Argus where a person suddenly falls on the bumper.


"What the hell!" he yells in shock and his car gets out and looks where there is a person in a white uniform. "An Atlesian?"

"Civil ... you better get out of here ..." John said getting up.

"No. You're going to pay me for the damage to my car!" Shouts the Taxi Driver.


the Taxi Driver looks up where there is a stranger who is standing on the third floor "it's a Grimms!" shouts the scared Taxi Driver.

"You find the safe place!" Shouts John and raising his gun. "Hey, I'm still alive!"he yells causing the strange Grimm to let loose the roar.

John starts running into the alley. the unknown Grimm skips landing on the street where he chases John who entered the alley.

John runs in the alley avoiding the obstacles "! Penny warns the reinforcements we have a Grimm Unknown what is chasing me!"


John looks back where the unknown Grimm was running hitting the obstacles that were interrupting the path.

John runs around and sees from a distance where there is a door that is in a dead end. "Shit!"yells pushing the door that is locked. "Open the door!" He knocks furiously.

The sounds of the footsteps grew closer to John's ears as he looked back where the strange Grimm was quickly approaching. John takes out his rifle and divides it into a double curved sword and frowns.

"You were looking for me ..." John said in a serious voice and he gets into position to face the unknown Grimm.





Vol One

In Beacon.

The students walked towards the plaza where the spokespersons made an amused voice.

[Hohoho ... hello hello Students, I'm glad you came back to hear my annoying voice. For new entrants who don't know me. I'm Urdot Sam Nortarus ... you can call me the Announcer o Radioman, I'm a third year, welcome to Beacon Academy to learn how to be huntsmans and huntress so they can kick ass for Grimms. enjoy the view and within 15 minutes the assembly will begin led by director Ozpin, Joel bring me a juice package! ...]

A young black-haired man walks along with two young women.

"Oh look Yang!"a young woman screams when she sees a random student. "They have very cool guns!" She wears a long-sleeved black dress with a high neckline and red trim on the sleeves, over which is a black waist with red laces on the front. the skirt of her dress has red trim and red lining. She also wears a pair of chunky black stockings and black combat boots with red laces, red piping around the top, and red soles.

Her outfit is topped by a red hooded cape fastened to her shoulders by cross pins. Her emblem appears as a large silver buckle on her wide black belt, which hangs around her hips at an angle. Attached to his belt is a bag and a row of bullets. Her name is Ruby Rose.

"Easy Easy ... take a breath. I know you are excited about the weapons ..."said the Blonde who grabs Ruby on the shoulder. She wears a tan jacket that shows off her abdomen, with gold trim and short, puffy sleeves with black cuffs with two gold buttons. Beneath this, she wears a low cut yellow crop top with her black left chest emblem. .She also wears a brown belt covered by a piece of pleated brown material that runs from hip to hip around the back of her waist, with her emblem stamped on the rightmost gold fold. Beneath this is a long, asymmetrical, white piece of material that reaches to her knee on the right side, as well as a pair of black mini shorts. she wears a pair of brown knee-high boots and orange over-the-knee socks, with the right sock pushed down just below the knee. A gray scarf is tied around her left knee. An infinity orange scarf and black fingerless gloves complete her outfit. Her name is Yang Xiang Long. She is Ruby's half sister.

As for the dark-haired young man who is dressed in a dark gray vest and has a white shirt along with the tactical shoulder pads. His belt has four grenades of different types of explosions. Fragmentary, Ice, Incendiary and Gravity. He had black pants with knee pads and steel boots. But there are a couple of bullet loads on the right thigh. Her eyes are dark blue. His name is Martín Reedruck. His soul living inside his body is from another world where there was war in Dubai.

It is Martin Walker known as the monster of Dubai.

Remaining name: Martin Reedruck.

Original name: Martín Walker.

Occupation of the previous life: Captain of the Deltas squad.

Death: Killed by the rescue team.

Personal info: Orphan of a clandestine laboratory. Adopted by Lt. Reedruck.

Age: 14.

Martin looks at Ruby and Yang who were talking about weapons, Ruby hugs her growing rose.

"So it's Beacon .." he said looking at the high tower.

"Come on Ruby, why don't you go and try to make some friends on your own ..?"Yang said lowering the hood to Ruby.

"But why would I need friends when I have you?" "Ruby said looking at Yang where out of nowhere four figures appeared that are the boys.

"Actually my friends are here ..."yang raises his hand saying goodbye to Ruby "Let's catch up, bye see you later!" she yells as he goes with her group of friends passing over Ruby that she turns comically dizzy being left by her own sister.

"where are you going. Wouldn't it be better to go find our bedroom? "Ruby said dizzy.

"Really, your sister left you alone ..." said Martin sighing but he noticed something behind Ruby. "Ruby be careful where you step ..."Ruby falls on top of the white briefcases.


"And there it goes ..." Martin said with a sigh.

"What are you doing ?!" yells a young woman yelling at Ruby. the young woman has white hair, she wears a strapless thigh length dress with a slight gradation of white to pale blue at the hem. a small piece of black lace sits at the front of her neckline and the hem of the dress is scalloped and stitched to resemble snowflakes, with layers of white tulle under the skirt. over this, she wears a bell sleeve bolero with the same color grading as her shoulder-to-wrist dress, lined in red and with a ruffled collar. At the back of the bolero is the Schnee crest. she also wears a small apple pendant on a silver chain and fine rectangular silver earrings. His boots are white, with a wedge heel and higher in the back than in the front. they have a small silver decoration on the top of the foot and are lined in red. A thin white sash is tied around her waist with a bag attached to her back. She is called Weiss Schnee.

"Sorry ..." Ruby apologizes.

"you sorry ?!" Weiss yells angrily. "Do you have any idea what damage you could have caused?"

"Excuse me miss, it was an accident ..." said Martin holding the white briefcase. "She accidentally fell ..."

"Give me that!"Weiss yells snatching the briefcase from Martin's hands

"I said I'm sorry" Ruby said offended and stands up shaking the dust.

"This is Dust, extracted and purified from the Schnee quarry" Weiss opens the briefcase looking at the different colored Powder bottles.

"Eh ..." Ruby was confused.

"What, you have brain damage?Weiss said annoyed and shook the red bottle that released red powder. "Fire, Lightning, energy!"

"Miss, you better stop shaking that or you're going to hurt someone ..." Martin said annoyed and covered his nose to avoid sneezing. ruby couldn't hold on.



The Flask fell out and ends up rolling on the feet of someone where A young man with fallen hair covered his other left eye. his other exposed eyes were purple. He is dressed in a long black trench coat, brown boots, serpentine blue pants, with a cloth around his neck over a black vest with long sleeves. He wears gloves with bare fingers.

"Ah they are ..." Said the young man with a fallen hairstyle looking at Martin and Ruby being scolded by Weiss. "He's the boy he almost messed with paladin Dusterst ..."

"They are being scolded by that infamous Schnee ..."One woman said she wears a black vest buttoned with hangers and a single silver button down the front. Beneath this is a white, sleeveless, turtleneck, short, and white shorts with a zipper on the sideFront of each leg, stamped with the YKK logo from the Japanese manufacturer of real life zippers. She also wears low-heeled black boots and full stockings with a black to purple gradation at the ankles. her emblem is visible on the outside of both thighs just below her blank shorts. .on his left arm is a separate black sleeve with a silver cuff around his biceps, and black ribbons wrapped around both forearms. a small loose black scarf is wrapped around her neck, and a magnetic backpackGray is tied behind her back, hidden by her hair.

"Should we help them?" The Young Man said. Within the young eastern swordsman he had a soul that is from another world. He was a C.I.A agent where he was executed by his own superior. But he doesn't remember his original name. since he identifies himself as Kane Nightroad.

Name: Kane Nightroad.

Occupation of the previous life: Agent of the C.I.A.

Death: Killed by his superior Riggs.

Personal Info: Son of leader of high private security.

Age: 16 years.

Going back to Martin, Ruby and Weiss. "You see that's what was missing!" Weiss yells angrily.

"If I had not shaken your bottle there would be no explosions ..." Said Martin annoyed that he was cleaning his vest by removing the black dust.

"How dare you speak to me like this ..." Weiss said annoyed.

"If you want your dusty briefcases to be destroyed so much ... then go get it!"Martin yells kicking at a briefcase caused it to fly towards a person who grabs the briefcase with his hand.

"You again?" Said a young man with brown skin and dark blue hair with short hair. He is dressed in a dark blue suit with a black tie and white shirt and has a steel shoulder pad on the right side. Two metal gloves and a metal knee brace on the left knee. behind his back he has a kind of large shield. "First the cake and now you throw the briefcase at me ..." She said in an annoyed voice. "What is your damn problem?inside the body it has a soul that is from another part as it came in the same world as Martin. He is a 33rd Danmed Lieutenant who was killed by Walker and who does not remember his name and face. He only knows the last name Walker. nor does he remember his own true otherworldly name. He has two aliases: Steel-Man or Ray. Known as Raymonk Dusterst.

Name: Raymonk Dusterst

Previous life occupation: Lieutenant of the Dammed 33rd Battalion.

Death: Killed by Walker.

Personal info: Son of a paladin and successor to the Atlas farm. Ex-Captain of the Nirhthen village militia.

Age: 16.

"Sorry it was unintentional Ray ..." said Martin trying to apologize to Ray.

"Yeah right. you are a-

"Ray?" Weiss said in surprise. Ray looks at Weiss.

"Weiss?" Ray said in surprise and frowns. "What are you doing here?"

"What are you doing here?" Weiss said frowning at Ray.

"Do you know each other?"Martin said looking between Ray and Weiss looking at dagger and sigh angry.

"No" Ray / Weiss said at the same time.

"I'm leaving ..." Ray said turning his back to Weiss.

"Hey my briefcase ..."

"Ah ... well take ..."Ray said returning the briefcase "Please don't be proud with that you won't win friends ..." He said seriously and coldly. "Princess ..." He said leaving the white briefcase. Weiss frowns, Ruby starts to smile.

" he mark you as a princess ..." Ruby said laughing.

"She is an heir ..." Blake said, bringing Martin, Ruby and Weiss closer. "Weiss schnee, heiress to the Schnee dust company, one of the largest energy producers in the world .."Blake explains leaving Ruby confused. Martin found out about the Schnee company. Weiss puts on a small smile.

"Finally someone of recognition ..." she said proudly.

"The infamous company for its controversial workforce and questionable business partners," Kane joins commenting that it is the world's most infamous company.

"Same point ..." Blake said seriously.

"What !?" cries Weiss shocked "how dare you ?!"she screams angry. The lighthouse camera moves recording Weiss. The small spokesperson emits the same voice of the Announcer.

[Well well well. Look what we have here. Weiss Schnee, daughter of the infamous Jacque Schnee who is a complete idiot who invest badly in powders].

"They are pure lies, damn announcer!" Yells Weiss angrily.

[I can hear you. be careful with those heels, with that you kiss your father, the camera smiles ...]

Weiss looks at the camera near the lighthouse. "You. Hmmp ... I'm leaving!" Weiss yells angrily. Ruby starts laughing.

"The Announcer of the new radio team in which he founded ... "Blake said looking at the spokes where he issued the voice.

[Thanks for the recognition ...]

"It is the Jester of Vale and who unmasked a politician and also the most fearsome mafia ... that his head is of a half a million liens who hunts him .." said a young man who approaches the group.

the young man has gray hair with spiked hairstyle with ponytail. It has a black leather jacket with gray pants and has black line edges. He has a large backpack that is hung with a kind of assault rifle. Within this person also comes from another world that belongs to the soul of the Sergeant of Zulu who was killed by Walker who also does not remember the face and the name only he remembers the last name and does not remember his name from the previous life. it only has aliases: Wraith, his name is Frederic Saww.

Name: Frederic Saww.

Previous life occupation: Ex-Sergeant of Zulu.

Death: Killed by Walker.

personal info: Son of a champion of Vale and leader of the city militia.

Age: 16 years.

"That man is the most annoying with criminal networks ... but the rumors are that he is a genius species swindling the thieves and also the politicians ..." Blake said looking at the camera.

"And he also supported the Fauns by shouting that the white fangs they are currently attacking are fake ..." Kane said crossing his arms.

[What information of mine ...] said the spokeswoman, moving the camera aiming at the group. [Look look look what we have here ...] He said focused on Ruby and Martin. [The two youngest students; Ruby Rose and Martin Reedruck ...]

"How do you know?" Ruby said in surprise.

"How the hell did you hear our conversations?"Martin said looking at the camera.

[I have hundreds of cameras all over Beacon, I am the oracle, kneel before me ... muahahaha]

[Boss, Director Ozpin warns you to stop playing on the radio ...] Another foreign voice said.

[Dammit. it's my workplace ... beep]

"What a strange person?" Ruby said and looks ahead where a person has a strange camera. "Hmm?"

"Smile .." The person said and took out a flash, leaving Ruby blind.


"¡Hiya!"she screams, letting out a squeal of surprise.

"What the hell-?" Martin was going to scold the person but he raised the camera.



"My eyes!" Yells Martin blinded by the blazing light.

"Martin Reedruck and Ruby Rose in Beacon ... amazing, the two special students ..." Said the brunette in a dark red suit and had short hair and was writing down "Can you answer some questions for me?"

"What?"Ruby rubs her eyes that were blinded. "Who are you?"

"I am Joel W Brai, I am the third year team like U-J-R-T. But the radio team tells us my job is to take pictures of the students as paparazzi and also standing out at Beacon academy. .but you two are the two most outstanding people who deserve the attention of the students of the school to meet the two special students ... "Joel explains his work and also presents his name and takes his photo again to the two who blind them back and holds up the microphone "How does it feel to be a student in Beacon?" Question to hear the answer.

"Ah ..."ruby did not know what to say what she was going to answer but she answers with a forced smile. "Cooool ..."

"What a nice answer .." Joel said and lifts the microphone to Martín "Martin, how are you feeling now?"

"Ah ... hello i am cool ..." Martin said very confused. Joel drops the microphone.

"Ah very awkward ... well guys thanks for sharing my time with you ..." Joel runs to find more interesting things.

"Another weird ..." said Martin looking away where Blake and Kane disappeared. Ruby looks to see the third person who was Frederic also disappeared.

"Ah ... it seems that we have met some interesting people .." Ruby said looking at Martín.


"Hello guys..."a person approaches Ruby and Martín. He is a young blond man who is dressed in a short-sleeved black sweatshirt with separate reddish-orange sleeves that is covered by a white diamond-shaped chest plate on itLower abdomen, and placed over your shoulders are a pair of white scarves with gussets placed underneath them. Next, wear blue jeans with a white patch placed on the left knee and black sneakers that have "left" and "right" written in black on the soles of the respective shoes. It has elbow pads with laces tied throughthem, and wear black has two belts that cross her waist, both of different shades of brown, with a pair of small bags on them, and she wears brown wrist-length gloves with exposed fingers and small metal plates on her back. his sword is tied to his left hip in a scabbard.

"You're the vomit boy ..." said Ruby recognizing the blond.

"And also looking for a lawsuit ..."Martin said crossing his arms remembering that in the transport ship, he pushed Martin who accidentally threw cake at Ray that almost caused a fight.

At Argus.

we see traces of blood in the alleys where there are signs of fighting. On the walls were claw marks and also shooting holes.

[John ... can you hear me ...]said a female voice that came in the Scroll that is on the floor where there is a person who is lying on the floor where he had bleeding in the abdomen. [John answer me ...]

"Penny ... warn ... Ironwood ..."John said weakly, "He'll know what to do ... and send me urgent medical ..." He said that before passing out.

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