"Ahh!" squealed Sherry. "Then what happened? Did you kiss?"

A few hours had passed since the fight and they had all made up. Reggie, Trish, and Sherry had resumed with their sleepover. Sam and Twister had decided to spend the night too. Reggie wondered if it was because Twister wanted to see her. Maybe it was Otto's idea and he wanted to avoid talking to Trish by having other people around. Trish had filled her in on their lack of any conversation.

"No," Reggie admitted, feeling like it was the wrong answer.

When had kissing become such a casual thing? Did she miss that memo? She wouldn't have minded kissing Twister earlier but she felt a little annoyed that it was expected. They were both kind of new to this anyway. And the transition from friend to more-than-friend might be tricky. Was that even where they were at? She didn't know. They hadn't talked about anything. They had said they liked each other. They didn't say they were going to start dating or they were in a relationship. All he had said was 'cool.' What kind of a response was that? Her mind had been racing since that conversation and she was very glad to have Trish and Sherry to talk to, which was ironic since she would've given anything for them to leave a few hours ago.

"He didn't kiss you?" Sherry said in disbelief, a little too loudly.

"Shh! They're in Otto's room!" Reggie said with a hint of panic.

"Sorry, sorry!" Sherry backtracked and lowered her voice. "So what happened after you told him you liked him back?"

"Nothing, we just went downstairs."

Even Trish looked concerned. "You didn't talk at all?"

"Did you and Otto talk after you kissed?" Reggie shot back. "Which we still need to talk about by the way."

"We'll get to it," Trish shrugged. "Right now we need to figure out what's going on with you and Twister."

"What do you mean 'what's going on'?"

Sherry gave a sympathetic frown. "Well, it's a little unclear."

"Because we didn't kiss?" Reggie was starting to get defensive.

"Because nothing happened. Like, nothing," Trish said with a tone that indicated that it was a problem.

"We said we like each other."

"Reggie," Sherry took hold of her hands. "When Lars and I— don't give me that look— when we got together, it was, well... he asked me out for one thing. He took me on a date. It was so romantic. And when he took me home, he smiled at me and leaned forward to kiss me. He's such a good kisser. Maybe it runs in the family!"

Trish interrupted as Sherry got side-tracked. "I think what she's trying to say is that you'd think he'd do something. Something to, I don't know, show you how he feels."

Reggie just didn't get it and she felt dumb because they were trying so hard to explain it to her. She didn't want to keep arguing because they kept giving each other looks but she couldn't help state the obvious. "But he told me how he felt."

They gave each other the look that she knew had been coming.

"Maybe he was nervous." Sherry weakly suggested. "Reggie can be intimidating."

"Intimidating?" Reggie questioned. "He's only known me his whole life. And Trish is more intimidating than me. Otto still kissed her."

"Woah there," Trish laughed. "Don't compare Otto and Twister. Otto's like the most overly-confident person ever. It drives me crazy, but it's part of the appeal."

"Twister has a lot more insecurities," Sherry added.

Reggie felt more confused than she had before. She thought her conversation had been a little awkward but just because neither of them knew what to do. She thought the fact that they said they liked each other was a clear sign that something was happening with them. She also was annoyed because she could hear the boys playing video games in Otto's room. Didn't boys ever talk about this stuff? How come she was having to do all of this processing and analyzing while Twister got to just mindlessly do nothing?


They stayed up talking for awhile longer but when they finally went to bed, Reggie couldn't sleep. She knew she needed to talk to Twister and, after an hour or so of debating it in her mind, she decided she was going to do it now. She quietly crawled out of bed, stepping around Trish's sleeping body and left the room. She pressed her ear to Otto's room. It was silent. How was she even going to do this?

"Twister," she whispered but there was no answer.

She thought about going back to bed. There was no way she was going to be able to talk to him. She turned to go to bed but she stopped in front of her door. She had to try. She quietly opened the door to Otto's bedroom and looked in. Otto and Sam were sound asleep, but Twister looked up at the open door. Her heart began to beat quickly.

"Reggie?" He said in a confused whisper.

She shushed him and he looked around, making sure Otto and Sam hadn't woken up before getting out of his sleeping bag and making his way to the hall.

"What's up?" He asked quietly after closing the door.

"I," she started. She had been rehearsing this theoretical conversation in her head all night and was now drawing a blank. "I couldn't sleep."

"Me neither," he admitted.

It was happening again. That awkward thing where neither of them knew what to do or say, which was so dumb considering how long they had been friends. She refused to let the awkwardness wash over them once more. "Do you wanna get some ice cream?"

"Yeah, for sure."

They made their way down the stairs slowly, careful of where they were stepping in the dark. Reggie turned on a lamp in the kitchen once they got there.

"We have mint, chocolate, and Oreo," she informed him as she held open the freezer door.

"Chocolate," he said as he reached in the cabinet to get two bowls.

"So, uh, why couldn't you sleep?"

"That's good, thanks," he said as she scooped ice cream into his bowl. He nervously poked the ice cream with his spoon as he answered. "I guess I just... I don't know, I felt like I did it all wrong earlier."

What do you mean?" Reggie asked, even though she knew exactly what he meant.

"I think I just didn't really react the way you're supposed to. I didn't really know what to do."

"Yeah, I don't know how everyone else seems to automatically know all this stuff," she agreed.

"Me neither. And I didn't know if you were still mad at me at all from lying to you about the Sherry and Lars thing."

She laughed. "I was never mad about that. I didn't even know about it until tonight."

He looked confused. "Really? Because it kind of felt like you were avoiding me all week."

"I was mad because I thought you and Sherry were dating," she confessed, feeling a little embarrassed.

She was feeling a lot better talking to Twister about this. It seemed like they were on the same page. They were just trying to figure out what they were supposed to do next. She could feel him easing up too as they talked. It wasn't long before they were over the hump and back to normal, laughing together like they always had.

"Woah, I didn't realize it was so late," Twister said looking at the oven clock after awhile.

Reggie turned to see it. It was 4:38am. "We better turn in."

They crept up the stairs and she said goodnight, turning to go back into her room when she felt his hand reach for hers and pull her back towards him. Without realizing what was happening, they were kissing. Really kissing. Make-her-swoon kind of kissing. When they broke apart, he told her goodnight and turned to Otto's room, leaving her standing stunned and speechless.