This here is my first fanfic. Enjoy.

When I was four years old, I remember watching my father as he forged a sword. After, he practiced swinging it back and forth. It mesmerized me as I watched, for it seemed to dance with the light coming off of it. My father showed me how the sword was flexible enough to be wielded, but strong enough to not be broken. It could bend, but never break.

When my parents 'disappeared', I changed the example of the sword into a way to live by. I had to be careful to stay strong for Nya as her protector, yet be flexible enough that I was still her older brother that loved her. When becoming a ninja a decade later, the meaning changed again. I learned that I needed to bend and absorb blows, to not crumble under the attacks of my enemies.

And yet, it was only years later that this mantra of mine was really put to the test. For I might have finally met my match...

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