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Kai's P.O.V.

The last clear memory that I have after being put into the cell is this: there was bright light, and then someone had a needle (Yikes!) and injected me with some weird drug thing. After that, everything gets kind of blurry.

Then darkness.


I'm lying on some sort of metal table. I can feel chains on my wrists and ankles. Without looking, I know that they are vengestone, for they make me feel powerless. Someone is talking now. His voice is raspy, and yet vaguely familiar. Oh yeah, that's right, it's him. Normally, I would have rolled my eyes, but at this point I couldn't even tell if they were open or closed.

I felt kind of light, like none of it was really happening to me, like in a movie. I knew that the table was cold against my bare back (when had my shirt been taken off?!) but I was unable to actually feel it. It was weird, but for the moment, it wasn't uncomfortable.

The voice started talking to me.

You're useless.

You're just the hothead that runs into danger and ruins everything.

You couldn't protect your little sister, or your baby brother for that matter.

Why would anyone need you?

Interestingly enough, the voice started to sound like my own. These things, among many others, I had always thought but tried to suppress. I could now feel tears streaming down my face. Despair was already starting to consume me, yet still the voice continued.

But then I heard a different voice.

A ninja NEVER quits.

I gasp. That was Lloyd's voice. Then a second voice joined in:

As iron sharpens iron, brother sharpens brother.

That was sensei's voice. Then a third and final voice spoke:

…Bend, do not break…

That was my father's voice.

Strength flowed through me, and I strained against my chains and the words being spoken in the raspy voice. I could feel myself scowling, and I was going to do I did best of all: being stubborn.

I had fire in my veins still, so I would use it to strengthen my iron. The iron that I make will bend and never break. Most of all, I. Will. Not. Quit.

At this point, I can't tell if I'm just thinking this or actually saying this out loud. I must have said something, for the voice had stopped. Then there was a deep throated growl.

Then darkness once more.


Once more, I was on the table. My stomach now felt empty, and my throat was dry. Had several days pasted? I had no sense of time anymore.

Once more, the voice spoke, but this time I ignored it. I blocked it out, and instead started naming my accomplishments instead of my failures. The voice, who by now I was certain was the Black Bandit, didn't like this.

Again, darkness came, and I faded out of consciousness.


He was angry now. He yelled something along the lines of if you will not break the easy way with words, I will break you the hard way with pain.

I felt my body hit a wall hard.


Yep, something definitely was broken, but the drug (?) made it feel as if it were happening to someone else instead of me.

Someone, or something, was now hauling me up by my hair. I knew that it hurt pretty bad, but I continued to 'watch'. Then it/they were grabbing my arms, and a punch went into my stomach. I couldn't see who it was, so my eyes most likely were closed. My breath was pushed out of me in a whoosh, but the hits kept coming.

My chest was next targeted. I could soon feel my ribs being cracked from the blows, until I was suddenly mercifully dropped. Then the real pain started. My left shoulder was wrenched from its socket, and I could hear someone screaming.

Then I realized that I was the one screaming, and that scared me even more. I had no real control over my body. A wave of helplessness crashed over me. What use was being defiant if I had little to no control over how I reacted? Though this thought I tried to shake off. I will bend, and I will not break under this onslaught.

I heard some crunching, then more screaming from my body. That was my right leg that had just been broken into tiny little pieces. That definitely was going to hurt if, no, when, I regained control of my body. I know that more was happening outside of my mind, probably some yelling and cursing, but I couldn't care more at this point. I was tired, both mentally (from all this thinking and guess work) and physically (I was able to at least tell that my body had gotten very little sleep).

This time, I welcomed the darkness that I knew was coming with open arms, allowing it to take me.

There were no more flashes after that.