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Kai's POV

After nearly three weeks, I've had enough with waiting around doing nothing. Apparently, so had Cole. So, alongside Cole, we called everyone into the Bridge to talk.

"We need to find Jay and sitting around won't help." Cole said. "We need to start notifying our allies of our problem, and maybe they can help," Everyone nodded. I had started off beside Cole, but now I stood by Nya, deciding Cole might be a bit better at this than me.

"I guess we could notify the police." Lloyd suggested. "That might work, but we need more people." Responded Cole. "What about Skyler, and the other elemental masters? I am certain that majority of them would not mind helping out finding a fellow elemental master." Zane said. Of course! Why didn't I think of that before? "Good idea Zane! Let's go and see how many phone numbers we can find." said Cole.

"I could call Skyler, maybe she would also know some of the others' phone numbers." I quickly volunteered. Everyone agreed. Now that we had a plan of action, everyone seemed to have gained some energy back as we each set out to do our own part of the plan. Now all I'm nervous about is if Skyler will even want to talk to me…

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