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A sudden cold feeling stirred him up from his slumber. He was confused for a moment because it was a warm night when they all went to sleep. He slowly opened his eyes to the darkness. However, as his eyes adjusted, he noticed that something was wrong.

Terribly wrong…

Jae-Ha woke up on a cold, dusty floor; not on the soft blankets Yun made with his own hands. He was wearing ripped, dirty clothes; not the ones he got when he was a pirate. Worst of all, he was all alone in a dark room; not outside with the comrades he came to adore and cherish.

He sat up quickly, furiously glancing around as he tried to make sense of the situation, he was in. And then…some memories surfaced. Painful memories he had buried deep within his very soul, came rushing back to him. He recognized the room. No, it was a cage. The cage built to lock the green dragons in. Jae-Ha's face filled with horror as his mind screamed denials. No, it couldn't be! It was not possible! How? How was he here?

He was back in the green dragon village.

Jae-Ha frantically struggled to stand up, but soon realized that he couldn't. His eyes wide with shock, he glanced down at his legs. They were chained. The soaring dragon was chained to the ground. He clenched his teeth tightly, feeling a mixture of anger and fear. His hands dug into his messy hair, pulling at the strands, as he tried to grab a hold of himself. The deep breaths he took did little to calm him down, but he reminded himself that he wasn't the helpless little boy he used to be.

He had the power to fight his way out. He had to fight. He had to go back to them. He had a family to protect.

Jae-Ha gathered up all his strength to his dragon leg and pulled hard. But it didn't break. He started trembling slightly but pulled again, harder. It still didn't break, not even a crack. After numerous failed attempts, his whole body went numb, and the room seemed to get colder and colder. Mind fussing with despair and disbelief, he slid to the ground, staring blankly at the chains that held hid freedom. Why wasn't he strong enough? Why couldn't he break away? Why…

A slight sound had him quickly turning to his side, eyes squinting to find the source. He saw a figure curled on the ground, a few feet away from him. A little boy. His heart felt heavy with dread when he noticed the mob of green hair. Green hair like his. Jae-ha reeled back, hitting the wall behind him, and closed his eyes tightly. Yona…

Jae-Ha woke up with a start, sweat dripping from his forehead. Quickly sitting up, he wiped his head around, a huge relief washing over him when he confirmed he was back in the camp with everyone. He heaved a sigh, running a hand through his slightly damp hair. "Can't sleep?" a sudden question startled the green dragon a little, making him turn around to see the speaker.

Hak approached him in a bored manner and plopped down next to him, staring at the sky. "Just a bad dream…" Jae-Ha wanted to convince himself that more as well. "Oh? Care to give details?" Hak asked in a monotone voice like always, to which he also looked at the sky and remained silent, not willing to answer. "Got kicked out of a brothel?" Hak's serious tone was enough to make Jae-Ha burst out laughing immediately.

"No, Hak. It wasn't that bad." He replied after his laughter died down. But his smile faded away as he continued "…I was…chained again…". Hak's only response was a mere nod, quietly urging him to go on. "…and I couldn't break away… I was too weak." Jae-Ha closed his eyes, not expecting his company to comment on it. He understood the silent support and was grateful for that.

After a few seconds of silence, Hak spoke "Dragons really are weak, eh?". Not offended in the least, Jae-Ha retorted with a playful smirk "Come now Hak. You kno-" but he was interrupted by the former general standing up. "…Well, I'm strong enough to break a chain or two. Now sleep."

Jae-Ha blinked, watching Hak walk away, until his surprised expression warmed into a small smile.

Thank you, Hak.

Wipes away single tear. :') Brotherly love is the best.