Quick note, this takes place after the events of the Tanya the Evil Movie and most of the personalities will mostly be based off of the anime and some from the manga and the events for Black Lagoon it takes place before Roberta's Blood Trail OVA

Chapter 1: An Evil Prophecy

Imperial Camp on the fringes of the former Russy Federation border, Unified Year 1926

Tanya started to wake up in one of the few mostly comfortable beds, she yawned and sat up then stretched before getting up to do her usual routine of showering, drying off, brushing her hair, putting on a clean uniform, maintaining her rifle, then goes to eat some breakfast

"Morning Major," Greeted Lieutenant Serebryakov

"Morning Lieutenant," Tanya replied but with a tired tone, She straightened up then got in her chair as breakfast was prepared and it looked actually appetizing then Tanya asked her "Is my coffee ready ?" She just simply nodded and set it down near me

"Major, would you like me to get the latest reports ready while you eat ?" Serebryakov inquired which she just nodded as she just relaxed ever so slightly with the amazing aroma the coffee is giving off

Yellowflag Bar, Roanapur, Thailand, the 1990s

Lagoon Company had taken some time off to drink some alcohol and hopefully avoid some gunfights but Bao kept a careful eye on them especially Revy but she was having a drinking rematch with Rock

"Slow down you two, I'm not gonna drag either of your asses back to the offices," Dutch said as he took a sip from his shot of vodka because he needed to be ready for the next job

"Like Hell I am, I'm not losing to Rock !" Ranted at took another shot of rum while Rock took another shot as well

"I'd say the same to you Revy," Replied Rock in a cocky voice which pissed off Revy and began to up her drinking game

"I hope your ready to pay for their drinks Dutch because you're not going to pay it on tab," Said Bao, the bar's owner and he continued "Or they're going to work for it,"

"I understand Bao, I don't know about Rock but Revy is just bored so don't be surprised that she's here a little longer than usual," Dutch said as a group started to surround Revy and Rock cheering either one or the other on

"This is going to be one batshit crazy night," Said Benny as he looked around the bar as he noticed something odd happening outside and nudged at Dutch and moved his head about what he saw outside, they both nodded and walked outside the bar and looked around but couldn't see much past the street lights

"Eyes must be tricking us," Stated Dutch which Benny just nodded

"But I'm still not sure, my gut's telling me that something bad's gonna happen," Replied Benny who's eyes still wandered the parking lot and into a little bit of the street

"Maybe that Venezuelan bitch from awhile back, but I hope it isn't," Dutch Says while he kept his hand on his revolver while walking back in the bar with Benny

Rip-Off Church, Roanpur

Eda had locked the door to one of the rooms in the church and had just finished communicating with the CIA on the more recent criminal activities although she had a slight reprimand over how little info she was able to scrounge up

"Fuckin' government shits, it's not my fault that there's barely jackshit going on here," She whispered to herself as she walked to get dressed before hearing some whispers which caused her to immediately draw out her pistol as she looked around and shouted, "Who's there !?" She looked to where the pulpit is and approached it before quickly moving and aimed at nothing

"Huh ?" She said in confusion before she notices a picture on the pulpit and picked it up but saw some writing in the back so she looked at it first

'My child even though you have strayed far I require help in vanquishing a demon in the form of a little girl, I will send her soon, so be ready to hear my voice,' -Being X

Eda read it over again before looking at the picture itself as it showed a little girl that seemed to be no older than 13, with blonde hair and blue eyes, fair-skinned and in some kind of uniform

'Is this some fucking joke ?' Eda thought but put it in her wallet before saying "I should ease off on the drinking,"

Imperial Camp, 1926

Tanya was reading the latest reports from the Eastern Front and had a smile as she saw the victories and the hundreds of scores of commies killed by the Empire

'This is amazing, we'll be able to finish this front then finally deal with the Commonwealth and Unified States' She thought but heard a knock and looked up to see Brigadier General Rerugen which caused her to quickly stand and salute

"Brigadier General, I wasn't expecting you here, I was getting ready to go to Berun," Tanya stated although she was quite surprised

"At ease Major," Rerugen said and took a seat with Tanya following suit and he continued "I was sent to check up on the 203rd by the General Staff," He stated

"I guess they want to see how the Empire's darling battalion is doing ?" Tanya questioned aloud with a slight nod by the General and she said, "Well let's get to it, the battalion is at breakfast right now so I suggest we should start there then inspect the camp,"

With a nod from Rerugen, they both got out of their chairs and walk towards the mess area of the camp, at the camp the 203rd were happily eating and talking with one another, it was an all-around atmosphere of happiness and relief with time they're getting to relax and train but Tanya was paranoid when that 'god' will appear but tried to relax the best she could, she looked over at the General who was slowly inspecting everyone but she looked over and saw someone who was in uniform, she saw them out a pistol

"Everyone get down !" Shouted Tanya as she pulled out her own pistol as everyone got down but the assassin shot at Tanya

"Major !" Yelled Serebrykov as she jumped in front of Tanya but time started to slow down as everything started to go grey

"It has been a long time Tanya," Said Being X

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