Chapter 2: A 'Convenient' Accident

Imperial Camp, 1926

"Being X," Tanya said with venom oozing from those two words

"I see somethings never change," He replied with very little venom behind it, barely showing his animosity towards her

"I presume this is your doing," She said slowly recomposing herself but has a scowl that can't go away

"Of course," Being X replied then says, "This is your final chance, Tanya, either you finally give up your resistance and declare that I am your Lord and Savior,"

"Never will a single inch of my being declare you nothing more than bastard, that I will kill," She replied emphasizing the last part, unbeknownst to her is that Being X had an ace up his sleeve, he may be going in the deep end but he knew it will justify his means

"Then you have brought this upon yourself," He said before time started to resume as the bullet went through Serebrykov's heart killing her and goes through Tanya's as the last thing they heard was the sound of Tanya's pistol going off, killing the assassin but at the cost of two high ranked officers

The South China Sea, the 1990s

Serebrykov quickly woke up and hit her head on the ceiling of a roof of a ship and groaned in pain before looking around to find she is on a double-decker bed, she gets onto the floor to find Tanya but Serebrykov had to rub her eyes to find it is the Major but in her early 20s at least although she was laying on her right side so she didn't if it was Tanya but the low cut hair with that singular hair defying gravity and standing straight up

"M-major," She whispered in a shaken voice before putting her on her shoulder and shaking her to wake Tanya up

"Uggh," Tanya groaned before her eyes fluttered open as she rolled over which caused Serebrykov to blush as she saw that Tanya had become well endowed, she yawned before getting up and opening her eyes a few times before they quickly widened and saw around, "D-Dammit," She cursed quietly before she starts to repeat it which made Serebrykov quite concerned before looking at Serebrykov and takes a deep breath

"C-commander, w-where are we ?" Asked Serebrykov who was spooked as she hadn't been reincarnated unlike Tanya who was already looking around the cabin they were reincarnated in and pulled a seat up and motioned Serebrykov to take a seat which she did

"I guess I should tell you the truth now that we're in this mess," Tanya started as she pulled up another chair and sat in it and looked at Serebrykov who had a puzzled face

Tanya then explained about her previous life as a salaryman, meeting Being X, etc, after she explained everything she took a deep breath and looked out the porthole to see the South China Sea

"Well that explains why you attacked Moskva, the attack on Dacia, everything," Serebrykov then looked at her and asked, "What would happen to the 203rd after you left,"

"Very simple, I would've put you or one of the officers in command of the battalion," Tanya responded before standing up and said, "Let's go above deck to get a good idea where we are, I'll help you with some of the things in this world since I have a good hunch of where we are," She stretches before opening the cabinet and found some business clothes which she grabbed and handed another pair to Serebrykov

A Few Miles Away From the Ship

Lagoon Company had gotten a job from Balalaika, it was a seemingly odd job even for her

"A kidnapping ?" Questioned Rock as he looked out the window, Dutch was next to him and nodded

"She just said that she just has some business with them," Replied Dutch, he had to stop the PT boat a few miles from the ship so both he and Revy would get ready

"Who gives a damn, we finally have a job, so as long as we get paid I don't give a shit," Said Revy who arrived at the cockpit

What Lagoon Company didn't know was that Being X has anonymously sent a letter to Balalaika so that he can teach Tanya a lesson by bringing her to Roanapur

"So you're telling me, we're in the future for me but in a different universe," Asked Serebrykov as she and Tanya we're eating breakfast as they discovered that they were on a small cruise ship since they were hungry breakfast didn't sound bad even though they died at breakfast so Tanya and Serebrykov were paranoid as they looked around after every bite

"Yes Serebrykov, I also recommend you call me by my first or last name, we're not in the Imperial Army," Suggests Tanya as she finished breakfast and looked out into the shining, beautiful sea and sigh, "What a beautiful day in this purgatory," She slightly joked and heard a small giggle from Serebrykov before she finished up and they went out on deck to get some fresh air

"Did you ever take time off like this Ma- I mean Mrs. Degurechaff ?" Asked her as she looked around the sea

"In my first life, no, I usually took time off of work is when I get sick or my work forced me to take time off," The former Major replied as she saw something glint in the distance and questioned, "What's that in the distance ?" Which caused Serebrykov to look at what Tanya saw

Dutch moved the speed boat closer to the cruise and looked at Revy, "Are you ready ?" He asked which she just nods at him and he gave the controls of the boat to Benny as the two Lagoon Company members got to the front of the small cruise ship and waited until the ship got to the front of the cruise

"Mrs. Degurechaff, we might have a problem," Said Serebrykov as Tanya looked over to see a PT boat in the front of the ship and saw an African-American man with military-grade equipment along with a woman with two pistols

The blondette just took a deep breath before saying, "Fuck me sideways,", She quickly took Viktoriya's hand and ran them to their room fast then locked their door and put one of the chairs on the doorknob so that it would be difficult for the people to get through and they stood on both sides of the door

Dutch and Revy boarded the ship then put most people in the cafeteria the Dutch pulled a photo that Balalaika gave him and looked through the people and didn't find the two women in the photo then looked towards Revy

"I'm gonna go check the room, you stay here on guard, got it," Dutch ordered before going down to the first floor where there are the passenger rooms and used one of the keycards he got from one of the staff members and checked the first and half of the second-floor rooms before one of the rooms wouldn't budge even when he used the card and started to break the door down preferring not to use C4 if he doesn't need to but after one more ram into the door and it broke down he grabbed his Remington 870 and walked in the room and slowly searched the room

Serebrykov had to swallow her fear down and kept herself hidden in the wardrobe as Tanya hid under the bed as they heard the door break down and heard footsteps when the man entered the room and heard what seems to be shuffling, Tanya moved back under the bed as to not be seen

"C'mon. I know you're here, come out and I won't hurt you," The man said as he entered the cabin's bedroom and when he got near the front of the bed Tanya grabbed his ankles and pulled him on the ground as Serebrykov leaped out of the wardrobe and after a short scuffle got the shotgun from him and aim at his head

"Don't move," She ordered as Tanya patted him down and grab his revolver the stood by the door to the bedroom so they don't get any unwelcomed guests

Revy had been waiting for about five minutes for Dutch but he hasn't returned yet and she was getting suspicious so she placed a tripwire and some plastics explosives

"Alright I'm going to check on my partner, if any of you try to leave this area, you're going to have your asses blasted," She said before going down to the different floors to look for Dutch but when she got to the second floor she saw some wood that was on the floor so she ran quickly and found that the door had been kicked in by Dutch she reasoned without a doubt in her mind but as soon as she got in the room, she quickly grabbed her Beretta's and moved in the cabin then turned to the left and saw a blond with a revolver

"Put your guns down, we have your partner," She started as she had aimed the revolver at Revy

'She must be the target, fuck I can't kill her since Sis wants her but where's the other one ?,' Revy thought as she kept her pistols aimed at the blondette, it was a type of standoff against the two as both of them wait for one of them then a brown-haired girl exited the bedroom with Dutch and his hands were tied up with a tie

"Dutch, get back to the boat quickly, I'm getting reports of some ships from the Vietnamese Navy approaching, their about 20 miles out but they're closing in fast," Benny said over the radio, the brunette grabbed the radio

"I'm afraid Dutch cannot be reached right now," The brown-haired girl said to Benny and she kept the shotgun aimed at Dutch so he doesn't try anything

Benny looked over at Rock and said, "We have a situation on the ship, Dutch seems to be captured and possibly Revy so here's the skinny, go find them and get them off the ship, I would probably predict that we have about an hour or so 'till the Vietnamese Navy arrives and blows our asses to high Heaven,"

"So you want me to go and try to defuse the situation," Rock replied which he nodded, Rock left the boat and got on the cruise ship to look for Revy and Dutch and eventually step into the room to find Revy and a blondette holding guns at each other and Dutch was held at gunpoint and restrained

"What the Hell are you doing here Rock ?" Asked Revy who was very pissed

"I'm here to make a deal," He replied but looked at the two girls