"Owwwwiiiiieeeee!" I hear Usagi yelp. I hear a thud and I open my light green eyes as Usagi opens her midnight-blue eyes.

"Stop yelling..." I say and yawn. Then, my eyes snap wide open. "USAGI!"
"Well it's not my fault you're back is hard." Usagi says.

"WELL THEN GET OFF OF IT!" I shout at her.

"Ok Ok." Usagi says and slides off my back. "Where are we?"

I finally have a chance to get up off the ground and brush the dust off of my school uniform. Why do we find ourselves in these situations?

Our surroundings are a forest, a hut, a pumpkin patch, a greenhouse, and a castle. It's mid-noon and we see students, not caring or noticing us, walking about in black robes, black shoes, etcetera.

"Why aren't you in school uniform?" A tiny squeak asks.

"Oh uhmm." Usagi struggles.

"We just...sorta...landed here..." I say nervously. "I'm Akemi Tsukino, and that's my sister, Usagi Tsukino." I look down while I say this, and see a teacher, a little shorter than me.

"I'm Filius Flitwick. But please call me Professor Flitwick." The man says.

"Alright." Usagi says and looks around our surroundings. There's a group of four people holding a Cream Cat and a Black cat. Luna, and Sky.

"Are these you're cats?" A boy with messy black hair in the group of three asks.

"Yes, thank you." I say as the boy hands me Sky and Luna. I hand Usagi Luna. And then turn back to the group

"I'm James Potter." The boy who handed me the cats says. "This is Padfoot-I mean Sirius Black." James points to a boy who has slightly less messy hair than him, and also has black hair. Sirius is running a hand through his hair nervously, and is right beside James. "Moony-I mean Remus Lupin," He points to a boy under a tree, reading a book, looking a bit tired and sick to the stomach. "And Wormtail-I mean Peter Pettigrew." James points to a boy beside Remus, looking at James and Sirius.

"It's break time for us." Sirius explains. "And then two cats fell out of the sky when Peter was in his animagus form. It's a rat. The two cats started looking around in front of us and Peter got scared and turned back into a human. We laughed afterwards."

"But shouldn't we tell a teacher about this?" Remus calls from under the tree.

"Flitwick already knows!" James calls as Flitwick, who was listening to our conversation, nods and heads inside the castle.

"He went to tell Dumbledore probably." Sirius says.

"Sorry, but what's an animagus?" Usagi asks stupidly. I look at her, then notice the surroundings.

"Hey! We're at Hogwarts! From a book I read!" I say. "An animagus is a witch or wizard who can turn into an animal at will."

"Nicely put Akemi!" James says and gives me a thumbs up and a wink.

"How do you know my name?"

"Overheard Flitwick."

Just then, Flitwick walks out of the castle followed by a older man.

"Ladies, this is Professor Dumbledore!" Flitwick squeaks.

"Hello." Dumbledore says.

"Hello!" Usagi and I reply happily.

"This is Usagi," I say and make my fingers point to Usagi, but my palm pointing up. I roll my eyes as Usagi chases after a butterfly with Sky at her heels, and then Usagi falling flat on her face (Followed by a: "OWWWWIIIEEEE"; and a laugh). "And i'm Akemi."

"I see..." Dumbledore says. "You fell out of the sky is that correct?"

"Yes." I say.

"So then I don't know when we'll be able to get you back, but hopefully soon." Dumbledore says. "But until then, you can be students. You can stay with Mr. Potter here until you can get back."

"Yay! I hope you're a Gryffindor!" James says.

"What's a Gryffindor?" Usagi questions as she walks over.

"It's one of the four houses." James and Sirius automatically reply.

"We need to get you sorted." Dumbledore says. We follow Dumbledore and then he shows us his office. He takes down a old hat.

"The school sorting hat." I say.

"Correct, Miss Tsukino." Dumbledore says.

"Call me Akemi, or Miss A. Tsukino." I say.

"Alright, Akemi." Dumbledore says and winks. He places the hat on Usagi's head then cries out: "GRYFFINDOR!"

I cheer as Usagi looks startled. Dumbledore places the hat on my head.

Not a bad mind...you'll do well in Slytherin or Ravenclaw...maybe even Hufflepuff...

No! I think. Let me be with my sister...

Alright then... The hat says in my head. You'll be a... The hat shouts. "GRYFFINDOR!"
Usagi cheers as I look happy. I have a grin on my face.

"Here's your schedule." Dumbledore says. I look at mine.

"This says 4th year." I say.

"Yes, as my guess is you're both 14." Dumbledore says. His eyes twinkle. "Same as Mr. Potter, Mr. Black, Mr. Lupin, and Mr. Pettigrew."

I shout for joy. Dumbledore dismisses us as we run to the tree where James, Sirius, Peter, and Remus are waiting.

"What house?" James asks.

"Calm down Prongs." Sirius says.

I give a smirk, alerting James at once.

"You're a Gryffindor! I knew it!" James shouts.

"So is Usagi." I say.

"Butterfly!" Usagi, Sirius, and Peter shout. They shot up and chased the butterfly. James and Remus moan.

"If you want to see something funny, keep watching." I say as I smirk. They do.

"Hey! The butterfly is mine!" Usagi shouts.

"No mine!" Sirius shouts.

"Mine!" Peter shouts.

Usagi then trips and falls flat on her face as James, Remus, and I roar with laughter.

"OWWWIIIIIEEEE!" Usagi shouts.

Unable to hold back anymore, Sirius and Peter then roar with laughter like the rest of us.

"Not funny!" Usagi shouts. She then notices something.

"My brooch!" Usagi shouts in horror. "Where is it!?"
I know it has the Silver Crystal inside of it. I take both of the brooches (Mine and Usagi's) out of my pocket and giggle. James then snatches it.

"USAGI! I HAVE IT! AKEMI TOOK IT!" James shouts. Usagi grabs it and James grabs my brooch. He gets up and I do to. He runs and I chase him.

"GIVE IT BACK!" I shout.

"NOT UNTIL YOU TELL ME IF I COULD BE YOU'RE BOYFRIEND!" James shouts over his shoulder.

"NO!" I shout. We keep chasing each other as the rest roar with laughter. We keep chasing each other until the bell rings and he hands it back as I pin it on my bow on my shirt.

"It was a game." James tells me as we head to Charms.

"It wasn't funny though." I say as I stick out my tongue. He does the same and it reminds me a lot of Usagi and Rei.

Where could you all be? I wonder as we head to class.