"Akemi...Akemi...AKEMI!" Usagi shouts.

"Shut it Usagi...it's Saturday and there's no classes but a Hogsmeade visit..." I grumble, still with my eyes closed.

"AKEMI! BETTER WAKE UP!" Usagi shouts. My green eyes snap open, staring up into blue.

"THE HOGSMEADE VISIT!" I shout. I get up and get dressed in my old school uniform. I rush out of the dormitories to come face-to-face with Rei, Minako, Mako, Ami, Luna, Sky, Artemis, James, Sirius, Peter, Remus, Ember, and Fleur.

"You're kidding?" I groan.

"We decided to keep our cats in the dormitories until you leave. So we won't get confused." Ember explains. She's wearing the same uniform as me, and so is Usagi and Fleur.

"How will we tell y'all apart?" Sirius asks. I unpin my brooch and Usagi does the same. We put them in our pockets.

"Ok. Works." Sirius sighs. James looks at Lily.

"Hay! Your in love James!" I say.

"Of course he is. He just doesn't like Snivellus. Severus...I might add." Sirius says. I conjure a bouquet of roses and hand them to James.

(AN: Idk Lily Potter's favorite flower, lets say they're Roses.)
"Go knock her out." I whisper. James walks over and I see Ember's gaze on Sirius's wand. He has it out.

"Don't you dare do it." Ember and I whisper.

"Fine." Sirius says.

It doesn't work because Sirius lied and turned the roses into dead, rotten, fish. Lily slaps James.

"Lily!" Ember, Rei, Usagi, Mako, Minako, Ami, Remus, Peter, and I gasp.
"Evans!" James and Sirius gasp.

"You arrogant toerag. You tried to get me to go out with you and then you turn the roses into dead, rotten, fish?! I don't think so!" Lily screams and gasps.

"But I-Evans!" James calls. Lily walks out of the portrait hole. I rush after her.

"Lily! Lily! LILY!" I call. She turns around, teary eyed.

"What?" Lily says a bit rudely.

"James...Uhmmmm...how do I put this?" I ask myself. It clicks. "James didn't do it! Sirius Black did it!"

"What? Potter's little friend Black did it?! I bet Potter told him to do it." Lily storms off. I rush to the front doors. Filch, the caretaker, is there.


"Akemi Tsukino." I say.

"Miss A. Tsukino eh?" Filch asks. "Sister to...Miss U. Tsukino?"
"Yes sir." I'm terrified.

"Apparently she was roaming around Hogwarts and etcetera." Filch says. "I need to ask Dumbledore to ban her from Hogsmeade trips."

I nod scaredly.
"And maybe even you, maybe you were an accomplice. I only saw U. Tsukino, so I bet you were with her." He adds.

"Were there anyone else? What time?"
"A dark haired boy...kissing U. Tsukino."