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A Letter From The Weasley Family Part 1

One fine summer morning at Pine Hollow, Jack O'Neil went to the mailbox.

That's weird, Jack thought, opening the mailbox. there's nothing there.

At that same moment in the lounge, Max Regnery and his mother, Elizabeth were meeting with their riding school students.

"Everyone, I got a letter by owl post from my best friend from England, a man named Arthur Weasley." Max said.

The students all began to chatter.

When Jessica Cooper or Jess for short spoke up.

"When will Mister Weasley get here, Max?" Jess asked.

"Sometime this afternoon," Max answered Jess. "and he and his wife will be bringing five of their seven children plus the boy who lived, Harry Potter, and Miss Hermione Granger with them."

"How will they arrive?" Kristi Cavanaugh asked Max.

"Arthur said that they would be arriving," Max answered Kristi. "by floo powder."

"Floo powder," Lisa began. "you mean you're friends with..."

"Correct, Lisa," Max said. "our guests are witches and wizards."

"Awesome! I'll be sure to let this Harry Potter boy borrow Pegasus!" Lisa exclaimed.

"Actually, Lisa," Max said. "Harry will be riding Patch."

"I... see..." Lisa said.

Elizabeth walked over to Lisa.

"Lisa, Dear," Elizabeth asked. "are you all right?"

Lisa rubbed her eyes before answering.

"I'm fine, Missis Reg," Lisa said. "I just need to check up on Pegasus."

"You looked like you were going to zone out just now, Lisa!" KC pointed out, she was worried.