What is the purpose of life? For what reason were you brought into this world, or even created at all? Was it merely a whimsical decision to fulfill some passing curiosity of a higher being? Was it a test, to see if you were worthy for whatever afterlife you think awaits you upon death? Or was it simply a scientific phenomenon, one that naturally occurs as a result of some miraculous circumstances that brought such a... complex species into being?

I suppose I shouldn't care about the reasons behind your birth, trapped in this delicate prison of mine. Ah... forgive me, keeper of my sacred artifact, I seem to have lost myself to my thoughts. They're one of the only things that keep me company these days, here in this forsaken realm.

...Hm? No, no, no child, there's no need to feel sorry for a being such as myself. I have long accepted my confinement in here, and my role to fulfill whatever single desire you have stored within your heart, packed in that little mind of yours. Even had I not, I harbor no interest in observing your world. Not while you creatures still inhabit it.

Now, now, there's hardly a need for that downtrodden face. I do not exist to console you, for my purpose is to grant wishes, and nothing more. The human heart is fragile, their emotions able to be influenced at the drop of a hat. I care not of them, my only intention being to complete my purpose.

So tell me, human, what desires do you wish to bring unto this world?

Vast riches? Infinite wisdom? Godlike powers? The choice is yours.

...I see. I've seen less wasteful wishes before, though everything you humans value is simply meaningless to me. Consider it granted.

Now that your goal has been accomplished, what shall you do now? You have no use for me anymore, so you best be on your way.

Farewell, human.