I just felt like doing some wholesome fluff stuff based on the Hunting Dog story I wrote. This is all stuff taking place between the final two chapters basically, with Cavall and Guila learning to live and work with Cavall's Parents (Derieri and Monspeet) and Merlin and Arthur.

A lot of these will be used as simply character exploration or just whatever I sometimes feel in the mood for. A lot of these will probably center around Guila because I think she's the one of that cast of six that needs the most fleshing out. They have no specific order they'll probably just jump around.

I also plan to keep them rather sort, like 750-1500 words or so maybe even less depending on the idea.

Piece 1- Guila and Merlin

"Ah Guila it's you, I was wondering who was coming to my little place." Merlin said spinning around in the air.

"You knew it was me without even turning around?" the girl smiled.

"I have my ways." Merlin smirked "Are you settling in to things here well, I know Cavall kinda pulled you into this rather suddenly, I rushed him I'm sorry."

"It's fine you have nothing to apologize for Lady Merlin." She said "I would go anywhere for him; he is my husband now after all."

"That he is." Merlin smiled "Is something troubling you, you seem distracted."

"I suppose I just feel out of place." Guila shrugged "Everyone else is frankly a lot stronger than I am, I don't want to feel like a burden but retiring to be some housewife doesn't suit me either."

"It's not as though you're really weak." Merlin said "Your current power level is Magic 700, Strenght 400 and Spirit 250, a total of 1350, nothing to scoff at."

"Your power level is nearly 5000, Cavall's is over 3500 most times, and even then Derieri and Monspeet have power levels nearly ten times yours though they dropped substantially without their commandments." Guila sighed "I may be strong compared to the average person but compare to the likes of you I'm simply out classed, you said as much yourself remember, that if I saw a demon, I'd be safer to simply run away."

"I recall saying something like there." Merlin smiled "But, 1350 does not have to be your final power level…you possess the ability to increase it notably, compared to what happened to the other New Generations what happened to you is an outlier and has left you opportunity for substantial growth."

"Hmm." Guila sighed "I resorted to the Demon Blood in the past, I may have been fortunate to avoid turning into a monster but it's not like it was kind to my body."

"Why do you wish to grow this time?" Merlin asked "What's driving your desire for strenght?"

"I told you, I want to be able to stand and fight with him without being a burden. I tried during the war and Estarossa, or Mael, cut me down like it was nothing, if it hadn't been for Lady Elizabeth I would have died." She frowned "I don't want to simply have to depend on others to protect me."

Guila looked up "I look at how he's so confident and wants to protect you, protect Arthur and I want to do that too."

Merlin looked at the girl and smiled, the determination she showed was more than most, in her many years in this world Merlin had seen countless souls who saw the wall before them and simply turned away but here was a young girl facing that wall and looking to climb right over it…no, blast right through it.

"If I am going to be a Holy Knight that serves King Arthur than I cannot be weak." Guila told her.

"I see." Merlin smiled "Then you'll have to train as hard as possible and tap into the traces of the Demon Blood in you. Don't worry, with me around there should be no problems with it running wild on you."

"Then I'll be counting on you Lady Merlin." Guila smiled

"You're going to continue calling me that?" The wizard woman laughed.

"I can't help it, it's what I was always used to hearing you called as a child." Guila smiled "Would you prefer I call you Mistress Merlin?"

"Please don't, that name is reserved for someone special." Merlin smiled.

"I'm aware." Guila giggled at bit tucking her hair behind his ears "He might feel like I'm encroaching on him if I did that."

Merlin laughed as well before getting back to the topic at hand "Say Guila what weapon are you more partial too, that lance of yours or something else, Cavall once mentioned you fought him with a rapier when you first met."

"Well I used the lance as it was the stronger weapon for boosting magic, but personally I was a bit more partial to the sword, I felt it gave me a bit more freedom of movement." She explained.

"I see, then leave it to me, you focus on training your magic." Merlin said "I'll focus on the equipment to draw out that full power."


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