Piece 13- Worried Melody

One day in Camelot Rear was out in the town with Arthur, technically the teen was there on guard duty but with Arthur is was less formal than that.

"You don't need to be so hyper vigilant." Arthur laughed a bit as Rear was looking around a lot.

"I can't help it I'm supposed to be protecting you." She said "If Mom and Dad hear that you just took a casual stroll into town while they and the rest of the Circle Knights were out, they're gonna be super mad at me."

"That's very unlikely." Arthur sighed a bit.

Rear took a moment to adjust her collar a bit, she knew the King was probably right, he was well loved in the city it's not like an assassin would just jump out, but still Rear had a feeling that she should be wary of something."

"Seems like there's quite the crowd over there." Arthur pointed towards the fountain plaza in town "Shall we see what the fuss is?"
Rear nodded and they moved closer, the crowd parted a bit to let them pass. In the center of the circle sitting on the edge of a fountain was a beautiful young woman plucking a lute and softly singing for the crowd.

"She's so pretty." Rear said.

This woman was older than her and Arthur, she had shoulder length hair the color of rusty gold, her outfit was a bit tight but clearly comfortable for her with striped stockings and poofy pants.

"A Troubadour?" Arthur asked.

"I believe a female one is called a Trobairitz." Rear corrected.

The woman finished her song and bowed, the crowd applauding.

"Astounding job." Arthur smiled.

"Such compliments from the King himself, you are far too kind." She bowed "A humble musician like myself doesn't deserve such remarks."

"Hmm." Rear studied her.

"She's got some serious magic power for a simple musician." The girl thought.

"I am Solaseed." She bowed "It is an honor to make your acquittance your majesty."

"What brings you to Camelot?" Arthur asked.

"There was someone I wanted to talk with but it would seem he's not around right now." Solaseed said "So I'm simply passing the time by entertaining the townsfolk. I actually have a song that I feel fits this moment quite well."

Solaseed sat back down with her lute and began to play. Her song was peaceful but Rear couldn't help but note the lyrics, for a song that had such a sweet melody the lyrics didn't match, it was a story of a king, and knights that rose up and ruined the world.

"Talk about not meshing." Rear said "Still catchy song."

"Yes, that tune is quite rare to hear." Solaseed explained "It's not very popular given the clashing style of the lyrics with the music but that is how it was written by the original composer."

"Who wrote such an odd song?" Arthur asked.

"I do not know, some say it was a simple student of the craft, other believe it was a priestess of the druids or some sort of prophet." Solaseed explained "There are those that think this song is real and foretells the downfall of Britannia but I don't think so."

"Why do you say that?" Rear asked.

"Well, this land survived two wars with demons, arch angels and the Demon King himself." She smiled "So I think even if it is true Britannia wouldn't be destroyed, we find a way to work through that terrible situation like we always do."

"I agree." Rear smiled "Right King Arthur."

"Hmm, oh yes of course." He nodded.

"Something wrong your Majesty, I hope my song hasn't upset you." Solaseed said.

"It's not that at all, thinking about the future always causes me to worry." Arthur laughed a bit "It's nothing you did. I simply want Britannia to be a peaceful place for all races, so hearing that it could be pulled into war once more makes me uneasy, sometimes I fear I may cause that destruction myself."

"Well, I don't think so." Rear smiled "Besides if anything like that were to happen and you lost yourself to the chaos of your heart…"

She looked up at him "I'd stop you, no matter what it takes."

Arthur smiled a bit but still seemed unfocused.

"Now you said you were here looking for someone, who's that?" Rear asked adjusting her gloves a bit.

"There's a swordsman named Nanashi I'm looking to speak to." She explained.

"Oh he is out of town with my folks." Rear smiled "Why don't you come relax at the palace with us, how do you know him?"

"I don't actually." She said "I need to meet him to get his help with a problem I think only he can assist with."


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