People don't understand what it's like to grow up without someone to tell you that they love you. People don't understand that you have not spoken since you were four years old. A ten-year-old looked around his room at the orphanage that he lived in. He has been here for two weeks. Two weeks since he was living with a man that he does not even want to think about anymore. The boy's name was Remus John Lupin. He smiled when he felt the sun on his scarred face. The warmth made him feel happy and relaxed. He knows now that the worst is over. Or at least that is what he tells himself in his mind. Remus opened his amber eyes and ran a hand over his sandy brown hair. Remus wished that he could say goodbye to his parents one last time, but he can't. Their dead and he will never see then again. Hot tears formed in Remus's eyes, but he shook his head and took a deep breath to stop them from coming out. 'I will not cry.' He thought with a sigh when he looked to his door when he heard a knock.

"Mr. Lupin are you up?" someone said on the other side of the door. Remus still has not leaned everyone's names yet and the person at the door. He has no idea the name of him. Remus nodded and got out of bed before he walked to the door and opened it slowly. "Ah, hello Mr. Lupin. Sleep well?" he asked. Remus nodded and sighed and shook his head.

'No, what do you think?' Remus thought looking down to the floor. The man sighed and nodded.

"All right, come one. Let's go get something to eat and then," Remus nodded and followed him out of the room with a small sigh. He told himself that he would try to talk today but he hasn't. Remus put his hands in his pockets. He then thought back to that day, two weeks, and five days ago when he was found.

"Boy! Cub! Time to get up," the voice of Greyback said though a large locked door. Remus opened his tired amber eyes. He just could not get some sleep after Grayback hit him with his, it was too dark to see what hit him with but the now ten-year-old wished that he was out of this room. "Boy. Don't make me get the…" Remus got to his feet and knocked on the door. Remus waited for the door to open thinking about when he was brought here. Remus wished that he were home right now with his mom, his dad. Hell, he wished that he were with that one aunt that hated him when he was younger. The door opened revealed a big man with graying hair and bight amber eyes just like his own. Remus did not meet his eyes. He was not supposed to, but he had no desire to see his eyes. His dead eyes, that say 'I will hurt you if you mess up.' "Hello, boy, did you sleep well?" Remus did not say anything he has not spoken for three months. He was unsure why maybe it was because of all the screaming that he did? Remus sighed and nodded. "Good come, we have a lot of fun things to do today," Grayback said grasping Remus's arm and pulled him out of the room.

Remus sat down next to the man and shook his head from that memory. He's been seeing those days for days, but he did not want anyone to know this. He wanted to suffer in silence. "Now, Remus," the man was saying, and Remus wished that he knew his name but he did not want to ask. He did not want to speak, and he thinks that this man knows this. "We are going to go out today. You know for a walk. How does that sound?" Remus smiled and nodded. This man was his help, that is what he calls him anyway. Remus had met his last week.

'A walk would be nice. What about….. no, he's in prison. He can't hurt you Lupin.' Remus thought smiling a little. Then he sighed and started to eat as the other kids ran in. Remus sighed when he remembered when he learned that his parents were killed right before he was saved. Tears welled up in his eyes but he did not let them fall as he watched the others talk and tell stupid storys about things that children talk about. Remus will never have that because of the things that he has just witnessed

"So, when you get ready for the day we can get going," the man said smiling at Remus who smiled at him. "Oh, and I realized I've not told you my name have I?" he added. Remus nodded and took a bite. "All right. I'm Victor," Remus held out his hand for Victor to shake. Victor took it and nodded. "All right, are you ready?" Victor asked Remus who nodded and stood but he felt weird inside for some reason that he could not place now.

'maybe I can get out of not going out? No, I must face the world. What if…. what if I cant..? cant…..' Remus sighed when he heard the nervous thoughts running through his head. He hated them, he wished that they would just stop and go away.

"Remus?" Remus was standing by the table with his eyes closed not moving. Victor looked at him worried. Remus sighed and walked back to his room. Victor followed him like he always does every morning. Remus liked Victor he was nice, and he did not push him to speak but sometimes, sometimes he wished that he could have some alone time. He knows that this is a bad thing, him being alone but he wanted to think make his messed up mind straight, but he just couldn't. Victor was nice, he was helping him, but Remus wanted to be alone. Why cant he just be alone?

A/N: All right, man I kind of cried in the end there. New story here, tell me what you guys think. Should I continue it? It is a hard topic I know but I really liked writing this. Thank you all for reading this and I will see you next time. -Captain Voxland