Remus did not stop running even when he ran into the street of houses. He had to get away from everyone. They saw him broken and Remus hatted when people see him as broken for only he can do that. Remus ran up the school that he saw a few days ago and walked up the playground and sat down on the ground below it. 'Why did it happen at that point? I thought it was over.' Remus thought looking over to see a child hugging their mother and telling her about her day. 'Why can't I have that? Mum, dad I miss you and I wish that you were here.' Remus thought with tears in his eyes. However, he did not expect himself to make a sound when he started to cry, and this small crying sound made the mother look over to him.

"Oh my," she called running over to Remus. Remus looked up to see her red hair fly in the wind as she ran behind her. Her daughter ran behind her calling to her, but Remus looked down again with tears in his eyes. He did not want her to see him crying but it was too late for that because Remus made a noise. The first time something came out of his mouth in a year and four months. "Are you all right?" she asked Remus who looked up at him with his amber eyes shining with tears. Remus opened his mouth but shook his head.

'What do you think?' Remus thought before he realized that this was just like when he was in that basement while he was living with... Remus shook that thought away and pointed to his throat.

"You can't speak?" she asked Remus who nodded slowly but he shook his head and pulled out the notepad that he forgot was in his jacket and a pencil. He then worte:

'I can. I just went through something that caused me not to. I'm sorry.' The mother looked at Remus and got down to her knees after she read this.

"I'm so sorry. Why don't you come home with me and we can find your parents," the mother said standing up and helping Remus to his feet. Remus let out a breath and started to write something, but he heard Victor call to him.

"Remus!? Remus, it is ok they were not juggling you!" Victor called before he looked over to Remus and the mother. "Remus? Oh, thank goodness," Victor called running over to Remus who wiped the tears from his eyes. "Thank you so much for finding him," Victor said to the mother while her daughter walked over to Remus.

"Hello, I'm Lily," Remus took her hand as she offered it to him. Remus took it and sighed.

"R.." Remus shook his head, but he looked over to Victor who gasped. "I'm….. My name…. Is…Remus," Remus said shocking Victor who ran over to him.

"Remus, good job you spoke though you did not need to I would understand," Remus nodded and shook his head slowly.

'No, you wouldn't but thank you.' Remus thought with a sigh and smiled at Lily who said:

"Do you want to play a little?" Remus smiled at her and nodded slowly.

"I…I would love to," Remus said in a hoarse voice. Soon the two ten-year-olds ran over to the playground and started to play.

Sirius was sitting in his room crying. This was rare because he hates crying it makes people think that he is weak, and he is not. Alex left the room to take care of something else not that Sirius cared of course. Was Remus scared of him? Is that why he ran off or? Sirius shook his head and got off his bed before he walked out of the room to hear a young-looking couple saying that they were looking for a boy about ten-years-old. Sirius knew that they wouldn't want him. Who would want a cry-baby who could not even save his brother? Sirius sighed and walked into the living area and sat down before he put his head in his hands and sighed. However, as Sirius sat there the two walked over to Sirius. "Hello there my name is Harry Potter what is yours?" the man asked shooking Sirius who looked at him. He did not say anything for a while before he sighed and said:

"Sirius Black sir but you wouldn't want me. I'm a…" Sirius cut off when he heard someone laughing in the front. Only he never heard that laugh before. Harry smiled at him and got down to meet his eyes. Sirius flinched but relaxed when the woman did the same thing.

"Now, why would you say something like that young man you seem nice? So how about you coming with us. We read your file and you seem like the person who needs a good home," Sirius's eyes grew wide before he nodded slowly and got to his feet and hugged him without realizing it.

Remus and Sirius did not expect their lives to change in a few weeks. Sirius is living with the very cop that helped Remus and his family. Remus was going to start school soon and he will be living with Victory now because like he said, he was going to adopt him, and Remus felt like he could yell and cheer when he told him this. Remus was in his room looking over everything humming to himself an old tune that his mother sang to him when he was little. He could not wait to go to his new home. however, Remus still did not speak much but he is seeing someone, and she is very nice and his helping him. Remus smiled when Victor knocked on his door. "Hey, are you ready to go?" Victor asked Remus who nodded with a smile.

"Yes," Remus said in a quiet voice making Victor smile at him.

"All right let's go home," Victor told Remus making him jump up and down and ran out of the room laughing to himself. at that moment Victor knew that things will be different now and for the better.

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