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"Good Morning Players!" chimed the cheery voice of the Gaem Master that greeted each player every morning. Begrudgingly, Kirito blinked open his eyes, and stared at the wooden beams that lined the ceiling of his and Asuna's summer home. He rolled over and noticed she was already gone and assumed Asuna had gotten up a few hours earlier.

Despite his groaning protest, the voice continued, "Welcome to Sword Art Online! Whether you're new or you're returning, the staff and Kayaba Industries hope you have a spectacular year! Homeroom starts in 15 minutes".

He combed his hand through his dark, luscious locks. "Kayaba Industries", he cursed to himself. Despite the bitterness in his tone, there was something sweet about the words, as they rolled off his tongue. Akihiko Kayaba. The man had cursed them all to this fantasy world, a man who had once haunted Kirito's own… fantasies.

Kirito shook the thought from his mind. He was in a loving relationship with his in-game wife Asuna, and yet the thought of Kayaba's delicate knees still left him weak.

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