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The next day Silica the beast tamer, strolled into the guild and stopped beside Lisbeth's seat. Despite her brown innocent pigtails, she hd a mischievous gleam in her eye and a smile cheeped across her face. As the usual, she had red glossy hair clips in her pig tails that kept in her curly locks. She wore her traditional blue and white armor over her white tank top that she wore to contain her musseles. Her broad sholders had always, gave off a manly and unfeminine look to her but, she never let it keep her down. Her pet rat-looking dragon named, Peter, traled behind her it's atroshious turcuose pelt shining in the yellow sunlight, the shined through the guild windows that were stained glass so its actually not yellow but we'll say it is.

"Kirito dumped Asuna" Silica bauthed. Peter chuckled in his trademark winy rat tone, coming out in uneeven clicks and causing his head to rattle on his neck like a wind-up toy.

"Okay…?" Lisbeth responded, looking up at her sister. There was confusion in her tone, as she did not understand.

Today Lisbeth's chetsnut brown hair was tied in a long ponytail, that hang down to her spine. Though, her collarbone was accentuating her long neck, her turkouise eyes reflected her deep misunderstanding, and she has no thoughts whatsoever. She sat in the bright sun staring into space and thinking about the whatever occupied her field of vichion. Her sky blue armor shined very brightly in the light blinding her, but her mind does not regester the presents of the sun.

"Haven't you realized?" Silica cackled her brown innocent pigtails flopping as her head bobbed. "Whoever dates Kirito next, is nearly equivalent to Asuna's old social status. So, someone's obviously gonna chump at the jance". Peter squirmed uncunfrtably and giggled.

"If you want me to date him, no" said Libseth dryy. Kirito had already hurt her heart once before when he choose Asuna over, her and not her when they were in the dragon hut for the blacksmith scales. She thought about the cold breeze that had swept over both of them when they had laid in the dragon lair next to eachother in the sleepingbags and she realized that she loved Kirito but, he didtn love her back because he loved Asuna.

"That's not, what I'm saying, Lisbeeth. What if we kept him from dating anyone?" Silica overstated. we'll talk at home libseth said quielty staring down at the ground because. Silica noodled and smiled triumphentelty walking to the back of the guild to take her seat. Student class president Kibaou entreed the guild too and sat down next to Klein and Diabel.

Leafa on the otherhand, decided to skip the guild meeting and, stay home with Kirito. From her room, she texted Klein because he had all the answers. "Hey" she typed sadly. "I think Kiritoes like actually heartbroken" she said.

Hm, ueah Klein rescinded. "The whole school, already knows". He shook his head thinking about Asuna and how he had loved her but she cheated on him and how now Kirito was going through the same thing (AN: isnt it so good to see men! supporting other !men! this is fenimsm!) and it was sad I thought.

"Who're you texting?" Diabel asked clueless as he peered over Klein's shoulder and looked at his phone. Dibael didn't get texts anymore Not since this death game started and

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LEAFA to KLEIN: rlly? wow. wrd spreads fast doesnt it… i think hes mad me

to DIABEL- hey

DIEBEL to LEAFA: hey wuts up?

"She's texting you now, eh?" Klein, said turning to Diabel with a, smug.

"Yeah," Diabel said confidantly. "You two? Nice."

"Yeah" Klein threw out a jab. "Nice".

LEAFA to KLEIN: wutz up man? to KLEIN now → let me guess, asuna has a new bf? now?

klein: not that im aware of… i think more and more people r trying 2 avoid her now… least thats what silica wuz saying before

DIABLO to LEAFA: not anything. i herd a bit of news abt the sitch. i assume this kirito kid is your brother?

LEFA to KLEIN: im not spurprized. you think shes learned her lesson?

LEAFA to DIABEL: yes & sadly, hes locked himself in his room… i tried climbing thru his window but thats locked to.

KLEIN to LEAFA: prob not. i suspet shell have a new bf in the next month, though.

LEAFA to KLEIN: ugh these poor guys. you said, she guys dated right? why?

KLEIN to LEADA: oh yeah.. well she moved her in our freshman year. we became pretty good friends, and u know, things happened. then i hooked her up with the cheer squad and she started dating kirito and by jr year ivy finale found out and told me..Have u dated at all?

Meanwhile Agirl the Blacksmith, another edition to our tail, was skipping school and found himself sitting on a bench near the front of LEafa's house. She had not been in school because Kirito was sad and she had staid home because he was sad.

Agirl was a Blacksmith, even though there weren't roles in SAO he was a blacksmith just like how Diabel was a knight expect for blacksmiths there were actually skills, that you could learn to level up in the blacksmith world. Leafa had consdidered, becoming a blacksmith when she first joined SAO but she realized, right away that her skills were needed elsewhere…

Someone like Agirl was a good blacksmith because, he was good in battle because he was strong but not as strong as someone like Kirito who had gotten fast, from being on the football team because he was fast becase of it. Agil had a very large frame comprared to the delicate Leaf and he had dark brown eyes and no hair on his head. Even though he was bald he had a strong chin and Leafa thought he would be a little attractive if he had hair but he didn't.

"Umm…Hi?" I said to the stranger. I ad never seen him before so it was surprising to see him


"So you're skipping, as well" assembled Agil who was skipping, as well. Even though the White Knights guild meetings were mandatory neither player had descrided to attend.

The question struck cords with Leafa. Even though it was her brother was the one who was heartbroken she felt like part of her heart had been borken as well. They were really more like twins then siblings because even though they were a year apart they were really connected andso when Kirito was sad so was Leaga because, they had the string of fates between them. So because of this when he asked why she was skipping Leafa felt a sting of sadness in her heart because she was depresed.

"My brother isn't doing too well,," she started, looking at the other player with shinging pools of reflected light green beams. ""And I decided I needed a brake from all the drama…" She scuffed her heel against the sidewalk and looked down sheepishly. She'd defiantly seen Agirl around before, but around new people Leafa found herself… shy (AN: c she has LAYERS. take dat haters ;).

"I see," Agirl retorted. Compared to Leafa's slender figure, he had a massive frame that towered over her. Despite his siz, the blacksmith had a calm dementor, that made Leada feel at ease. His smile was warm and welcoming and Lefa felt like she would tell him anuthing even though they had just met that day...

"So how do you deal with drama?" Leafa asked with wide eyes. Her blond ponytale was flowing in the wind and she was glowing in the sunlit. While normally Leafa would be wearing her nroaml outfit, of a white top with gold lining and green poofy sleeves, with pants and a belted skirt over it, it wasn't a guild meeting day so she was in casual clothes, that she picked out herself.

Before going outside that morning, Leafa had groggilsomely brushed out her long blonde hair and, pinned it back into a woven updo but one of the ones where like, there's hair hanging out of the front because, she has bangs and they're not long eough to pin back even though I keep trying it, just doesn't work so, you have to leave them out. She picked out a light green crop-top with yellow embrodery on the sleeve cuffs and on the trim on the bottom of it.

Leafa also had a black and white checkered shater skirt on that had a green zipper running sideways on the front with a big claps but it was more for show. There were also REAL pockets on it (AN: ! i keep asking 4 1 of dis 4 ma iirthday! leaga has good style amiright ;;)) ) and she had white and black converse to match the skirt. She also put on a little makeup but not too much because shes pretty and, she didn't really need it because everyone was always telling her that she was beautiful and, if she put it on they might tell it to her even more and not to be rude but she thought it was annoying bu,t she couldn't tell them to stop because she was one of the best players, in SAO and she couldnt' be rude becayse of that...

LEAFA to KLEIN: wuz asuna ever nice? or was it always fake? and no, i havent dated before, although ive been asked a lot i havent found the prefect guy… and grils u have in mind?

KLEIN to LEAFA: she wuz nice…. ubtil she realised how well she culd cntrl ppl with da right contacts and methods girls in mind? not sure rn.

LEAFA: wannta grab an ice cream l8r? i need some1 2 tlk 2… if u dnot mind…

KLEIN to LEAFA: sure. i can meet u outside of ur house after skrul.

"How do you deal with drama?" Leafa said peering up at, Agril with curiousity filling her green orbs. She bit her lip it was a cute nervous habit she had because she, was a little quirky like that.

"Drama?" Agirl inqueried questioningly. He gave her a kind smile and, continued nowingly. "I don't get involved. Are you having boy issues as well?" Agirl crossed his arms. He didn't like drama and, Leafa could tell. She wondered what had hurt him in the past to make him so not

"Huh? Oh, um, not with boys but more like girls…" she said, trying to dodge the question so he would answer it.

"Ugh that stupid sister of his, ruined everything! The whole school knows about Kirito who dumped me causing my other damn boyfriends to dumped me... I'm starting to fail classes now cause I don't have those nerds doing my homework. Now because of that, I'm suspended from the cheer squad! She ruined everything of mine, and it's time to ruin everything of hers" Asuna thought as she angrily ran around the track ouside the guild. She had been suspended from cheersquad because she didn't have any of these nerds doing the guild work for her.

"Ah. I see," he said, rubbing his chin in thought... He had a look of thought on his face that Leada was exited and curious about. She couldn't believe the second questioned worked! Agirl beganto speak again. "I've heard that being a girl and having a problem with a girl, can be wore that having a problem, with a buy. Do you go to the high schooo that's nearby? You seem familiar?"

"Tell me about it," Leafa spat thinking, about Asuna and how the two had rummbled, the day before. Just thinking about the evil girl's face made her boil with answer. "Boys are more physical about their fights" she said knowledgubly. "Where girls are more verbal. Not only that, but the fights that go on between girls are, usually more dramatical and last longer, in my opinion".

Agirl was extremely wise because he was a blacksmith, in the game and that required him to learn a bunch of speels and craftings that most people wouldn't be able to mesmerize like he could. Because of this, Leafa was trusting in Agirl's knowledge even if this wasn't really about spells like Agril knew.

Leafa, even though she was only a swordman was also pretty wise even though, she didn't know the spells she knew a bunch of Sword Skills and she didn't even need to cheat and buy them from Raven Skull like, some people did when they were trying to cheat.

"That's quite true" Agirl nodded at her because he agreed. Leafa was spittng straight facts. "I've been in a few physical fights but I try to avoid them". He flexed his musseles and swung around his battle-axe impressively. Leafa wasn't intimidated at all though because she knew that if she had her katana she could, easily slice him to pieces if she tried with her katana.

"I mean, I've slapped someone but, I don't think that really counts…" Leafa said. (AN: 2 b revealed in backstroy! if dis chapta gets 30 god reveiws ill post it in da stroy!)

"Yeah…" Agirl stuttered. He didn't really know how to despond sometimes to Leafa's problems because he didn't get what it feels like to be a girl. (AN: a lots of guyz are like dat & its not there fault ppl just hav defferent experiments in life an bein a gurl is not 1 of his ⊂(◉‿◉)つ)

"You probably don't want to do much more than that. Fights can get you into… pretty serious trouble, let's just say…" he trailed off as he thought.

"I think I would know, that" Leafa said. She did.

"Well, if you say so," Agirl joked. He laughed because of his respect. "You could go and try to see what happens".

"I think I'll pass," Leafa said, also, laughing. Even though Agril was wise and, a good player I knew a lot more about drama and, this kind of thing obviously.

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