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Chapter 1 - The New Beta Tester

In the first floor of the worlds first VRMMORPG named Sword Art Online laid a town. It was widely known to all players as it was a starting location where all new players would begin and as such it was often abuzz. Not from new players, no, new players were impossible to encounter as only a thousand people were selected and only they had early access to the game.

It was abuzz because as a starting town many players could and would meet together. It also had a plethora amount of things to do, from shopping to eating, from exploring the town to settling down, and from selling ones monster drops. As such there was quite a large amount of things to do - which would not all be named - and would more often than not contain a hefty amount of players.

But this didn't matter to one player, no, she had a goal as of the moment as the beta was ending soon. This one player wanted to spend the rest of the time fully experiencing everything Sword Art Online had to offer, which she was doing since day one.

The highest floor reached in the beta was the tenth floor, she had reached the tenth floor, but when she would try to pass the floor by defeating the boss nothing seemed to work. It was as if no matter how long she grinded, everything just went straight down the drain.

So she just assumed the floors past the tenth floor had yet to be completed so they just made the boss overpowered so none of the players could pass and exploit the floors that were still in development.

Especially the speed runners. They would search every single nook and cranny for any possible exploit to beat floors faster. So if a floor was still in development and bugs were easier to find, a player would possibly exploit it and it won't be reported to anyone else.

But that didn't explain why the boss just seemed to grow as she did. Felt like someone was watching her throw herself at the boss and just make it stronger each time.

So here she was in the beginning town as she was just killed in her latest expedition towards the boss room. She let out a sigh, if she couldn't beat the boss she would just learn all of it's moves so she could more easily beat it when the game officially releases.

She scanned around and saw dozens of players idling around and having conversations. She didn't bother with interacting with the other beta testers, why do that when she could interact with people in real life?

She had her own group of friends... even though she didn't feel as included as everyone else... and they barely hung out together... Ok! Maybe they weren't friend friends but she had some friends Like! Like! Er... Ok she didn't have many friends or at the matter any that were worth mentioning.

She wasn't very social with people.

Back to the point!

After observing a small crowd of players here and there she was back at the familiar entrance of the town, or exit in her case since she was going to leave again, and took off towards that damn boss that destroyed her every time! She took her time this time, strategizing and double checking if she had everything.

Which she should have done back in the town.

On the path towards the boss room she was quickly surrounded by forest. She was going to take the long way, each boss at a time. She was so god damn tired of being absolutely steam rolled by that boss! She had to vent some anger at something.

She was nearing the first floor boss room when she felt a familiar gut feeling. Like she should turn right and keep walking towards that direction. She often trusted her gut, it would save her more often than not. She of course made sure to not overly rely on it. Sometimes that gut feeling was just her being hungry.

She trusted her gut this time, maybe there was some secret item no one found yet. Or a secret quest. She hoped it was the secret quest.

Turning right and following her gut instinct she walked. It was a different direction from the boss room but that could wait for another day. Or later.

She soon entered a 'danger zone' as some players would often find themselves in dangerous areas. Pretty self explanatory name and very unused. She happened to be one of the only people that used the term, not that it mattered.

She of course noticed it was a danger zone from the obvious monster lurking about. They looked nothing like a first floor mob. Like, come on! They she was even warned that this was a mob from the higher floors. Studying the text closer she gulped.

Mobs from past the tenth floor. That didn't bode well with her, if she couldn't beat the tenth floor boss how could she deal with a group of mobs from a higher floor.

She was far away so she wouldn't be in danger as of the moment, but there was a possibility. Drawing out a long sword she used a both hands to grip it and have the weapon in front of her. With a deep breath she stepped closer and past the trees and noticed something very odd.

Once luscious forest was now barren with not a single sign of life in sight, besides the mobs. The ground didn't even have a single patch of grass and the skies above seemingly darkened.

She definitely had a bad feeling.

Suddenly a familiar tone was heard a a notification was seen in front of her. It was a quest. Now she was glad, it was definitely a secret quest with cool rewards. Preferably a better sword or whatnot.

She examined the quest closer.

"[Event Quest]" she read out, odd. There were no announcements of any type of hidden quest or at the matter an event.

[You approach unfamiliar land and in search of answers you look around for clues. Maybe they could answer some questions?]

[Reward: 500 Cor]

The reward definitely enticed the need to look around, it wasn't that much but money was money.

It was also unhelpful. The only thing she learned was that this was - who would of guessed! - unfamiliar. She just sighed and searched around for said 'clues.' Which was found faster than she thought. The clue she found was a beautiful and elegant single edged white sword.

The first thought that came to her mind was to take it for herself. She quickly threw it out the window, perhaps it belonged to someone? Which turned out to be true when another notification appeared.

[You have found a clue and found out it belonged to someone as it appears to have recently been in combat.]

She looked at the sword more closely. Yep, was definitely recently used. She totally knew that.

[You also noticed the Lizardmen seem to be surrounding something or someone, you can either go and investigate or continue to look around for clues.]

She already knew what she was going to do. Why would she go search for clues when there could be an NPC with information? The only problem was that she wasn't strong enough to deal with the Lizardmen.

If she couldn't beat them she could distract them, rush in and search around then run away. She wasn't the best at this so she just took a wad of pebbles and hurled them somewhere away from her. Her ingenious plan worked and once she made sure they were gone she ran in.

Approaching the area she noticed a small crater with a body in it. Score! Important NPC, now she had to bring him out of the hole and bring him somewhere safe.

Sliding down the small incline she approached the NPC and noticed he looked around her age if she would hazard a guest. He also had red hair which was uncommon among the NPC. They looked more generic and had somewhat medieval clothes. The boy had more modern clothes which was even more odd. Wasn't this suppose to be a VRMMORPG about some flying castle with medieval weaponry and clothes?

She ignored those thoughts and hefted the boy up and quickly ran away. Well, as quick as she could, the extra weight wasn't helping.

Once they were in a safe place she proper him against the tree and looked at him again, he was definitely wounded and the sword probably belonged to him. But what NPC would have such a unique weapon?

Soon a screen interrupted her.

[You have found [ERROR] [ERROR]! He was the lost boy from town that went missing recently and his family [ERROR: Undetected] were looking for him! Return him back to town.]

[Reward: Ten mithril ingots and 2000 Cor]

She quirked a brow. This so called 'Event Quest' led on more than it seemed. It was rather obvious when error messages appeared. That and mithril wasn't even obtainable in the first ten floors. At least she didn't know if it was.

Now she had more questions with no answers. She could return the boy for a great reward that could be used to beat that damn boss or wait for the boy to wake the boy up.

She let out a sigh, as much as she wanted to kill that boss the beta was going to close anyways. Her progress would just be lost and the rewards too would be lost. She went to the boy and put both of her hands on both of his shoulders and gave a shake.

It didn't work so she just had to increase the pressure. Which probably was too much as his head slammed against the tree. Eh, it worked at least. She was greeted with a groan and his eyes slowly opening to reveal golden like eyes that soon met her black eyes.

"Who... Who are you...?" She huffed and crossed her arms under her avatars buxom breast. It was rude to ask for someone's name without giving yours. Now was probably a bad time but she was in a bit of a bad mood.

After not answering a bit the boy sighed, "Right... My name is, Emiya Shirou,."

Odd, that didn't sound like an NPCs name whatsoever. Not that she knew, she barely interacted with any NPCs, "I'm Kiriko. Just Kiriko." She wasn't going to give the NPC her real name though, no one did. Well, besides the few people that flirted with the NPCs or flaunted their status.

Shirou nodded, the girl in front of him was a tall black haired beauty with long hair, she had a perfect face with no imperfections, her eyes were on the sharper side and were black which were also perfect. She was sitting down and her legs in front of her while her hands were behind her making sure she would not fall. Appearance wise, it seemed she was created, not from birth, just... created, no flaws whatsoever. Besides her rather... gifted assets which would possibly weigh her down.

He doubted Artoria would be weighed down by anything though, they went through the entire holy grail war with others that were important to him. He hated to admit it but he did admire his alternative self to an extent. Not as far as Artoria, Rin, Sakura, and Illyasviel. It would also seem odd to both of the Emiya's if he did bother trying to save his older self. Especially if his other just hated hated him in general.

Archer would probably kill him so he could stop himself from hearing Shirou rambling on about how Archer would need help. He did know his older self was more stronger and experienced than him right?

Back to the matter at hand though and ignoring how Artoria is exceedingly strong, he scanned the area around them. It seemed as if they were in a forest or somewhere with a lot of trees. "Do you know where I am?" He asked the well endowed black haired beauty called Kiriko.

"You're in a forest." She deadpanned at him.

He let out a sigh, "Not that. Where in earth am I?"

Kiriko froze at the question. Since when did NPCs know about earth? Now that she thought about it he acted to... human to be an NPC. So was he a lost player? "Your in Sword Art Online idiot. Don't even know what game your playing?"

Now it was Shirou's time to freeze up. Since when and where in earth did they name a place 'Sword Art Online?' Sounded ridiculous to name a island or even a country that. She also said something about a game, did she take this as a game? "Since when did they name a place 'Sword Art Online?' Sounds like a game."

"That's because it is a game." She felt slightly worried now, did this player suffer from something? "We're in a nerve gear, that's how we're here. That's how your here." She pointed at him to get the point through his head. She also saw he had a confused face at the mention of nerve gear.

Geez was this amnesia or something? "You know, the helmet like device you put on your head to get here." She explained more simply.

Shirou thought about this, he never put on a 'helmet like device' on his head. Ever. Unless Rin did something to him. He shook his head, "No, I never put on a nerve gear to get here. I guess you could call me a new..." he didn't play games much so he thought about that word that was used to describe people in games, "player, yes, I'm technically a new player."

Now Kiriko was baffled, a new beta tester? Near the end of the beta? Then a just got more complicated. Especially since Shirou said he never put on a nerve gear. So was he forced into Sword Art Online? No, you had to log in. Then how did he get here?

Shirou let out a long sigh. This was great, he was trapped in a literal video game with possibly no means of escape. "Do you know what the date is? Specifically?"

Kiriko adopted a thinking pose and, well, thought. "It's August 29, 2022 if that's what your asking."

Shirou was caught mid breath and quite literally choked on the air the year was 2022?! That was far in the future! He probably wouldn't be in his thirty's yet! Now he list of problems just increased. Not only was he stuck in a game, he was stuck in the future. He didn't know if it was his future considering technology just suddenly leapt. Well, it could happen.

He needed to find a way out. Rin, Sakura, and Illyasviel were probably worried. Rin would probably turn him into a guinea pig. Something he didn't want to experience, again. Especially since she didn't appreciate him trying to summon Artoria every single time. Did he know it wouldn't work? And she was there?

Anyway, Shirou just let himself fall onto the grass. He could ask Kiriko for help but he didn't want to bother her.

Kiriko obviously read him like an open book, something everyone he knew could do it. He questioned if he was just that easy to read? "You think you need my help but don't want to bother me right?"

Shirou nervously looked away before answering, "I... I... need your... help..." he looked down in defeat.

Kiriko though gave him an odd look, was it that hard to ask someone for help? She let out a sigh and asked, "What do you need help with?"

Hearing the question he looked back into her black eyes, his gaze seemingly burned in determination. Kiriko didn't know why, but her breath hitched, she never met someone so determined before. If only she was just as determined as him. "I need to get out of the game."

Kiriko didn't bother explaining much, just how to do it which didn't waste much time, "You can swipe your hand down and a menu should appear." She demonstrated by putting her left hand in front of her and flicking down, a menu seemingly appeared. "Like this, and if you look at the bottom there is a button that should let you log out."

He did as demonstrated and was shocked to find out that it did work, a blue screen seemingly appeared out of thin air and the log out button was there too. He of course hesitated. If he was in a video game it didn't mean his physical body also came with him. So if he did log out he feared the worst and had a feeling he could possibly die.

Shirou looked back up at Kiriko and smiled, it was never a genuine smile, but a smile nonetheless, "Thank you for the help, but I think I'll stay here a little long."

She raised a brow, one moment he was eager to leave and the next he wanted to stay, "Alright. Do you need anything else?"

He quickly shook his head, "No need, I know what I'm going to do." With that he walked off to... who knows.

"The exits that way!" Kiriko shouted and pointed to her left.

Shirou has an embarrassed smile on and thanked her, heading for the exit of the forest. That would be the last she heard of him at the moment, now she had to deal with this quest, he was never a NPC to begin and quest in the beta don't usually involve helping other players.

Shirou found the exit to the forest, he had to admit, the view was pleasant. Now he just had to look for some form of civilization that could help him. So he found a plain dirt path and followed it hoping it at least led to a small town.

He kept walking on the dirt path, he even noticed a small group of people passing by and finally noticed something odd. There were green crystal like objects just hovering above their head.

They of course noticed him and laughed at him saying things like, "Did you see that noob! Oh, oh my god!" The person who said that was laughing.

"I definitely saw his basic gear. What was he doing? Scamming players?" This time it was a another guy with a bigger physique.

"Shut it!" It was another male, probably the leader, "We can discuss this elsewhere! We have a quest, remember?"

With that the trio were finally out of distance. It could of gone better, but Shirou didn't particularly care. The road was here for a reason so he was going to follow it.

He also noticed while talking to Kiriko it appeared to be noon and now it was fast approaching night. He needed to find some sort of civilization, he wasn't going to test 'logging out' anytime soon.

He didn't know how long he's been walking for but looking at the sky it looked like it was still somehow noon, it felt like time just flew when walking this dirt road. While walking he noticed a split in the path, one leaded left while the other right.

Now Shirou has a choice, go left and possibly find civilization or be lost, or got right and possibly find civilization or be lost. It was a fifty percent gamble, unless there where more roads. He chose to go right and he once again set off into the distance.

It was apparently the wrong choice as the road just kept splitting and splitting. He sighed, maybe he should just go off the path and look around?

That thought was put on hold when he held the sound of swords clashing. Once he heard the familiar sound of swords he bolted into action and rushed off towards the noise.

Konno Yuuki was having a great time! Her life may not be the best but when she somehow got her hands on the beta of Sword Art Online her life did 180 degree turn! She finally had something to do in this limited life of hers!

That was her thoughts when the beta started at least. She would play this game practically all day, but she encountered one large hurdle. There was a group of PKers that were to overpowered for her. So she just died every time they could see her.

She wanted to rip her hair out in frustration as this was the 64th time she was killed by them and it was closing in on the 65th, why you may ask? Well she was in battle with one of the PKers right now! At least it wasn't the whole group but this one player was still giving her a fight for her life, literally.

She was beaten, bruised, and defeated. How could this happen to her so many times!? When she was grinding they would show up out of no where! When she was enjoying the view they showed up out of no where! It was like she was being hunted!

So here she was lying on the ground with her health in the red and her would-be murderer approaching her. She just wanted to just get strong enough and knock their heads in! Fine! If she couldn't do that could someone do it for her!? Please!

It was as if her prayers were answered when a... never mind, he looked like one of those under leveled players that just wanted to live in the game and didn't even bother leveling up.

"What are you doing?" The newcomer asked her soon to be murderer.

"Oh? Me? Well I'm just enjoying the thrill of battle, I was just going to kill girly here too." The PKer told the newcomer his reason.

The boy with red hair let out a sigh and a pair of black and white Chinese falchions appeared in his hands. She didn't she it on his person so he probably just equipped it just now, "Then I can't let you kill her." He positioned himself into a stance that she could see that were full of openings.

Somewhere on a hill stood Kiriko, she was about to log off when she realized she still had the beautiful white blade.

She equipped it and held it in her hand and starred at it, that is until it disappeared into motes of blue lights. She couldn't hide her surprise as she uncharacteristically fell down the hill and rolled to the very bottom.

Laying in a heap of grass with her... rear pointing towards the sky she blew a tuft of hair that was blocking her vision. She let out a sigh and stood up. This just had to happen when she was about to log off didn't it?

Back with Yuuki though, she was already accepting her death. Yep, she was going to die. Again.

"Oh! Another one to add to my ever growing list!" That was all he said as he rushed at the boy and struck at an opening his opponent had.

As much as she hated dying to the same people over and over she had to act and defend the player. She made to stand up only to fall again. But her worry's were for naught as the battle was already over.

Turning her head towards the two she saw the player that tried to save her in a striking pose while the PKer was behind him decapitated. It wasn't as violent as it sounded, there was no blade just digital... stuff?

Anyway it looked like something out of an anime as her saviors enemy was disappearing into blue lights.

She heard him let out a sigh as the swords too disappeared into blue motes of lights, he most likely unequipped them, and started walking towards her. Once he was close enough to her he kneeled down on a single new and gave her a look over, "Are you ok?"

She let out a bright smile at him, she knew what she had to do know before the beta ended, "Teach me how to do that."

The red head let out a sigh as he closed his eyes and ignored what she said, "I'm Emiya Shirou."

She was still smiling when she answered, "I'm Zekken!"

Shirou couldn't help but ask, "What kind of name was Zekken?"

She then promptly frowned, did he really use his full name as a username?

"The dire wolf was like 'grah!' And I was like 'slash slash!' And it was defeated by me!" Zekken proudly spoke of her battle with a single dire wolf. To most players it would be laughable as everyone was higher leveled than a dire wolf, but to Shirou he believed it must of been a fearsome opponent as he wasn't one to underestimate his enemy's too much.

"It must of been a remarkable fight then." Shirou spoke truthfully.

Her smile seemed to increase tenfold, "It truly was!"

They were in a tavern in the starting town. Shirou was amazed at the size of the town and how there was even a teleport crystal in it too. Zekken thought it was odd of him since it was basic knowledge and pointed at a very basic popular market.

As she expected Shirou looked amazed at what was being sold and traded. She of course asked him if he even knew what the beginners town was. He gave her a confused look and she too responded with a confused look.

So she went on to explain the basics of the town and how he should already know this but Shirou told her he was a new player. Even if he hesitated with the last word, so with this knowledge she dragged him into a tavern to try to repay him in some way. It didn't work as he didn't order anything but he listened to her exaggerated story's.

While munching on food she spoke again, "So, Shirou!" She then stuffed the last bits of food into her mouth, "Since I didn't repay you yet!" He put a hand in front of her to tell her to stop.

"It's ok Zekken. You don't need to repay me. I was just doing what was normal."

She highly doubted his words so she just pushed his hand away and continued, "I need to repay you in someway! Anyway really!" She persisted on and he had a feeling she wouldn't let him hear the end of it.

He sighed at her cheery persistence and thought of something, "Hmm... I don't have a place to stay at the moment."

She slammed a cup of water down mid drink, "You know you can log off, right?"

He didn't want to tell him about his predicament since he barely knew the girl and made an excuse, "Well... I don't plan on 'logging off' anytime soon."

She put a hand on her chin and then soon snapped, "Ah ha! You just want some 'me' time right? Don't worry I'll pay for a room!"

He didn't know what 'me time' was but chose to ignore that, "Then thank you."

"No problem friend! Oh wait, we're not friends yet are we?"

"No, we are not friends yet I believe."

She pulled up her menu, "You said 'I believe!' So I believe we are friends!" With that Shirou notice a blue screen appear in front of him stating 'Zekken Sen you a friend request.' And showed two buttons on the bottom, the one on the left being a white circle with a blue background and the one on the right had a white x with a red background.

He definitely knew blue was the 'yes' option while the red was the 'no' option and clicked on the blue circle.

"Alright, from now on glee are friends! And when are you going to teach me some cool sword tricks?"

He didn't remember ever agreeing to teach her 'cool sword tricks' so he shook his head, "I'm not going to teach you any 'cool sword tricks.'"

Zekken visibly deflated as she slumped in her chair, "Come ooon! Please?"

"Maybe one day."

Zekken then jumped out of her chair attracting other people attention but ignored them, "It's better than no! Anyway I'll show you to your soon to be room."

She then ran over to him, grabbed his arm, and ran off dragging him.

After logging off Kirigaya Kazumi was greeted with the familiar sight of her ceiling and let out a blissful sigh, another well day. It was still night and she still needed a shower so she went to do just that.

In the first floor of the house was Kirigaya Suguha and she was spending the night eating some popcorn and watching the news. Yes, the news. Her older sister would probably be awake at this time and they could probably hang out together watching the news, it wasn't enjoyable but it was something.

"Hey sis." Suguha was startled and dropped her popcorn. She turned around and groaned at her older sister.

"Did you have to do that?" She asked.

Her elder sister responded with a head tilt, "Do what?"

She wanted to groan, no one could possibly be more dense than her sister. "Never mind help me clean up the mess."

"Sure thing." She went over to grab a broom when she finally got a good look at her older sister. Unlike herself, Kazumi had long hair that passed her waist and a long strand of hair that went over her right shoulder. Her bang was long and went in between her eyes reaching the bottom of her nose of pointing to the right side. But like her she too had black hair and eyes.

What bugged out her sister though was unlike Suguha she was... well, not as endowed like Suguha and didn't talk about it much. She wasn't one to care about her looks but when her sister would make fun of her, that was a different matter. It was also why she made her avatar more endowed than her real self. And taller. Much taller.

"-plosion went off today near a local store and when people went towards the location they discovered a boy near the explosion." The sisters eyes were both drawn to the TV now and the pictures being shown, "When they took a closer look at the boy they discovered multiple scars, one that stood out was one directly above his heart." The image shown was a red haired boy around Kazumi's age with familiar red... hair. She knew him. She knew him!

"Suguha, pass me the remote." Her sister did as asked and gave her the remote but not before giving her an odd look. She then increased the volume so they could hear it better.

"When inspecting the scarings the boy had over his body, we could not detect where they came from except that they came from a sharp weapon, most likely a knife or sword. The victim of this accident is unknown and investigations are in search of the identity of the boy and are attempting to locate his family members. This is-" Kazumi shut off the TV and leaned back in the chair. She definitely knew him. She in fact met him in Sword Art Online. But how was he there? He didn't have any nerve gear on.

She sighed, "I'm going to sleep Suguha, goodnight." Her sister responded in kind with her own 'goodnight' and went off to her own room.

Closing the door and laying on the bed she contemplated what to do next. She was curious. She need some sort of answer or this curiously would kill her. Not literally of course.

With that in mind she was going to look for Shirou in Sword Art Online when she was available. Which she was early in the morning as there was no school tomorrow.

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