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Summary: set at the end of false profits, but then it works its way in an alternate universe! (

Janeway stared at the view screen as the wormholes closed, with the Ferengi. Not again, she thought. 'There must be something we can do.' She looked around, Tuvok, Chakotay, Harry, their faces were full of doubt. She turned to Tom. He, seemed to look guilty. 'Mr. Paris, IS there something we can do?'

He looked uncomfortable, stirring in his chair, 'Nothing that I can think of captain.'

Then a voice from the back of the bridge came into earshot. 'Yes you can.' The voice now connected to a body, stepped from the shadows.

Janeway's confusion turned to anger. ' What are you doing here Q!? And what are you planning to do with my ship?!'

' Mme Captain, why do you always think it's about you? I simply came to see an old friend.' He glanced at Tom, and gave him a quick wink.

' Tom?' the captain said.

Paris flew from his chair, and started right at Q. ' Why do you insist on messing up my life every time I get settled?'

' Because, my dear boy, you refuse to help anyone you blend in with! It's infuriating! The continuum is extremely angry with you!'

' What does Tom have to do with the continuum?' Janeway said.

Q's face started to look around. Seeing the eyes of young ensigns and experience officers. ' Maybe we should take this to a more private place.' He swished his fingers, and the three of them disappeared.

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