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Chapter two:

The three appeared in the captain's ready room. Immediately, Janeway jumped to Q, who was half stabbing Tom Paris.

'I asked you what was going on!' she screamed.

Tom sighed, and stood slowly from the lounge seat. As if to explain without words, he snapped his fingers, and low and behold, a platter appeared. 'here, welsh rabbit, the way you like it.'

Understanding crossed over the captain's features. ' so you're.'

'yes, he is,' interrupted Q. ' and the continuum wants him to be a little more helpful.'

Janeway let the truth sink in. Tom, a Q? and if so, how could he hide it for so long? Why didn't he help every time an opportunity arrised? All those lies. How could he have lived with himself?

She perched in her chair, stupefied. "Why?"

"Did I hide it? Why did I leave it to yourselves to get home? Why did I take all the dishonor, and hatred?" tom leaped from where he had been last positioned.

" Yes! Why?" Q was becoming possibly twice as agitated as Janeway.

"You want to know why Q? I've played the pinball machine, been the scarecrow, and the only thing that has ever surprised me, is how easily I can fool you." He leaned slowly into one of the window ledges, "I'm here to hide. Not from you, or anyone you could ever comprehend."

" Q? Not comprehend?" Janeway said with a quick smirk.

"Who could ever comprehend more than a Q?" the thunderstruck said.

"Obviously me, since I did evade the Q continuum for over a century." He headed for the door. Q blocked his exit and Tom gestured towards the door, "Age before beauty." Q grunted and mumbled something indistinctive to Janeway's delicate ears. They then continued back onto the bridge.

On the bridge a second later Paris turned to the Captain. "Ma'am, may we just pretend this never happened?"

Q snorted and stopped to look around, seeing his presence wasn't necessary, he yelled, "I'll be back!" and snapped his fingers.

Janeway looked around at the night shift, then whispered into tom's ear, "Ignorance is bliss."

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