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Summary: Gus wants to try out for the spelling bee.

Title: Spelling Bee

Gus looked at the book in his hand that he'd gotten at school that day. The teacher had asked for students to sign up for the spelling bee. He loved playing word games, especially Scrabble with his dads. A spelling bee didn't seem that hard to him so he had been the first one to sign up. He knew that he was going to need help though. The teacher said he would have to study every night. Since not everyone had signed up the whole class wouldn't be doing it during school time. It meant that he would have to put in extra time at home if he wanted to do good. He hadn't thought about the fact he hadn't told his dads though.

It wasn't like they would say he couldn't do it because they were always encouraging him to adventure out. Gus opened up the book looking at words that were easy like author and hollow. There were other words that he didn't know what they meant though like onomoniapia. He had heard it said before, but he didn't know what it meant. He was sure that a dictionary was going to be required for it as well.

He got off his bed going to where he knew his dads were at. He smiled seeing them sitting outside on the deck. His daddy was sitting with his dad between his legs relaxing on one of the loungers. They had gone outside when he'd gone upstairs to do his homework. He liked doing it and if he had trouble then he'd ask them. The only thing he wasn't a fan of was history. It bored him, but he was making passing grades in the class.

The last time the teacher had sent home his midterm report he'd gotten to pick what they did as a family. He'd opted for having family weekend were they didn't do anything besides spend time together. They played board games, rode the horses, played with the dogs, and had watched movies. It wasn't like they didn't do that all the time, but it was what he'd wanted to do. He loved spending time with his dads no matter what they were doing. Some times he liked just sitting between them. He wouldn't pass up when they had story time either even if he was getting older.


"Hey Sonny boy, you done with your homework?" Brian asked looking up to see Gus standing near the door.

"Yeah, it's all done. I was wondering if you two would help me with something though?" Gus asked walking over to them.

"Of course, we just being lazy." Justin smiled at their son who was looking like Brian more every day. He'd seen one picture of Brian at Gus' age years ago and they could be twins.

"Being lazy's fun." Gus smiled back before he brought the spelling bee book from behind his back. "I'd like to do this, but I need help studying some of the words. We got a month until the class spelling bee and four weeks after that it's the one for the school." Gus explained letting his dad look at the book.

He went on explaining about the district, county, state, and finally the biggest one that had all of the contestants. He didn't know if he'd get past the classroom one, but he really wanted to try. Justin flipped through the book before letting Brian look at it too. He didn't see any reason that Gus couldn't try for the spelling bee. He had never been into anything like that when he was Gus' age. He'd always wanted to be in the art club, but it might be fun for Gus to try.

Brian opened up the book seeing the words on each page and the category. They were sectioned off by easy, medium, hard, and expert words. There were words that even he wasn't sure on how spelling them if he wasn't looking at them; much less pronoucing them. A couple of them he was sure that there wasn't a way he could do it without looking them up. He wasn't going to tell Gus no though, if his son wanted to try he'd never put him down. Justin and him were always telling Gus that he could do anything he wanted to. They would support him no matter what.

"How about we call out some words and you spell them to us?" Brian offered which Gus was definetley happy about.

"Yes, that be awesome daddy. I be right back." Gus said before he took off back into the house. He came back out in less than a minute holding a pen. "Ones I have trouble with star them I study them the most."


Brian started with the easier words up front for Gus. He picked a random word on the first page getting his son to spell it out. As they progressed, he moved to another section. Justin took his turn letting Gus spell words out. He knew that it might be a little harder, but Gus would be against students that were in higher grades. He picked some of the tougher words near the hard and expert sections.

Gus said the words each time before he spelled them. A couple of them he asked for a definition, which one of them Justin had gone to get the dictionary on. He hadn't even been sure what it meant and didn't want to tell Gus wrong. When he'd seen the definition he'd known the word then. It was spelt right, but he might have been spelling it wrong his self for years.

Gus had a little trouble with the words that followed the rule about I before E, except after C ones. Justin and Brian said that even they messed up when it came to those at times. When Justin had gotten the dictionary he'd also brought out a clip board putting the words that Gus missed on it. It wasn't a lot up front, but some of the harder ones Gus got a letter mixed up. Over all they both thought Gus did a great job for his first try and not looking at the book much before they had started quizzing him.

After about fifty of the words Gus decided that he wanted to wait to do more. His mouth was dry from all the talking too. The evening was starting to cool down too so they went inside to the kitchen. Justin got a pack of the index cards that they used when Gus was studying for a spelling test. There was one each week and during the mid-terms the teacher had taken words for each section they'd worked on putting them on the big spelling test then.

Gus wrote the word down on the index cards that he had missed on the back where it was blank. On the front he wrote the definition on the lines that his daddy told him. They spent an hour with Brian looking up the definition and Justin helping Gus write the word the way it was spelled. It was how they did it every week so it wasn't anything new. When Gus had started having the spelling tests Justin had come up with the idea to help Gus get better at the words. He had even made him a box to put the index cards that were esentially flash cards in after each week.

The box had words all over it that were on some of the index cards in the box. Brian had thought it was a good idea. Gus had thought it was the coolest thing ever. He had made a section for the books he read too and didn't understand the word(s). There was even a section in the box from their Scrabble games. Those were mostly words that Brian and Justin had used that Gus wanted to know.

After all the words were put on the cards Brian thought of another way that Gus could study them. It took a few minutes to dig them out, but Brian brought the magnets they used to use on the fridge that were the alphabet letters. Gus smiled taking the magnets putting them on the fridge before his dads took turns calling out a word. Gus spelled the word on the fridge after he said it. A couple of the letters were MIA, but it helped Gus.


"Daddy, Dad, you think that I will be good at this?" Gus asked later when they were packing the things up for the evening.

"I don't see why not when you put your mind to things you can do anything you want to." Brian answered.

"You are smarter than your daddy and I combined. So of course you can do this. Studying is key, but you did good with that." Justin replied.

"Cool, I will study every day and in a months time maybe I will know most of the book." Gus smiled big collecting the words putting them into the box. "Thanks dads, I'm going to go finish my book for class. I got three chapters left before I'm done." He said before leaving the kitchen.

Brian and Justin watched Gus take off towards the exit to go up to his room. It was hard to believe that Gus was already in the fourth grade. They wanted to slow time down so he didn't grow up to fast. Brian wrapped his arms around Justin resting his head on Justin's shoulder. Every time Gus wanted to do something new they supported him in it. A Spelling Bee might be a little tougher than some things that he'd wanted to do in the past, but they both knew he had the brains to do it.


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