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CN: They celebrate Gus' victory

Title: Spelling Bee

Once Gus got back from the bathroom he found his dads. The rest of their family was also waiting on him. He got plenty of hugs and congrats from all of them. They were so proud of their mini Brian. Brian and Justin had gotten everything from the officials while Gus had gone to the bathroom. So after a few pictures from the news people they took off back to their hotel. Gus was proud of his self because he had accomplished something new.

"So Sonny Boy, what do you want to have for a celebration dinner?" Brian asked. "You can have anything you want to eat."

"Anything?" Gus asked before getting a nod from both his dads. He thought about it for a few moments. "Can we have grilled cheese sandwiches and fried zucchini?" It was two of his favorite foods. "Or we can have shrimp scampi and fried zucchini." He offered as a second choice because he really liked that combo too.

Justin wasn't sure if anywhere would have the zucchini the way that Gus loved it. However, he did call down to the main desk to see if it was on the menu. One of the cooks had seen the news and assured Justin that they could indeed make Gus' requests for him. Which Justin asked them to send it up to their room. Gus wanted to sit out on their huge terrorist and eat with the others. Except for Ted who was allergic to shrimp that was what everyone ordered. Any kind of seafood was bad from him so Justin got him to pick off the menu.

While they waited on their late lunch, which might as well be dinner to arrive, they talked. Gus took his place at the head seat as his Aunt Daphne had declared it as his throne which he laughed at. Emmett had even made him a crown out of paper they had found there. He'd also found him a really large shirt and it became his cape to wear as king. Gus still couldn't believe that he had won, but he'd done it.


When dinner arrived the family started eating their share of the food. Except for Ted who got a steak with his fried zucchini and some fries. The others ate a grilled cheese a piece, fried zucchini and as much shrimp as they could pack away. The cook had sent up what would probably feed them twice over. Gus did ask for thirds on the shrimp and he wanted fourths on the zucchini. He hadn't eaten much at all that day and his tummy was empty as could be he said. Brian always said he was a bottomless pit like Justin was however. Justin ended up with fourths on the shrimps, but gave more of the zucchini to Gus.

Brian could only shake his head watching the two he loved. He wouldn't trade a single day of his life with them. He might wish that Gus' moms could be there to see him, but watching Gus grow up like this was a wonderful feeling. Once the food was finished, Gus getting the last shrimp, they made plans for the whole family to catch a movie in a couple of hours. Except for the three Taylor-Kinneys' the others went to their rooms to freshen up.

"So our Spelling Bee King how are you feeling?" Justin asked picking Gus up sitting him on his lap.

"It doesn't feel real." Gus admitted. "I know it happened because I was there, but it feels like a dream. I had so much fun too, but I'm happy that its over with at the same time."


Gus had felt stressed at times, which had made his tummy ache. He had always been encouraged by his family and friends at school. His teacher had told him not to give up either. They had all also told him to not stress his self out. They would love for him to win, but it hadn't been worth making his self sick. He figured the waiting and seeing had been the most nerve racking for him.

"I can understand that." Brian said sitting beside Justin and Gus. "Your dad kept closing his eyes and looking through his fingers at times. He even hid his face against my neck unable to look up on the stage." He smiled which Justin gave him a look before letting Gus know who it really was doing that.

"Your daddy is being a naughty boy, he was the one hiding. Your Grammie Jennifer and Aunt Daphne were teasing him like I was about it." Justin laughed.

Gus giggled laying his head back against his dad Justin's shoulder. "I closed my eyes on the last word. I think it's cool that daddy copied me." He some times loved being the one that dressed up like one of his daddies. He let out a little yawn because he was getting sleepy. The big dinner they had and getting up early was getting to him.

"Would you like a nap and we wake you up before we go out?" Brian asked. He let Gus know the three of them could lay down for a little and he'd set an alarm. Gus hated naps some days, but there were times when he knew their son could use one. Now was one of those times that he wouldn't even mind one.

"Only if you lay with me while I fall asleep." Gus said, but his little eyes were already closed as he held onto Justin's neck.


Brian got up pulling the covers back on the bed while Justin carried Gus over. They got his shoes off before they also got in. Justin on one side while Brian took the left while Gus was in the middle. They remembered many times that they had slept like this when Gus was smaller. Even now if Gus didn't feel good or a storm scared him he'd climb in between them. One of the many reasons they made sure they put their under clothes back on before falling asleep after love making.

Justin reached over locking his fingers with Brian's as Gus' hand was holding onto his other one. That morning they had woken up the same way though Gus had been on the outside of Brian instead of in the middle. They had figured he'd gone to the bathroom and they might have moved while he'd been gone. One time when Gus had been younger he'd slept on top of Justin's back like a little Kola might do to his parent.

Brian gave his man and son both a smile even though Gus was already in dream world. He carefully leaned over which Justin met him half way giving him a kiss. They had both been hoping that Gus would win even if they had told him that it wouldn't matter to them either way. They had known that Gus would also be disappointed if he didn't win. It had worked out in the end. They had already gotten the saddle made for Gus. It was back home waiting for their son when he got there. Win or lose they would have given him the saddle.

"I love you both." Brian said.

"I love you both too," Justin replied before they drifted off joining Gus in the land of dreams.


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