The white dress is soft as a cloud and as glittery as a diamond, Alice's work no doubt. The veil covers her face sticking her nose. How strange. She'd been a bridesmaid before but never thought she'd be the bride. Organ music starts at the end of the aisle.

Her father takes her arm and smiles. "You ready, kiddo?"

She nods. She's never been more ready for anything in her life. They start walking down the aisle arm in arm. In the audience, she sees her mother, grandparents, and the Cullens. Bella doesn't quite recall who it is she's supposed to be marrying but is glad her loved ones came anyways.

At long last, she reaches the end of the aisle. The groom has his back turned to her. Bella freezes. What was she doing? She couldn't marry a stranger.

She turns to her father. "What do I do?"

He smiles at her and says, "It will all be okay. I'm so proud of you."

He disappears and the groom turns to face her. No, it couldn't be. That's not possible!

"Wakey wakey sleepyheads!" Rose exclaimed as she turned on the lights and opened the curtains. "The birds are chirping and the sun is shining! Time to start the day!"

Bella sighed in relief. Her dress had turned back into a t-shirt and he was gone. It was just a dream. Maybe it was all just a dream. Edward coming back from the dead and Carlisle agreeing to take him in as a foster child. Yes, that made sense. It was all just another bad dream.

Unfortunately, Bella's relief was short-lived. A square of sunlight smacked her in the face. It left like someone had sprayed her in the eyes with one of Alice's fancy perfumes. She moaned and pulled the blanket over her head. She would have gladly traded her truck for a pair of sunglasses and a Tylenol. Why did she have to live in a house full of morning people?

Rose grabbed the blanket and pulled it off the bed. "None of that, silly." While Bella could have been imagining things, she could have sworn Rose cackled. "Carlisle wants the two of you dressed and downstairs pronto."

Whatever Carlisle wanted could wait for a few hours. Bella wasn't' quite ready to give up on sleep yet. She flipped Rose the bird and laid her head down on her body pillow. Strange. She didn't remember her pillow being hard as a rock or having a heartbeat.

Bella's mind instantly cleared. This wasn't her room and the pillow wasn't a pillow, it was Emmett's chest. She bolted upright accidentally elbowing Emmett in the sternum. Emmett moaned, sat up, and knocked over the nightstand. The lamp tumbled to the ground and shattered. Assuming Rose didn't kill them, which seemed likely given the evil gleam in her eyes, Alice was sure to finish the job.

Bella touched the back of her head. There was still a dime-sized bald spot from when Rose found her asleep on the couch next to Emmett. It didn't matter that Bella and Emmett saw each other as siblings or that it was an accident. When Rose felt threatened, which was often where Bella was involved, all logic went out the window. Last time was only a 20-minute snooze in a common area of the house. Bella expected not to have a head let alone hair by the time Rose was done with her this time.

Emmett hopped out of bed and scurried over to Rose. Rose turned around denying him his good morning hug. She crossed her arms and glared out the window at the untamed forest surrounding the house. "Breakfast is in the kitchen, but you have to eat quickly if you're hungry. Carlisle wants to go pick up Edward."

Emmett paled. "Edward?"

"Apparently he's been raising hell in the children's ward. Carlisle has decided to bring him here so he can terrorize us instead of the nurses." Rose huffed. "This place is already a circus. The last thing we need is one more performer." Rose turned around and stormed out of the room slamming the door behind her.

10 minutes and a sloppy ponytail later, Bella and Emmett came downstairs and found their foster siblings chowing down on eggs, bacon, and chocolate chip pancakes. It was a far cry from their usual cereal and pop tarts. Bella sat down next to Alice and grabbed a single piece of bacon. It smelled great but she could bring herself to eat it. The churning in her stomach to bring any molecule of food right back up.

Emmett licked his lips. "Impressive spread. What's the occasion?"

Rose set her knife down at glared at Emmett. Bella noticed that her eyes were rimmed in red.

Jasper looked at Alice with wide eyes. "Carlisle got up early and made a special breakfast for Rose and me."

Emmett grabbed a pancake and swallowed it in one bite. "Why's that. You guys competing in another one of your nerd, I mean chess, tournaments?"

Alice shook her head and looked away.

"No," Jasper said. "That's next weekend. Today is our birthday."

"Bbb..birthday?" Emmett stammered. "Today?"

If Emmett wasn't in the dog house already, he definitely was now. Bella hoped he'd remembered to buy a gift. If he didn't, then he'd find himself with a one-way ticket back to singledom.

"Are you guys ready to go?"Carlisle called from the entryway.

Emmett nodded as he looked at the knife in Rose's hand. He'd been in need of a doctor if she snapped and drove it into his chest.

"Are you coming?" Bella asked Alice.

Alice narrowed her eyes. "No, I have to go buy a new lamp."

Bella gulped. She was banking on having a few hours to replace the broken lamp before Alice found out.

"Are you coming," Emmett asked Rose.

"It's visitation weekend, remember?" Jasper said, lifting the duffle bag at his feet. "Our mom will be here any minute."

Rose rolled her eyes. Bella looked under the table. There was no duffle bag by Rose's feet. Bella couldn't say she blamed her. Their mother hadn't shown up her visitation weekend in over 8 months. If she didn't shape up soon, her parental rights would be at risk of termination.

"Come on guys, let's go!" Carlisle shouted. "Time's a-wasting!"

Emmett took one last sad look at Rose and stood up. "Come on Bella, let's go rescue our new brother."