"Come on, I want to show you something," she felt Twister's warm breath as he whispered in her ear. A shiver ran down her spine. He took her hand and she noticed the warmth of his hand contrasting as the cool water of the tide reached her feet. They walked along the beach and suddenly, the bright blue sky was gone and everything was dark. She kept following him, trusting him as he led them. She started seeing worms glowing on the rocks and she realized she recognized this place. It was the cave they went through on their trip to New Zealand. They were walking through the water but it felt like walking through mist. The water started to glow blue as the bioluminescent algae moved. Fireflies were dancing the air. The cave was magically lit up as all these things glowed around them.

"I want to stay here with you forever," Reggie told him as she melted into his embrace.

"I love you, Reggie," he said, kissing the top of her head.

"I love you too," she replied, looking up at him as they both leaned in for a kiss.

The alarm. The stupid alarm. Reggie reached for it and hit the snooze button as quickly as she could, trying to fall back asleep, trying to return to the dream. She pulled the covers back over herself and closed her eyes tight, trying to pick up where they left off. She put herself back in Twister's arms as the cave glowed around them.

"I love you, Reggie," his voice said as she replayed the last scene in her mind.

"I love you too," she remembered herself telling him.

She took her time remembering their kiss, simultaneously sweet and passionate. She dwelled on how his lips felt against hers and her heart raced. She could almost feel him kissing her now as her memory played back the scene. She wanted to stay in that moment, she wanted to fall back asleep. She wanted to keep dreaming of Twister without questioning it but as much as she tried, she couldn't put herself back in the dream. She was awake. Her alarm sounded again. How had it already been ten minutes? It had felt like 30 seconds. Had she been replaying the dream in her head for that long? She lifted her head and looked at the clock. She had to get up or she was going to be late for class. She groaned and pulled the covered off the bed, grabbing the first shirt she saw in her closet as she rushed to get ready.

She had been thinking about that dream all throughout her English class. She usually liked English because her professor would just give them writing assignments to work on during class. It was probably because he didn't actually feel like teaching but she liked writing so she didn't complain. It wasn't due till the next time they met but Reggie liked using the class time that was given so she didn't have to worry about it for homework. Many of her classmates rarely did the assignment during class. Sometimes they would walk out of class, which she assumed meant they hadn't read the syllabus and seen the automatic F they would receive for missing more than 5 classes in the semester.

She stared at her computer screen, unable to write. She kept rereading the prompt, finding herself unable to process it every time. She wanted to write down everything that was going through her head. That had always helped her work through things. She definitely wasn't going to do that in a classroom with thirty other students. What did it mean though? Was her subconscious trying to tell her something? They were just friends, weren't they? If completely platonic friendship was all that was between them, how could she be having these feelings about him from one dream? There had to have been something more. People joked about it throughout their childhood— how they would one day end up together. But if something were going to happen between them, surely it would have happened by now. She was probably being crazy, she was just overthinking the dream. She just missed him. She missed all of them. It had been weeks since she had seen them. That had been the hardest part of going back to college. She thought it would've been harder her freshman year, but she was so distracted with figuring out the new phase of life, it hadn't been as bad as she had expected. Unfortunately, that meant she went into her sophomore year thinking it would be the same. It was much worse after spending summer break at home. Going from hanging out with the gang pretty much all day every day to seeing them on occasional weekends had been very rough. She wanted to see Twister; she smiled to herself thinking of how he always made her laugh. And everyone else, she reminded herself. She felt guilty about thinking of Twister before thinking of Sam. He had gone to school a few hours away, so she had only seen him once since the semester started. She should call him... But maybe wait a few days. She was sure if she talked to him, Twister would come up in their conversation. She didn't know if she could keep from telling him about it but she needed to figure out what she thought before she talked to anyone. Maybe she just needed to see Twister. Then she could remember him outside of the dream; remember that they're total buds, nothing else. The thought of seeing him again brought memories of hugging him in the dream back to her mind and she tried to push them away, convincing herself she needed to be reminded of their friendship. She could do an Ocean Shores weekend. She didn't have anything pressing to do. She only had one other class and it was the easy A type that everyone blows off anyway. She wouldn't be missing anything. Her dad would be stoked if she surprised them for the weekend. She made up her mind; she would do it.