And, once again, I'm starting another story even though I've got three already, 2 of which I've barely started. But, I just can't help myself! Whenever I develop a new interest, I just want to write a story about it. I'm really glad this is just a hobby because I can't arrange a schedule for the life of me and my lazy ass can't help but procrastinate.

Anyway, a few things that I have to say before we get started. First of all, I hope you are all doing okay out there. These are challenging times and we are all experiencing some form of change. For me, it's being stuck at home with my parents when I should be at university doing exams so I think I'm not doing too bad. Also, thanks to this whole crisis, I've been using zoom quite a lot with my parents to communicate with the rest of the family (as well as have some hilarious quizzes). I know that not everyone will be faring as well as my family has and I simply want to wish you all the luck in the world. Stay safe, my friends. We'll get through this .

As for the second thing, I just want to express my utmost thanks to everyone who has given their support to my stories; I'm honestly shocked by the amount of support I've gotten from you guys and I am truly touched. I'm only sorry that I've been unable to give you guys consistent updates but I am sadly a procrastinating bastard. It may take a while to return to my first story but I will be focusing mainly on this new story as well as my Pokemon/RWBY story (I've already started the third chapter for the latter). But, nevertheless, thank you so much for your support!

Now, moving on, you probably already have an idea of what this new story's about but I'll just say it.

Persona 5 Royal. The game that stole my heart (bit of an exaggeration).

It all began in the middle of this whole crisis. I was bored and was thinking of downloading a new game for the old PS4. And I was thinking of choosing some JRPGs. So, I did some research and found Persona 5, a game which is called possibly the best JRPG there is. Pretty lofty title. I was intrigued. So, I downloaded the recently released extended edition of the game, Persona 5 Royal.


The game was unlike anything I'd ever played before and I just loved it. I was admittedly mad at myself for not picking it up sooner (I'd seen videos of it online but never payed them any mind). If you haven't played it, I highly recommend you do; either version is fine. You don't necessarily have to have knowledge of prior persona games though I do recommend you play Persona 3 and 4 (Persona 4 Golden, an extended edition of the fourth game, is now available for PC as well as PS Vita). Though, I will warn you that it is a ridiculously long game (easily 100 hours +) yet it is so engaging and I actually ended up playing another game of it (New Game +; allowed me to finish certain aspects of the game that you usually can't on the first playthrough). Those of you who've played it will know what I'm talking about. It introduced me to the persona franchise and I am currently in the middle of a Persona 4 Golden playthrough (very different but enjoyable all the same).

So, this story is pretty much a novelisation of the Royal edition since I want to devote some tribute to the game that I devoted over 200 hours to. I'll try to add some twist to it so that isn't just a record of the events that happen in the game (I'll have the MC speak more than he usually does and add certain elements to make it more engaging). Now, I was admittedly unsure about doing this considering the absolutely ridiculous amount of content in the game that I want to cover. However, someone in the Persona 5 reddit community created a guide on how to complete all aspects of the game like confidants within the time given to you and I'll be following this schedule.

So … yeah. That's about all I have to say really. All I have left to say really is that I hope you enjoy this story and if you've never touched persona like I had a couple of months ago, I hope that you'll think about playing it.

Also, I don't own persona 5 Royal. That honour belongs to Atlus, the guys that developed this amazing game.


This story is a work of fiction.

Similarities between characters or events to persons living or dead in your world are purely coincidental.

Only those who have agreed to the above have the privilege of partaking in this game.

I agree.

. The contract has been sealed.

The world is not as it should be. It's filled with distortion, and "ruin" can no longer be avoided.

Those who oppose fate and desire change … From time to time, they were referred to as Tricksters.

You are the Trickster… Now is the time to rise against the abyss of distortion.

The night was quiet. That is, until a helicopter came flying across the water of the river, causing ripples, heading towards a certain section of the city. It's destination: most likely the most eye catching building around. A large casino, adorned with bright neon signs such as the large woman in a red dress holding a set of scales and sword in her hands with the word win inside the right scale. The sheer brightness of the signs made this peculiar landmark visible from every corner of the city..

However, the interesting stuff was taking place inside.

The casino floor was bustling, cramped full of worried customers, poker tables and slot machines. They all looked worried, concerned as they moved around and whispered to one another. They knew they weren't alone. That there was someone here who shouldn't be yet they couldn't see them. So concerned they all were that they didn't notice the shadow above them moving around on top of the light fixtures. Their panic was only further heightened by the arrival of three men in black suits and black sunglasses with stoic visages. Clearly not men you would wish to be confronted by. But, even they didn't notice the shadow flitting about about them.

The mysterious shadow soon came to a stop on another light fixture, this one beneath the large skylight which showed the luminous full moon. Getting up from his crouched position, he stood before the oblivious crowd with the full moon, illuminating his appearance. The man was dressed up in a long black tailcoat, a high necked waistcoat with gold accents, black pants, a brown/black pair of winklepickers (the official name for his shoes; don't look at me, I didn't name them, that's just what the wiki calls them) and a pair of red gloves. To top it all off, he wears a black and white bird like domino mask. The man himself has unkempt black hair and dark grey eyes and is currently wearing a confident smirk while he carries a mysterious briefcase under his left arm. In conclusion, a very suave individual.

Eventually, a member of the oblivious crowd noticed the figure looming over them.

"Hey! Up there!", the man yells, frightened, catching the attention of the rest of the crowd. Including the stoic black suited men.

"He's here. Move in immediately!", one of the black suited men said over the phone as he and his associates advanced forward pushing their way through the crowd roughly as the civilians can't help but panic amongst themselves.

Despite being discovered, the suave shadow still smirks as he looks down before turning left and jumping down, landing on another light fixture.

"Good. Now get running!", a boyish voice said to the masked man through his ear piece.

"This is our only chance!", said a serious male voice.

"Stay calm! You can get away now", a young female voice said.

"We'll retrieve the briefcase on our end", a serious female voice added.

However, after that, there was a strange, garbled transmission.

"… suspects … not … confirmed … … hold … your … positions …", the strange transmission said.

"Huh, what was that?", the young female voice asked curiously

The boyish voice interjected, "don't worry about us. Just concentrate on getting away!"

For the first time, the masked man spoke.

"Got it, Mona", the man replied to the boyish voice.

With that, the masked man set off running. He ran and jumped from light fixture to other stepping stones, showing some truly impressive agility as he jumped almost soundlessly from place to place with superb grace.

"But I have to say", Mona said, "showing yourself above the crowd earlier was an excellent move"

"Nice work as always, Joker", Mona finished in an admiring tone.

The masked man now known as Joker couldn't help but smirk again.

"Always aim to please", Joker responded confidently.

"I bet Skull wouldn't pull it off that smoothly", a new playful female voice added to the conversation.

"This happens because you have no taste for aesthetics", a rather refined male voice added.

"Nobody asked you, Inari!" was the response from the one called Skull to the refined male voice.

Joker couldn't help but smirk in amusement at the antics of his associates as he climbed up from one fixture to another, once again showing off his grace and agility as he flipped up by climbing with one hand.

"There he is", an agent who emerged from the emergency exit in the balcony as he pointed to Joker, signalling his associates to the location of their target.

"Just run! Get out of there!", the young female voice yelled worriedly.

Joker nods as he once again begins hopping away from the agents with frightening speed.

"Okay, the enemy's focus is in Joker. Looks like the rest of us can slip away", Mona informs his teammates.

"Everyone remember where we're meeting up?", a kindly female voice inquired.

The young female voice responded so confidently you could hear the confident smirk she was wearing, "No worries! I can guide you all."

"I have no doubts, Oracle", Joker responded, his confidence in the navigator unshaken.

"Mwehehehe, well now I really have to push my navigator skills to the test", Oracle answered with a mischievous laugh.

With that, Joker began to climb up once more and found himself in a circular area. But before he could climb up the stairs …

"Stop right there!" "You won't get away from us!"

Those were what the two agents who appeared in front of Joker yelled, blocking his path to freedom up the stairs.

Yet, it's what happened next that's rather … peculiar.

The two agents began to shake and in a flash, in place of the human agents were two bizarre monsters. They still wore the suits but their bodies were slightly bulkier and hunched over with their arms dangling in front of them. As for their faces, a blue mask was present and their bright golden eyes peered through them at the target with hatred.

Most people would be shocked and scared by seeing such a creature. But, Joker wasn't most people; especially after what he'd seen so far.

He casually looked up at them and didn't even flinch when another of the creatures dropped in behind him which he then proceeded to face calmly as he placed the briefcase he was carrying under his left arm on the ground.

"Take 'em down, Joker", Oracle yelled enthusiastically.

Joker's only response is to smirk as he leaps gracefully into the air before landing on the creature's back, grasping its mask and tearing it away. The creature stumbles forward as its pitch black face and red eyes are revealed to the world. It begins to twitch more and more before it bends backwards and erupts in an explosion or red and black. In place of the hunchbacked creature is a large bizarre chimera of a creature with the head of a bull, the upper body of a man but the lower half of a snake.

However, despite the imposing size of the monster, Joker smirks all the while in the face of this danger.

"Comparing power levels .. no threat. Get 'em, Joker!", Oracle informed Joker.

"Thank you, Oracle", Joker replied gratefully.

With that, Joker rushed forward with great speed and once he was close to the chimera, he lashed at the monster with a knife that he withdrew from his coat multiple times before rolling away and drawing another weapon from his coat; this time, a gun. While still wearing his confident smirk, he aimed his handgun at the monster and shot. The accumulated damage from the onslaught was enough to knock the creature to the floor, disorientated. With the creature helpless on the floor, Joker decided to end it.

Taking one of his hands to his face, he grasped his domino mask and tore it away. The result: a swirl of blue fire emerged behind him as well as a large mysterious figure. Yet another thing that would make you question your sanity. But, Joker was still calm … yet he also looked … free with the creature behind him.

"Now, Eiagon", Joker yelled the command.

So, the mysterious figure gestured with his hand and an eruption of sinister black and red energy emerged beneath the monster and engulfed it, causing it to turn to dust.

With the fight concluded, the strange figure disappeared as Joker's mask reappeared on his face as he picked up the briefcase.

"Good. You defeated them with ease", Mona said, relieved.

"Did you expect anything less?", Joker asked confidently.

"More of them? Be careful!", Oracle interjected worriedly.

As Oracle said this, an eruption of darkness appeared in front of Joker with 3 more black suited monsters appearing. Joker clutched the briefcase to his body tighter as his usual smirk was absent. One of them immediately ran at him, raising its stun baton with electricity arcing off it, ready to take out the target. But, Joker, in all of his agility and grace, back flipped out of danger before jumping up and up away from the enemies until he reached a balcony, free of enemies

"Joker, behind you! Go through that door", Oracle once again informed as Joker turned around to see the open double doors.

With that, Joker set off as if fire was burning at his heels through the double doors which he promptly shut behind him before ascending the stairs and merging into one of the back rooms of the casino. In the back room, Joker couldn't help but have his eyes drawn to the words plastered on the walls around him; these included terms such as 'justice' and 'winning'. The way they were adorning the walls and the sheer numbers of them was obsessive.

'Now is not the time', Joker thought to himself as he continued onward before finding a door on his left.

"You should be able to get out that way! Hurry!", Orcale urged Joker.

"Dude, can he even hear us?", the worried voice of Skull asked

"Don't worry, Skull. I can still hear your obnoxious voice", Joker said cheekily to his teammate

"Eff you, you bastard", Skull replies but there's no malice but joking intent instead

"Yeah, don't worry, I'm picking up everyone's voices. Just go, Joker", Oracle reassured the others.

But, just as Joker placed his hand in the door handle, he heard a noise of confusion from Oracle.

"Huh? Wait a sec", Oracle announced seriously.

"Oracle, what is it?" Joker asked.

"Is something wrong?", the kind female asked as well.

"What the –! Joker, I'm getting a weird reading heading your way. C'mon, run!" Oracle yelled urgently, worry evident in her voice.

With that, Joker pushed through the door. Heading down the stairs, Joker could hear Skull talk about how many of the men in black suits there were.

Pushing through another door, Joker immediately dashed to a hiding spot behind one of the casino trolleys as he spotted one of the agents through a window.

"Where'd they go? Damn it! I can't confirm the intruder's location!", the agent said, his voice slightly muffled by the glass.

"Hey, Joker. Look up ahead", Oracle's voice warned.

Doing as she instructed, Joker saw another agent blocking his path, his back to him.

"We don't have time for me to pick fights with everyone who gets in the way", Joker whispered.

"Right. So hide in the shadows and wait for an opening", Oracle agreed.

So, with inhuman speed, Joker sped from one hiding spot to another as he got closer to the agent while hiding in the shadows. Eventually he was almost right next to him.

"… Hey, are you sure he came this way?" The agent asked the one on the other end of the phone.

A pause.

"Understood, I'll continue my search."

After announcing that, the agent put away his phone and walked right past the hidden Joker, giving the intruder the window of opportunity he needed. In complete silence, he left the shadows and ran up the stairs … only to be halted by the fact that there was yet another oblivious agent in his path.

"Urgh, how many of these guys are there?", Oracle groused.

Joker shared in her annoyance

"Everything okay? The security level might rise if you take too much time", the serious male voice warned.

"I know, Crow, I know! I'm looking for another route. Just hang on", Oracle announced while furiously looking for an alternate means of escape for Joker.

It didn't take too long.

"Ah, perfect! Joker, look up", Orcale ordered.

Looking up, Joker couldn't help but grin. He had a pretty good idea of what Oracle was going to suggest.

"Can you use that grating to fly on up there?", Oracle suggested.

Joker's only response was to give a short laugh. After doing so, he flicked his wrist at the grating, causing a grappling hook to shoot out of the contraption on his wrist and latch onto the surface. Then, the contraption reeled Joker in, causing him to swing over the unaware agent before swinging up and back flipping on top of the grating.

"That never gets old", Joker said to himself, still feeling the rush from using his favourite gadget.

"All right, now just go straight through that door", Oracle informed Joker.

Turning to the door on his left, Joker began to sprint through the door.

However, as soon as he entered the room, Oracle yelled, "Joker, stop!"

Obeying the navigator, the masked man hit the brakes.

"There's an enemy signal. Right near you!"

With that heads up, 2 monsters appeared in eruptions of darkness, causing Joker to backflip, only to find four other monsters behind him. He was completely surrounded.

"Damn it." Joker cursed.

"Even you can't take on this many", Oracle admitted worriedly before gasping.

"What now?", Joker asked.

"Joker, that weird reading from earlier is heading towards your location too"

Joker said nothing in return as he simply scanned the enemies before him in hopes of coming up with a plan to get through this.

His narrowed eyes scanned and scanned.

That's when he saw her.

His eyes widened.

"You", Joker whispered.

His eyes were set on the figure who'd just walked down the stairs ahead of him.

She was wearing a strapless black leotard, a chain belt with two rose motifs on it, a black choker and red gloves. Also, over her leotard, she was wearing a black bolero with gold highlights ruffled sleeves and three floor length coattails. Furthermore, her legs were adorned with black hose and stiletto heels that look like ballet shoes on top. Finally, she has her red hair tied up in a ponytail with a black ribbon and her red eyes peer through a black mask with silver highlights. Honestly, her attire was very similar to Joker's.

The mysterious girl walked calmly forward, the sound of her heels resounding through the otherwise quiet room.

"I'll end this quickly", the girl said simply, drawing the attention of the monsters, as she draws from the scabbard on her chain belt an elegant rapier and points it at the monsters, challenging them.

"Joker, it's her! She's the weird reading I've been getting", Oracle informed, slightly worried about what was going to happen.

Joker, however, didn't share her worries. He knew that she wasn't a threat. At least, not to him.

With grace and elegance, the girl threw her rapier into the air theatrically before catching it in her right hand and throwing it at the group. The blade zoomed straight past Joker's head and embedded itself in the chest of one of the monsters behind him. Joker couldn't help but turn his head to look at the handle of the rapier and raise an eyebrow, impressed at the accuracy.

The impaled monster fell to its knees while it's friends looked uneasy before their unease turned to anger as the remaining five monsters charged the mysterious girl. As one of them came up to strike the girl with a baton, she cartwheeled to the left flawlessly and for a moment stood there with her eyes closed before opening them … and beginning her retaliation. She looked right, seeing an approaching enemy, before bending backwards with a small old fashioned rifle in her hand, blowing the monster's head off. The recoil of the gun sending her into another cartwheel before she left over the head of another monster while aiming the gun at its head. When she landed, she let loose another shot, dissolving yet another monster before turning around to face Joker.

"Wow", Joker can't help but whisper with wide eyes at the graceful performance that was delivered.

"My weak self relied on you so much", the girl addressed Joker while walking in his direction.

"That ends today", she finished while walking past him to the monster with her rapier still embedded in its chest.

Swiftly, she kicked the hilt of her rapier causing it to fly out of the monster's chest, making it turn to dust, while her rapier flew through the air and finally, into her right hand.

Turning around to face the remaining 3 enemies which had revealed their true forms, one being a giant bird of prey and the other two being bipedal cats wielding dual swords, the girl then turned to face Joker who now had wiped the awe off his face.

"Let's do this, Senpai!", the girl yelled encouragingly, a smile just visible under her mask.

Joker can't help but smirk in return, saying, "right!"

Both turn to the enemy, knife and rapier poised, ready to take out the opposition.

"The enemy's numbers have decreased? What the heck just happened?", Oracle inquired incredulously.

"Wait a minute. Isn't that —", Mona asks himself, recognising the girl who had intervened.

The enemy, acting recklessly as a result of their sudden decrease in numbers, attacks rashly with the large bird attacking the girl with a lethal gust of wind, only for the agile girl to dodge the attack with no loss of grace.

"It's been a while since we last fought side by side", the girl says to Joker.

"True, but things were a bit different last time", Joker can't help but say, remembering their last fight.

"Indeed. Unlike before, it's my turn to come to your aid, Senpai. Now let's win this!", the girl announces.

Joker nods as he tears away his mask, summoning the large figure behind him once again.

"Cleave!", Joker ordered.

The large figure, in response, swipes its hand, creating 3 blades that attack the bird in the middle, making it crash to the ground.

"Your turn", Joker told the girl with a smirk.

"Roger, Senpai", the girl responded as she tore off her own mask.

Like Joker, a figure appeared behind the girl but this one was feminine and shaped almost like a ballerina.

"Vorpal Blade!", the girl called out.

In response to the order, the feminine figure kicked out its leg, creating several crisscrossing slices that damaged all the enemies, knocking them all down. With the enemies vulnerable in the ground, the two allies looked at each and nodded already knowing what to do.

"Let's end this!", Joker called out.

The girl nodded.

Both Joker and the girl leaped into the air and with inhuman speed, the two of them pounded on the enemies, attacking them multiple times with speed and precision.

When their siege ended, the two of them landed behind the enemies with the girl performing a pirouette with a gymnastics ribbon.

"Beauty is devotion", she whispered as the enemies exploded into darkness.

The girl released a breath she'd been holding as the two of them relaxed.

"I think … that's the last of them", the girl concluded

"I certainly hope so", Joker added, not wanting to encounter any more roadblocks.

"I genuinely have no clue what just happened", Oracle said to Joker, completely lost, "but I take it your okay."

"Pretty much", Joker answered Oracle.

Oracle sighed in relief before gasping.

"Bad news. Enemy reinforcements are on their way to your location. You need to book it right now!", Oracle warned, barely maintaining her calmness

"Please go. I'm going to make it harder for them to track you down", the mysterious girl declared, having heard oracle's warning.

"… after all, you still have something you need to do as a phantom thief", the girl finished seriously

Joker looked at her with seriousness in his eyes.

"Yes", Joker simply said, yet there was much meaning in that one word.

The girl closed her eyes turned around.

"… then I won't stop you", the girl said, declaring her intent.

"Since I'm not one of the Phantom Thieves, I'm in no position to interfere", she concluded.

She remained silent for a moment before turning back to Joker and taking his hand that wasn't holding the brief case in her hands.

She looked him in the eyes, her own having softened.

"Just, please, don't forget the promise we made", the girl begged worriedly.

Joker smiled in response, squeezing her hands with his.

"Hey, I haven't forgotten and I don't intend to. We will see each other again. I guarantee it", Joker replied to her pleas determinedly.

The girl smiled thankfully in response.

"Thank you, Senpai", the girl said.

The girl let go of Joker's hands, turned around and with superhuman strength, jumped up high, landing on a ventilation shaft.

"Good luck", she said before finally departing into the shadows.

With a smile on his face, Joker quickly turned towards the stairs and made his way up them until he finally reached the floor that Oracle directed him to. Peeking around the corner, he saw no enemies and made a dash to the wall opposite, before peering through a window. In the room, he saw a bunch of people in computers and looking at monitors on the wall, depicting the different areas of the casino. Joker was pretty sure he heard the guy on the phone tell the one on the other line to find the intruders and kill them. To which, Joker snorted in amusement.

However, his amusement didn't last long as he could hear the distant sound of rapid footsteps coming in his direction. So, Joker started running once more making his way up more and more stairs with the sound of running agents not too far behind him. Finally, on the highest floor of the area of the casino he was in, he turned right around a corner and barged through an emergency door.

Joker found himself on a balcony overlooking the commotion downstairs.

"Hey, is there something wrong? Your exit should be just up ahead", Oracle asked.

Joker looked ahead.

"You mean through the giant stain glass window?", he asked incredulously.

Oracle sighed.

"That's just how it is. With all the commotion, the bottom floor is—", Oracle explained

"Completely closed off", the serious female voice finished

"Hey, can you make it?", the former playful female voice asked, worried.

Joker developed a smirk on his face.


With that exclamation, Joker turned around to see three agents aiming their guns at him.

"There's no where for you to run", one of the agents shouted, feeling sure that they'd cornered the intruder

Oh, how wrong they were.

Joker merely smirked and raised an eyebrow at the agents. Before vaulting on top of the stone railing, the action startling the agents. Joker raced along the outside of the room along the railing until he finally reached the large decorative window. Looking back at the agents, now looking in at him from the balcony, Joker can't help but have the final word.

"See ya", Joker says confidently with a two finger salute.

Then, he leaps through the giant stain glass window. He glides through the air gracefully despite all the glass shards around him as he finally exits the casino.

"Huh, what a show off", Oracle sighs, having seen Joker's little show.

"You're so reckless, ya know that?", the playful female voice asked.

Joker eventually landed in the ground flawlessly as the glass shards rained down around him.

"I prefer the term daring", Joker responds cheekily as he finally stood up.

He breathed in deeply before exhaling.

He made it.


Joker shielded his eyes at the sudden glaring brightness in front of him from the several spot lights set up.

His eyes widened.

"No", he whispered to himself.

"Enemies here?!"

"What's wrong?"

"These readings! It can't be!"

"What happened?!"

"An ambush?!"

"Joker, can you handle this?!"


"Oh no!"

Joker could hear his team all voice their worries through his ear piece as he looked on at what was in front of him.

An entire police force decked out in riot gear with dozens of vehicles. There must have been over a hundred of them.

"Capture him!", one of the officers yelled.

With that, the tidal wave of riot officers started running towards the masked man who began to run to the right as fast as he could.

Using his leg strength, Joker leaped up and grabbed a fire escape ladder with his hands, all the while carrying the briefcase, before pulling himself up to continue climbing.

Joker looked down in amusement at the police officers who couldn't reach the ladder and simply pooled around the area below it. In fact, he was so amused … that he didn't even see the barrel of the rifle staring him down from the fire escape. Joker could only gasp when he realised his mistake as the officer behind the firearm raised the butt of the gun and hit him right in the face with it.

The force pushed Joker right off the ladder as he yelled and fell to the ground, the police officers eagerly awaiting him.

Joker landed in the middle of the whirlpool of dozens of riot officers who all converged on him. It didn't take long for Joker to find himself held down by several officers with even more surrounding him with weapons. Also, the briefcase had been taken.

Joker was captured

"Suspect secure", one of the officers yelled to the others.

As that happened, Joker saw a pair of feet walk up to him. It wasn't someone decked out in riot gear. So, it was more than likely a detective of some sorts.

"Didn't expect to find some kid", the detective confessed.

Joker looked up with his eyes yet couldn't see his face due to the glare of the spotlights.

"You know, you have your teammate to thank for this", the detective announced condescendingly.

"…. What?", Joker questioned to himself disbelievingly with wide eyes.

"Yep", the detective said as he roughly grasped Joker's head with his hand, "you were sold out".

Joker simply didn't say anything as his eyes widened even further as the detective let go of his head and walked away.

Then, an officer announced, "suspect confirmed, cuff him".

Name: Ren Amamiya

Age: 16

Occupation: Student


Phantom Thief

It was dark. And quiet

That pretty much summarised the atmosphere of the interrogation room.

It's only inhabitants: three black suited men and a teenager handcuffed on a chair. Said teenager being Joker or as he was more commonly known, Ren Amamiya. Especially considering that his suave attire was replaced by a student's uniform. The image of a suave, confident phantom thief had been replaced by a beaten black and blue, barely coherent student.

One of the suits took a glance at the used syringe in the floor before returning his gaze to the bound student.

"Guess the drug was too strong. Wake him up!", he ordered his associate.

The man to his right held up a bucket of water and threw it at the student.

The freezing sensation was enough to rouse Ren who opened his weary, dulled eyes before looking up at the three glaring men.

"No dozing off", the main suit said to the student.

Ren glared a little in defiance before he mustered up what little strength he had left while being subjected to the drug's influence to try and get free. But to no avail.

"You still don't get it, do you?", the main suit said condescendingly.

Suddenly, the man's eyes widened in anger.

"Give it up!", he shouted as he kicked the boy in the stomach so hard he went flying off the chair into the ground, coughing and groaning in pain from the gut-shot.

Then, Ren felt the pressure of a foot grounding itself on the side of his head as he looked up in anger.

"C'mon, cooperate. Or what? You want another shot?", the suit questioned mockingly.

Taking his eyes off the man currently using his head as a doormat, they instead drifted to the security camera, scanning the room, it's little red light being one of the only sources of light in the room.

His interest with the camera didn't go unnoticed.

"Huh, what about the camera?", the main suit asked, wondering about the sudden interest.

"Do you really think that it can be used for video evidence?", the man asked mockingly as he roughly grabbed the student's hair, forcing him to look into the man's eyes.

'Of course it can't', Ren answered mentally. He knew very well that video evidence of him being drugged and beaten wouldn't change anything. He already knew how people felt about him and that it wouldn't change their minds, That is if the video ever saw the light of day.

He wasn't going to tell the man currently beating that though; he wouldn't want to give the thug the satisfaction.

"Didn't hear my question? Answer!", the man yelled at Ren, letting go of his hair and once again, burying his foot in the student's abdomen, leaving him gasping and wheezing.

Turning his back on the helpless student, the man walked up to one of his silent associates who handed him a clipboard.

"Obstruction of justice, blackmail, defamation, possession of weapons …. and manslaughter as well, huh? Talk about the works", the man recited in an almost admiring tone. Almost.

"To think that all of those crimes were organised by a little punk like you. And you seemed to enjoy every second of it, didn't you?", the man accused.

Ren could only lie on his side and think.

'I .. was enjoying it?', Ren thought to himself.

'No, he's wrong … on multiple accounts … but I can't remember'

'My memories … are hazy … must be ..the drug'

His thoughts were only just coherent thanks to the serum that they administered him with.

The suit responded to the silence.

"You should know your place", he said as he looked at Ren as if he were something unpleasant that he'd stepped on in a pair of brand new shoes; looking upon him as if his existence was a slight against everything good.

The main suit gestured his head at his associate on the left.

The second man proceeded to approach the student and unlock his handcuffs and haul him up roughly off his side.

While Ren massaged his abused wrists, the main suit came forward with a document.

"Sign this. It's a confession under your name", he said simply, obviously expecting Ren to do it.

'That's not happening', Ren thought to himself.

The student roughly pushed away the offending document.

"I see", the man said.

"I need your hand to sign this", the man said as his eyes widened and a muscle started throbbing in his forehead.

Without warning, he brings up his leg and stomps it down on Ren's, causing the student to let out a yelp of pain as the foot pressed hard against the sore limb.

"I could care less if you lose a leg in the process. But, I'm sure the same can't be said for you", he threatened as he finally relived the pressure on Ren's leg.

And so, when the document was offered once more, Ren begrudgingly took it. The man also took out a sleek silver pen. But before Ren could take the pen, the man took a rough hold of the boy's lapel.

"Don't expect to walk out of here in one piece. We are going to make you understand. One must take full responsibility for their actions", the man announced gravely.

With that, the student weakly took the pen and the room was filled with the scratching sound of pen against paper.

The click clack of heels against the floor was the only sound resounding through the almost empty hallway. Those heels belong to a tall woman with long ashen brown hair parted asymmetrically on her right side and brown eyes. As for her attire, she was wearing a black business suit with a black turtleneck while the cuffs and lower parts of her blazer had a clamshell like design. As for accessories, she was wearing a necklace with a section sign and had a black bag over her right shoulder.

You could tell from her visage that she was a tough as nails, no nonsense woman as she walked down the hallway to the detective on guard.

The detective, seeing the approaching woman, began to speak.

"Excuse me, miss, but this area's off—"

But the woman didn't give the man a chance to finish.

"I'm Sae Niijima from the Public Prosecutor's Office", she said, barely missing at beat.

"The Prosecutor's Office?", the detective inquired incredulously before he schooled his features.

"Then what business do you have in an interrogation room?", he further asked with narrowed eyes.

"Just let me through", Sae insisted, a sliver of impatience making its way into her voice.

"There's something that I need to confirm with the suspect myself. Now, if you'll please."

The detective simply sighed at the woman's stubbornness.

"Niijima-san, I'm pretty sure that this case no longer falls under your jurisdiction. This case is under our supervision now", the man stated with authority in his tone.

"And besides—"

"Are you prosecutor Sae Niijima?" a voice from behind Sae questioned.

Sae turned around, hardly fazed, to be confronted by an older detective who simply looked tired and annoyed.

"I am", Sae replied simply.

"Well, I just got off the phone with your director. Could you just hurry it up? Quite frankly, your more of a nuisance to us", the older man simply said, maintaining no courtesy at all.

Sae's eyes narrowed in response as she took out her smartphone and dialled her boss who picked up almost immediately.

She was instantly met with a tired sigh.

"I thought I told you to stand by", the annoyed voice of her director came from her phone.

"Sir, with all due respect, did you honestly expect me to do just that? I was placed in charge of this case yet I'm not even being allowed an interrogation of the suspect?", Sae replied, her tone carrying a dose of anger at this slight.

"I'm calling because I knew that you would bring it up", the director confessed.

"Of course, I'm not going to be convinced unless I hear it from the suspect himself. This is my case", the prosecutor said resolutely.

Another sigh rang out from the other side.

"Good luck to you then. But I'm honestly not expecting much though", the director said with no enthusiasm.

With that, Sae hung up.

But, before Sae could think about entering the interrogation room, the older detective intervened.

"Ah, Prosecutor Niijima, there is one important detail. Your time with the suspect will be cut short. We can't allow you to talk with him for too long", the older detective confessed.

This elicited a sigh from the prosecutor.

"It's for your own safety. After all, we have no clue as to his methods. We don't even know if it's safe to meet and speak with him", the older detective explained.

"… I understand", Sae responded to the explanation.

With that, she turned on her heel and headed to wards the door.

'It's either that or you simply want to cut my time with him as short as possible so I can be out of your hair sooner', Sae thought pessimistically.

After reaching the door, the police guard on duty opened the it, making the light from the hallway pool into the interrogation room, shining on the figure sitting at the table.

The figure, Ren Amamiya, looked up with dull eyes at the serious visage of Sae Niijima.

"So …. It is you", Sae said finally.

With the door shut behind her, Sae took the seat on the opposite side of the table, crossing her arms and legs as Ren looked down once again.

"I … honestly didn't expect it would be you. Even when I was told and shown your picture, I didn't truly believe it", Sae confessed with an uncomfortable look in her eyes to the weary teenage who looked up for a second.

But, the woman shook her head and steeled her face.

"But that doesn't change the fact that you'll be answering my questions from now on, not the police's", the prosecutor stated.

Ren didn't respond.

Sae couldn't help but notice the rough shape the teenager was in from the visible bruises and the dirty state of the uniform he was wearing. However, she noticed his eyes seemed somewhat … unfocused. It was when her eyes caught sight of a syringe on the ground that she understood why.

"Those bastards … not only beating but drugging a teenager", the prosecutor whispered to herself in disgust at the conduct and methods of the police force. The boy may have been held accountable for various crimes but using such barbaric methods on him did not sit right with Sae.

Taking her eyes off the evidence, Sae focused on the suspect before her who was still cradling his forehead with his hand.

"Hey … Ren Amamiya", Sae called out to him quite loudly.

The sound of his name was enough to garner his attention as the teenager now focused on the prosecutor himself.

"I'm going to assume that means that you can hear me to an extent", Sae continued.

"Now I'm pretty sure that you realise that anything can happen in here and I won't be able to stop them since this isn't my jurisdiction", Sae warned the boy, speaking to him frankly.

With the look of utter seriousness still in her face, Sae continued by saying, "That's why I need you to be honest with me here and to be quick about it. I don't have much time here as it is and we both no doubt want something. I want answers while I can try arrange something for you, to lighten your sentence."

Seeing that she had the boy's attention as he matched her seriousness despite his drugged state, she began her questioning.

"First of all, what exactly was your objective? Why did you cause such a major scandal?"

No response.

Sae decided to continue.

"To be quite frank, I didn't see it as a prank from the get go like some others but I couldn't assemble a case for prosecution. The main reason why I couldn't was because I couldn't determine the means, the method behind all of it", Sae confessed to the suspect.

"… of course you couldn't. No one .. would believe it", Ren finally said.

Despite finally talking, Sae was unfazed.

"True", Sae admitted with a nod.

"There's no conceivable way that I could be convinced that such a … 'world' actually existed just by reading reports; at least not without seeing it for myself", Sae continued.

With saying that, Sae closed her eyes.

"So, it seems that you're actually coherent. That's good. We have a lot talk about … and not much time to do so", Sae acknowledged.

"So let's continue", Sae said.

"When and where did you first find out about this other world?"

"How is it even possible to steal someone's heart?"

"Now, tell me your account of everything. How did this all begin?"

And with that, Ren cradled his head with his head as he tried cast his mind back.

But, when he opened his eyes, he found himself surrounded by darkness, Sae, nowhere in sight.

But, then … it appeared.

Fluttering in front of him was a strange blue ethereal butterfly which left behind a trail of light.

And accompanying the butterfly … was a voice.

"… you are held captive"

A soft, mysterious female voice.

"A prisoner of fate to a future that has been sealed in advance"

A familiar voice?

"This is truly an unjust game. Your chances of winning are almost none."


"But if my voice is reaching you, then there may be a possibility open to you"

What possibility?

"I beg you … please win this game … and save the world itself"

Saving the world?

"The key to victory lies within the memories of your bonds – the truth that you and your friends grasped."

The key to victory is in the memories of bonds?

"It all began that day … when the game was started half a year ago"

Half a year ago?

"For the sake of the world's future but also your own … you must remember"

Must remember?

'Yes, I need to remember everything', Ren thought resolutely.

'So, let's start with the beginning'

'When the journey began'


Well, that's several hours worth of work done involving reference and typing. So, that's the first chapter, or more accurately, the prologue. If you've played the Royal version if the game, you'll have a better idea of what just happened in some of the scenes and you could also probably tell that things are indeed a bit different, more so in places. First of all, Joker actually speaks! OMFG! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! Anyway, yeah, Joker will speak a lot more but he will also still be quite quiet, more specifically outside the Metaverse since that's where he allows himself to let loose. Secondly, the dialogue is generally the same but I did some tweaking as well as adding extra pieces of dialogue. Thirdly, you can hear the inner thoughts of some of the characters like joker and Sae.

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