7-year-old Hope Mikaelson was laying on her bed, drawing on her sketch pad, as her mom leaned against the doorway watching her.

They both look up as they hear a vehicle approaching.

Hope turned to look at her mom with excitement. "Is that her?"

"Let me check, stay inside" Hayley responded and walked away.

Hope watched her go, then looked back down, and began to quickly finish the drawing.

When she was done, Hope got up and looked out the window, smiling as she spotted Mary.

She left her room quickly and ran outside to greet her.

"Mary!" Hope exclaimed, running down the stairs on the porch.

"Hope," Mary greeted, kindly. "Come here."

Mary opened her arms and Hope ran forward to give her a hug.

When they separated, Hope turned to look at her mom as she approached.

"Do you have to go?" Hope asked, feeling disappointed.

She'd rather have her mom here with her.

"I do," Hayley replied with a sigh.

Hope stared up at her mom, worried that something was going to happen to her.

"But I'll be back very, very soon," Hayley promised. "And I won't be alone."

A smile appeared on Hope's face at those words, and Hayley pulled her into a hug.

"I'll call you every night before bed, okay?" Hayley reassured her daughter. And when she pulled back, she looked down at Hope with a gentle smile. "In the meantime, you listen to Mary, deal?"

Hayley kissed her two fingers and held them out to Hope, and Hope did the same.

"Deal," Hope said, pressing her fingers against her moms.

Hayley pulled her into one last hug, before finally leaving with Mary following her.

Sending one last look over her shoulder at her daughter.

Hope had returned to her bedroom after Mary had made her dinner.

She looked down at her drawing of her mom with a smile.

Hope was really excited that the family she had heard so much about was finally going to come home. But she was also worried, what if they didn't like her or thought she was too annoying?


Hope would do her best to be on her best behavior.

She glanced out the window as her thoughts turned to her dad.

Her mom had told her so many stories about him.

About how he sacrificed himself to save his siblings and a part of Hope couldn't wait to meet her hero.

But the other side of worried that her dad wouldn't like her.

She looked back down at her drawing.

Maybe he would draw with her…

Her mom said that he was an artist like her, and that she got her talent from him.

That would be a nice way for them to bond…


Hope looked up as she heard something from Mary's room, that was a few doors down.

Was she okay?

Hope got off her bed and left her room, and started walking slowly down the hall. When she got to the door of Mary's room, she pressed her ear against the door, trying to see if Mary was okay or if she needed help.

"Hayley and Hope would be far better off if the Mikaelson's were left where they were." Mary's voice came through the door.

Hope's eye widened at the words.


"The Mikaelson's are far too dangerous to be let out and if Hayley's not careful, they are going to end up killing her," Mary spoke again, the worry was clear in her voice.

Hope froze.

Why would Mary say that…

What did she mean, her family might end up killing her mom?

That can't be true…

"That family has made far too many enemies with the number of people they've killed and the wars they've started, and I fear what will come of it…...Hope has already inherited all the enemies of her father and who's knows what that will do to her, when she is older...Will she constantly be afraid of her shadow, or will Hope have to become a paranoid monster like her father in order to survive." Mary sighed, sounding exhausted.

While Hope didn't know what to think.

Her dad was a...monster?

But her mom called him a hero…

Did her mom lie to her...but she always promised that wouldn't?

Was everything a lie?

Were all the stories made up?

And her family has killed people?

Mary was implying that it wasn't a small number either...

If this was true...was she meant to be a monster like them?

She always knew that she was different because of what she was but she never thought of herself as a monster…

Hope could feel her eyes start to prickle with tears, as she was overwhelmed by the information.

She didn't know how to feel.

She was hurt that her mom lied to her but she was also angry.

Did her mom not think she could handle the truth?

Was it because her mom thought Hope was too young or that she didn't deserve the truth?

Hope could feel her control over her magic slipping as a sudden wind appeared.

Deep breaths...take deep breaths

Her chest was tightening.

She felt like a volcano that was going to erupt.

Her mind was cloudy.

Everything was wrong.

Was anything her mom told her true?

Or was it all a lie?

Tear's started falling down her face.

Then, Mary's voice cut through Hope's hazy mind.

"It would have been better if that family had stayed in Mystic Falls….yes, I know that it would be terrible for those who fought them there but it would be better for us all if they had never returned to New Orleans," Mary said, sounding closer to the door than before.

That was when Hope realized that she was on the phone…

Who was she talking to?

Was it a packmate?

And what was Mystic Falls?

Was it a place?

If so, where?

Hope's eyes widened as she heard movement near the door.

Her alarm bells went off and she ran back to her room, closing her door as quietly as possible. She jumped in her bed, wiping her face as quickly as possible and picked up a colored pencil, and started to pretend to be drawing.

Her door creaked open and she glanced up to Mary checking in on her.

Mary immediately paused seeing the tear stains on Hope's face.

Guess she didn't hide them very well...

"Hope, dear. What's wrong?" She asked, entering the room. Mary walked over to the bed and sat down.

"I just miss my mom." Hope partially lied. She did miss her mom but that wasn't the reason she was crying and let's not forget that she was mad at her mom.

"Oh, sweety, your mom will be home before you know it, I promise," Mary reassured.

"I know, I'm just worried," Hope whispered.

"That's perfectly normal but just know, everything will be okay," Mary said, running her hand on Hope's back.

Hope nodded with a weak smiled and Mary stood up, patting her back.

"I'm right down the hall if you need me, little one," Mary said, stroking her hair.

"Okay, Mary. I'm okay now. " Hope promised, looking up at her.

"Good girl," Mary said and left the room.

Hope watched her go, and a frown appeared on her face the second the door was closed.

She looked down at the drawing of her mom and narrowed her eyes in determination.

She needed to know the truth.

Were her dad and the rest of her family monsters?

But how could she find out the truth…

Hope thought back to the conversation she overheard.

Mystic Falls…

Mary implied that that was a place and that her family fought people there...were those people still there?

And if so, would they tell her the truth about her family?

Hope frowned thoughtfully.

It was her best shot.

But how the heck could she get to Mystic Falls and where even was it?

Hope pushed herself up and left her room again, trying to be as quiet as possible. It wasn't long before she reached her mom's office.

She tried to open it but it wouldn't budge.

Oh, no.

Was there a key around here?

Hope felt a sense of hopelessness.

It would take too long to find a key and Mary could realize that she wasn't in her room and come looking for her.

Then Hope started in realization.

She almost smacked herself in the face as she realized that she was an idiot.

She had magic.

She had a lot of magic.

Often times it was overwhelming how much.

Sometimes it even felt like the weight of its power was crushing her.

But for all that power...she didn't know how to use it that well.

Nor did she know that many spells.

Hope felt useless.

She was supposed to be one of the most powerful witches alive and she couldn't unlock a simple lock.

Then Hope looked up with determination.

She had to try.

Hope turned her attention to the doorknob.

She tugged lightly on her magic and imagined it reaching out, wrapping itself around and within the doorknob.

She closed her eyes and tightened her magical grip, trying to do her best to ignore the shakiness of it.

'Open' She ordered in her mind.

She heard a click and her eyes snapped open.

She reached out and turned the knob.

It opened.


She did it.

She broke out into a large grin.

Hope glanced back at the hallway, before entering her mom's office, closing the door behind her.

Hope breathed a sigh of relief. Happy that she was now out of sight and didn't have to worry about Mary seeing her snooping around.

Hope approached her mom's desk and turned on her computer.

While she waited for it to load, she began to look through her mom's drawers.

When she opened one of the drawers on her right, she found a wadded up ball of cash and an extra phone.

Hope smiled.


Hope paused.

What did jackpot mean?

Is it like a jack in a box or something?

If so, why do people say that when they find something good?

Oh, well…

Hope grabbed the cash and the phone and put it on the top of the desk.

Then she continued rifling through the drawers.

And the only things she found were papers and pencils.

Along with other adulty stuff.

When Hope reached the last drawer, she paused.

It was locked…

Why was it locked?

Hope glanced back towards the door, then back at the drawer.


Hope closed her eyes and focused on her magic.

And did the same thing she did to the door.

Another click sounded.

It worked.

Hope smiled excitedly.

She was getting good at this.

Hope reached forward and opened the drawer.

Hope froze with a gasp.

No way.

A thick old book rested in the drawer, and Hope could sense the powerful magic that seemed to surround it.

A grimoire.

And not just any grimoire, this was her grandmother's grimoire.


Hope reached in to pull it out, grunting slightly as she did so.

It was heavier than she thought.

Hope ran her hand over the cover.

Now she was really getting into the magic game.


Hope turned to look at the computer. It was on but now there was a password thing on the screen.


This sucked.

Hope frowned and her fingers hover over the keyboard.

What would her mom use as her password?

Maybe, Hope's birthday?

Hope tried it but it didn't work.

Then she tried, 'little wolf'

But that didn't work either.

Then she narrowed her eyes thoughtfully as she remembered something her mom used to say to her.

Hope typed in 'always and forever'.

And pressed enter.

It worked.

She was in.

Hope then pressed the crome icon in the corner and it pulled up the app.

She type in the words Mystic Falls into the search bar and pressed enter.

Hope held her breath as searches appeared.

But the one on the top caught Hope's eye.

'Mystic Falls, Virginia.'

Somehow she knew that was the correct one.

Actually, it was really because it was the only place that was in the US, which was very telling. Then again, maybe the place her family came to New Orleans from was overseas but Hope had no idea how to get to those places so she was going to stick with the one that might actually be possible to get to.

Hope began to write down the information, not that she understood some of it but that didn't mean she couldn't ask people she ran across.

Hope then turned on the phone and started inputting some of the information into it.

And made sure to have maps open of the phone with her destination saved into it.

Hope smirked.

Now how to get to Mystic Falls?