AN: A shorter chapter. The next one will be longer because she'll be in Mystic Fall. Also, I loved all the names for the wolf but one just really stood out to me.

Hope was extremely tired by the time she reached a small city near her house but she knew that she couldn't stop, if she did there was more of a chance she would get caught.

Hope looked down at the wolf that had planted himself at her side.

She had decided a name for him.

She decided it when she was walking past a cafe that had the song 'Jessie's girl' and the wolf had perked up curiously when he heard the lyrics.

The young wolfie that Hope found was officially deemed 'Jesse'.

He was still learning the name but eventually, he would learn it.

He was also learning how to wear a collar. Hope had bought one for him at a pet shot she passed by, so that no one would stop them because he appeared to be a wild animal.

Which he was but that wasn't the point.

She also had some food -meat obviously- and a leash that she only used if absolutely necessary because he hated it.

A lot.

"Come on, Jessie. Let's try and catch a bus to Mystic Falls." Hope whispered, pulling on his collar.

Jessie followed obediently behind her as they avoided people passing by.

It wasn't long before they reached the bus station. She quickly bought a ticket to Virginia, ignoring the weird looks she was getting.

When she reached the bus, she was stopped by the bus driver.

"We don't allow pets on here," He said, frowning down at her.

"He's well behaved," Hope said, tightening her grip on his leash. "He won't cause any problems."

"He's not allowed," The man said firmly.

Hope glared at him, feeling her temper rise.

Her magic reached out instinctively and wrapped around the man, who tensed, unconsciously aware of the danger.

"Let him on the bus," Hope said, with an edge to her voice.

"Miss, he's not-t allowed," The man said, shakily.

Hope focused her magic on his mind, urging him to do as she said in a way very similar to compulsion.

"He's allowed on the bus…" Hope said, slowly.

"Yes, you are correct, carry on." The man said, blinking fuzzily.

A smile lit up Hope's face.

"Thanks, mister," She said, cheerfully as she directed Jesse to the back of the bus.

Once they were there, Hope set up space for herself to sleep.

Jessie jumped up on the seat with her and she laid against him after she pulled out her blanket.

A part of her was worried about what was to come but the other wondered what she would find at the end of it all.

Would all this effort be worth it?

Or was she just going on a wild goose chase?

Her thoughts turned to her mom.

Did she know she was gone yet?

Or did she think she was safe at home with Mary?

Hope feared the consequences that were sure to happen when her mom finally found her but she couldn't stop now.

She was getting so close.

And she made a friend along the way.

Wait...would her mom let her keep Jessie?

If not, she'll just throw a giant tantrum, that should work.

Hope relaxed against Jessie and closed her eyes and drifted off.

She was in an old house that creaked and groaned every so often.

Hope walked forward hesitantly.

Where was Jessie?

Where was she?

Cause this was most definitely not the bus…

Did someone kidnap her?

She froze when she heard something down the hall. She hesitated to walk towards it but her curiosity got the best of her.

Was this a stupid idea?

Possibly but this might be the only way she could figure out where she was.

Besides, Hope was being urged in the direction of the noise.

Slowly she walked forward, trying to pull her magic forward but it didn't work.

Hope felt herself freeze as that realization hit her. She could feel her magic but she couldn't call it….something was preventing her.

That definitely wasn't good but it was too late to turn back now.

When she reached the end of the hall, she turned the corner and stopped abruptly.

A little boy with glowing blue eyes turned to look at her. He smiled strangely.

"It won't be long now…" was all he said and lunged forward.

Hope gasped and fell backwards, but the boy never reached her, instead she was in a weird place.

A void of sorts.

"It begins a thousand years before the city was founded…" A voice echoed around her, making her whirl around confused as she searched for the source. "Two rival tribes decided to combine their power."

The voice was female but somehow, Hope could sense that these words had yet to be spoken.

It was something of the future…

"They felt that by uniting in peace it would enter a new age of harmony…"

Hope felt a chill creep down her spine.

"A marriage was arranged," the voice said. "Two powerful witches joined together to create a unified coven."


That meant witches right?

"...Something went wrong.." a man's voice guessed and Hope felt a strange sense of familiarity about it. But before she could think about it the female voice spoke again.

"The marriage for a child...for nine months the tribe elders visited the mother using magic to grant the child great power in hopes that the newborn would become a symbol of prosperity…"

Hope paused, curious about where this voice was going with what she was saying.

Did they try to grant a baby great power? She didn't know that witches could do that.

Although, it did feel like it would probably go wrong...

"But they had no idea what they were bringing into the world….she was stronger than anyone could imagine…and that she had a terrible hunger for more power still and that's how the hollow was born."

Hope woke with a gasp.


What was that?

Why did she dream that?

Were both parts of her dreams connected or separate?

She didn't know and a part of her didn't want to know.

However, if there was one thing that Hope realized it was that things were going to take a turn for the worst...