Food is our language of love

Summary: Ban gets reacquainted with Earth's food and Hoji's wallet suffers some. Ban disagrees.

Or: Off screens Ban and Hoji moments throughout the show.



Ban/Hoji. Ban & Tetsu.

Episode related. Food related. Canon-divergence. Team as Family. Fluff. Hurt & Comfort. Weddings. Magiranger Crossover. 10 Years After Special. Space Squad Gavan Crossover. 800-2k length.


Short Ban/Hoji nonsense while I'm rewatching Dekaranger. Self-indulgent bc who's gonna read Deka in 2020 except for me?

I also didn't plan for this at all. I just missed food in Japan, okay. Some are what I personally have had, some are what I want to eat. If I get anything wrong, please don't kill me. Beware you might get cavities by the end of this.

Anyway, I just wrote and hoped it made sense, some are better than others hahaha if you read, please enjoy and let me know what you think!

Episode Summary: Earth Branch got a new member, and Sen landed a date.

1.2 Robo Impact + Yakitori (1040)

Everything about Ban grated at Hoji.

Starting with the blatant favoritism from Boss to his overly boisterous presence and loudmouth—how were they supposed to follow a guy who won't even listen to command? Or the plan of his teammate for that matter.

In the back of his head, Hoji added that it was his plan, a plan that was supposed to be flawless as always until Ban disregarded it like it was nothing.

The rational part of his mind would argue that everything had ended up fine anyway—the case was closed, and they deleted Don Moyaida and stopped earth from being turned to rubble—but still, like fingernails on chalkboard, Ban grated at Hoji.

And even as Hoji sat, fuming and glaring, trying to figure out how to relieve such irritation, his dining companion paid no notice and enthusiastically called out enough food for the both of them. None of them were Hoji's favorite.

"Lighten up, partner," Ban, in his faux leather shirt and now rolled up sleeves, clang his draft beer at Hoji's tea cup with a big obnoxious smile. "It's my treat! It's been so long since I had Earth's food, don't hold back, help yourself!"

Hoji picked up a skewer of grilled chicken skin, trying to not cringe his nose in distaste and thinking about all the calories he had to work off after eating such unhealthy food.

He was ready to end the long day with a date; how did he end up at an izakaya off-base with the new Red anyway. It must have been from the shock at seeing the usually shy Sen-chan wooing the cute office lady with suave.

It was a waste of opportunity, Hoji sighed, but he ended up eating the skewer anyway. It was annoyingly delicious.

"Don't call me partner until you can follow orders," Hoji said.

"I can follow orders just fine," Ban was rapidly making his way through his fifth skewer and second beer. "Why don't you give it a rest already? I already said I'm sorry!"

Hoji scoffed. They were Special Police. Sorry didn't solve crime or protect citizens from snipers or accomplish anything as a matter of fact. He didn't dignify that with a response.

"Besides, it wasn't my fault my SP License wasn't hooked into the system then." Ban scowled, prompting a side glance from Hoji because he didn't know that. "Didn't realize there was a plan and everything. I saw an enemy shooting at y'all, and where I'm from, when someone shoots at you, you shoot back!

"Also why are you Earth Deka so unfriendly, didn't even lower the defense barrier when you guys knew I was coming! You should be saying sorry to me!"

"You wish." Hoji rolled his eyes.

Swan-san had tons on her plate, if their new Red didn't learn to navigate this planet's nooks and crannies on his own, he might as well pack his bag now.

It wasn't that hard to get in, especially with how Alienizers basically waltzing through it all the time with their new tech. Hoji won't be the one to criticize Headquarters' mechanics, however.

On a side note, Hoji was slightly mortified at his mind for considering Ban 'theirs' already.

To be fair, Ban proved to be a competent Ranger. He just wasn't up to Hoji's standard of a field leader. Not when he was so impulsive, impossibly pigheaded and so childish with lips protrude to a pout even as he wolfed down more chicken.

Thankfully, their team didn't care much for the 'Red was the leader' ideology, and had a system going: follow the lead of the member that made the most sense. Or bureaucratic wise, the one with the most seniority, him.

It worked out fine for them even when Umeko joined. Hoji just wasn't sure what Boss had in mind when he recruited Ban and dreaded the upcoming changes.

"Look, you obviously don't like me," that was an understatement. "But let's put our personal feelings aside and work together, okay? Criminals aren't going to wait around for us to sort out our differences."

Hoji lifted an eyebrow because Ban almost sounded mature if it wasn't for his continuous petulant tone. He was right, of course, but Hoji wasn't going to admit it out loud.

"I'll try not to go too crazy in your presence." Ban raised his glass. "You'll try to loosen up that cool perfect guy act." He didn't let Hoji interrupt and continued on. "And we'll compromise like professionals or whatever that you're so gung-ho over, deal?"

Hoji was debating on rebuking Ban on his word choices, but they were squeezed beside each other on counter seating, meaning he received the full brunt of Ban's enthusiastic declaration and shining eyes from only a foot away, and it was hard to say no just for the sake of it.

As if he was taking too long to answer, Ban wiggled his glass impatiently until Hoji finally knocked his teacup against it. Another grin lit up on Ban's face, making him appear way younger than the number on his file.

"Fine," Hoji sighed at last. "No promise though, your brand of stupidity needs to be kept in check sometimes." He could already tell that the others weren't going to do anything about it, and it fell to Hoji because he was responsible like that, okay.

"I think you mean courage and passion—"


"But it's kinda fun, you know, I'm like burning and explosion!" Ban clenched his fist for effect. "And you're like cool and collected." Here he flicked his hair in a failed imitation of Hoji. "So we're totally complementary to each other—"

"Uh-huh." Hoji hid the involuntary quirk of his lip behind the tea cup.

"Doesn't it just feel like we're going to be the best duo in Deka's history, partner!" Ban patted his back, warm hand splaying on top of his shirt and staying for far too long.

"Oh, now you've taken it too far. And don't call me partner." Hoji shook his head.

Ban smiled. "Nah, I don't listen to people who drink tea with yakitori, a slightly unhinged one, aren't you?"

Groaning, he shoved at Ban's shoulder only to get laughter in response.