MovSum: Space Sheriff Gavan interrupted Umeko and Sen's wedding for a case.

Extravagant + Karaage (2496)

There got to be something wrong with him.

For thinking that Ban firing off the Giga Magnum was attractive. They were in the middle of a fight for goodness sake. And now they were among companies, Hoji should really stop thinking about it.

Even if it had been an awfully long time since they got time together.

After they cracked the case with SPD corruption wide open, exposing at least another handful of Commanders along with Commissioner Kight Reidich, Ban was off to his next mission right away.

Hoji didn't know anything about it because F.S. reports were kept hushed-hushed during the information lockdown that Headquarters was implementing.

Rumors had it that the Tokkyou, both white and red, was conducting an internal investigation on all SPD personnel to flush out underlings of the deleted high-ranking officers.

But with the joint investigation with the Galactic Union Police in the Mad Gallan case, Ban was here, laughing and drinking with Gavan, oblivious to the state of Hoji's feelings even when the entire Deka team gave him amused grins.

He sorts of understood why Ban hated the teasing back then.

It was almost deja vu—seeing Gavan ordered a ridiculous amount of karaage for his assistant Shelly, and their entire group. It was an eating challenge; if they could finish this mountain of fried chicken in an hour, then it would be free.

Despite how optimistic the Space Sheriff was, Hoji didn't think they could when Shelly was smiling more than she was eating. And Umeko, who was usually their powerhouse, still needed to fit in her wedding dress for the ceremony redo.

Sen maxed out on the fifth bite; his stomach didn't agree too well with fried food.

Tetsu was going strong, but Jasmine was abstaining, something about waistline after giving birth, Hoji wasn't quite listening.

Hoji was too busy reining himself against Ban's wandering hands because Ban was drinking more than he was eating, and he was really touchy feely when he was drunk, which was not helping Hoji's mind getting out of the gutter any time soon.

His arm slung on Hoji's shoulders when he and Gavan clang another beer together, oozing camaraderie like they belonged to some brotherhood of hotheaded leaders.

Ban hid it well, underneath hard-won battlefield experience, but Hoji didn't doubt he operated with his heart more than half of the time.

"So, this is your famous husband?" Gavan slurred, and his arm was also around Shelly. They mirrored each other too much.

"Famous?" Tetsu questioned before Hoji could get the word out. He was razing through a third of the chicken plate.

Suddenly, the team's focus veered to the conversation between two drunk men.

"I didn't take you one for office gossip, Geki—" Ban frowned, then his cheeks flushed red, and he grinned drunkenly, nodding with enthusiasm. "Nice, right?"

Hoji slapped his head, just hard enough to get his point across. But he didn't have the heart to push Ban off and put a stop to the excessive clinging.

"Don't speak nonsense," he ordered, making Ban pouted, bottom lips protruding and if they were alone, Hoji would have bitten it and made Ban regretted—anyway, there were people, they were in public, Hoji had to halt the train of thought.

"Shelly is cuter—" Gavan said with a decisive nod.

"You know, Magi Red told me the same thing—"

"That Shelly is cuter?! Who the hell is Magi Red and how does he know Shelly—"

And it devolved into Ban failing to explain about Kai and Gavan not listening one bit.

Shelly was impervious to their antics, however, as she turned to address Tetsu's concern and most of the table.

"Banban-san's romantic marriage is well-known even in the GUP—" She glanced at Hoji with a sheepish smile.

Hoji pinched his nose bridge, not sure if he wanted to know what was so romantic about long-distance-married to a special squad Captain, who only saw him a couple of times a year for a sexcapade.

Granted that the god-it'd-been-so-long-I-fucking-miss-you sex was so much better than the post-traumatic-experience sex, it still can't be considered romantic in any form. But Hoji wasn't going to bring that up to argue.

There was only so much PDA he could stand after all. And he needed to stop thinking about sex and Ban in the same sentence.

Umeko sighed, "How nice, I want to have a space-famous marriage, too."

"I don't think I'm joining Fire Squad and traveling the universe anytime soon." Sen denied right away.

"Nonsense. Senpai blushed all the way to his neck every time I teased him about it, no way he's bragging—" Tetsu finished half of the plate already. Maybe they could do it within the hour.

Gavan and Ban waved the waitress for another round of drinks, but Shelly and Hoji, almost in sync, swatted their attempt and asked for water instead.

They shared a commiserating look when the two whined and got distracted, then argued again about who-knew-what.

"Ban has loose lips when he's drunk," Hoji conceded the point.

"Oh you would know, wouldn't you?" Jasmine winked, and Hoji rolled his eyes at her.

That wasn't what he meant and she knew it. Tetsu gave her a high five for it. It seemed that they had been colluding. His ears were heating up either way, and he drank his tea to calm down.

"We're actually pretty short-staffed," Shelly said, saving Hoji because they were allies now, members of the sober-and-rational club. "SPD F.S. trainees come help us sometimes, and they talked—how Captain Ban's husband called him in the morning every day."

That was a grave untruth. Hoji only called when Ban was off mission—which was, like, never. When Ban was in the trainees squad, there was more time to talk, but it wasn't every day. More like every week, but still.

"How Banban-san stared at the back of his license before and after mission like a ritual, and sometimes he sighed forlornly—it's awfully endearing—"

Hoji didn't know that. He was storing that piece of information for later.

"How they eloped to Waiha when they were young and spent their second honeymoon on Marivel for months—" the resort planet.

They were there for two weeks. Ban got roped into helping with a case for half of it. The other half was great though. But these gossips were clearly inflated.

"How was that? Umeko and I are still deciding between Marivel and Fora Fora—"

"Sen-san, that isn't the point! What else do they say, Shelly-chan?"

Shelly giggled. "That they are a cross-galaxies couple who dedicated their lives to duty-an epitome of love within the Special Police. Or something along that line—"

Ban, done with his latest nonsensical conversation with Gavan, turned to him and propped his chin on Hoji's shoulder, somehow catching onto their topic.

"It's okay," Ban assured him with a sleepy smile and fluttering lashes. "They don't know that I sleep in your hoodie because I miss you so damn much—it doesn't even smell like you anymore.

"And that I kissed the ring you gave me because you aren't there, and it only helped like half of the time," he muttered, words fusing together almost incoherently honest.

"You know, I automatically calculate the time difference to Earth whenever I land on a planet, even when I can't call you anyway. Your voice is so nice and it's my favorite thing..." then he trailed to silence, dozing against Hoji while Hoji's entire being was burning.

Gavan was dropping to the table in a similar state, jolting everyone from the ordeal as Shelly, who was blushing from second-hand embarrassment, quickly helped him up.

Tetsu stopped eating, mouth gaping in shock. "Can we redo that, I wasn't ready to record—"

"Loose lips indeed." Umeko held onto her cheeks.

"I don't want that much information about my teammate's love life, but it's sweet, I will drink to that," Sen said, and he was the calmest one out of them as he chugged his beer by himself.

"Hoji, just so you know I'm never letting you live this down." Jasmine fanned her face.

Hoji buried his face into one hand and made sure Ban won't topple over with the other.

He was afraid to even look outside of their table. Ban's declaration wasn't loud but there was no way that people missed it completely.

"I think I need to drink to deal with this," Hoji said against his palm. He wasn't going to drink; one of them had to be the sensible one.

"You need to eat chicken because we're almost out of time," Tetsu took a picture of them anyway. "What? Swan-san said she'd never seen you blush—I can't wait to tell her—"

"How about I pick up the check tonight, and we'll agree not to mention this ever again?"

Umeko said right away. "Done."

Shelly nodded vehemently.

It was kind of adorable how they both got flustered by Ban. It was probably not adorable that Hoji was doing the same thing. How many years had they been married now?

"I like free food as the next man," Sen added, he wasn't one for office gossips.

"Sorry, that's a negative." Jasmine waved her finger in a 'nonsense' gesture. "You normally paid for me anyway, I'm not worry."

Hoji groaned. "See if I do that next time."

"But I think it's nice," Shelly said. "To have someone who love you so much."

"Right?" Umeko smiled at her; she was definitely holding Sen's hand under the table. Hoji debated on calling her out, but he didn't think they both could get any redder.

"Did you know that Hoji-san proposed to senpai in front of all of us?" Tetsu resumed demolishing chicken, clearly siding with Jasmine on the matter despite eating Hoji's hush money. He was on his sixth beer, but looking unaffected as ever.

Shelly blinked owlishly. "I think this is insider knowledge—it might be cheating for me to know because there is a betting pool."

"There's a betting pool on us?!" Wasn't that a thing before a couple get together?

"F.S. and Tokkyou think it's Banban-san who proposed," Shelly dished. "I think our Director is banking on Hoji-san being the one." How could space police had this much time on their hand—

Tetsu grinned in glee. "It's fine I'll tell you anyway."

Ban was stirring on his shoulder, and Hoji grabbed the water right away for him to sip.

"Are we still here?" He rubbed his face against Hoji's uniform, mumbling and whining. "I was hoping we'll be home by now and I can have my way with you." It was nice that Ban still considered their DekaBase as his home home, but he really should stop talking.

Before it can come out that Hoji had to propose a second time. On his knee. In public. No matter how inconspicuous they were being.

"Yeah I think it's time for us to go," Hoji said resolutely.

"You know, it doesn't help that you leave as soon as he said that," Jasmine teased because of course, being the closest to them not engaging in the current proposal gossips, she heard everything.

"I never teased you about Hikaru," Hoji commented.

"Then you missed your chances." She smiled. "Get him back. I'll grab the check, and I'm sure between Sen and Tetsu, we can wrangle Gavan back to base."

"Thanks, Jasmine." Hoji flashed her a grateful smile. No matter what she said, she was still his favorite.

Ban was awake when they left, but he was more aware when they got back. He plopped onto the single bed and sprawled out all by himself in bright red limbs that clashed against Hoji's blue sheets.

Hoji had to slide off his boots and undid his belt. "Clothes off."

Ban grinned even when he knew what Hoji meant. He unzipped his uniform obediently, revealing a black regulation tank, but he stopped there, forcing Hoji to coax him out of his jacket and tug his pants away.

"Sorry, I wanted to spend some time with you tonight," Ban said when Hoji ditched his own uniform and pushed him to one side, making room for himself and his laptop. "But I got carried away—"

Hoji flicked his forehead, then started to write up reports for the day. "So you do know." But Hoji wasn't mad, it seemed such a waste to be needlessly angry when they didn't have that much time together.

Ban's red license rang, freezing them both. Ban cleared his throat and reached for it on the bedside.

"It would suck horribly if I have to force detox to drive back," he said before flipping it open, voice clear and strong, sounding like a F.S. Captain instead of Hoji's drunk husband. It was mildly impressive how quick he could switch gear while inebriated. "Akaza."

"Ban," Gyoku-san voice came out. "I heard from Sophie you're finishing up a case with Gavan on Earth?"

"Yes, sir."

"Mari and I are done here as well. Your presence isn't required until the briefing on Monday."

Was Hoji hearing this correctly?

"Seriously? Thank you, Gyoku-san." Ban understood his meaning. It was only Tuesday here.

"You did good work with your intel. We agree you deserve some time off—tell Hoji I say hi." Then he hung up without needing for a confirmation.

Ban turned to Hoji with a victory sign. "Want to go for a third honeymoon?"

"The wedding redo is this weekend, idiot." Hoji whapped him with a pillow. "And I can't take off work so last minute."

Ban shuffled back, laying on his side and draping his arm on Hoji's waist, blocking the keyboard annoyingly.

"Then we can do it here, let's go to the house," he said when Hoji shifted to pile the laptop on his arm, resuming typing. "I'll be your kept-husband while you go off to chase criminals—we'll eat together every day, I'll cook—I've been learning.

"Then we'll have mind-blowing sex at night when I'm not batshit drunk and you're not working overtime—maybe we can fly out to Waiha early, relax for a bit before the wedding, just the two of us."

"That sounds nice." Hoji agreed. "Think you can manage to stay away from cases for a week though?"

Ban squinted up at Hoji. "Probably not."

"I thought so."

"But I can help with cases and be your kept-husband, it'll be just like before—we'll be partners on the streets and in the sheets."

Hoji choked out a laugh. "I think that topped 'intergalactic-booty-call.'" He had to close his laptop because he wasn't getting anything done.

"Nothing topped 'intergalactic-booty-call,'" Ban chided as Hoji snorted, scooting down onto bed to receive Ban's octopus-like cuddle with arm and leg swinging over his body.

He pressed a clumsy kiss onto Hoji's cheek. "Actually, I like intergalactic-marriage better."

"Me too." Hoji smiled and closed his eyes.


A/N: And they lived happily ever after. The end.

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