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Spoiler Alert: There will spoilers to the Dark Knight Trilogy

Today's Special

"20/20 vision is always better looking back than it is looking forward."

~ Andrew Card

"Rachel! Kara! Let me see!" a young Bruce yelled as he ran after the two little girls.

Kara, seeing Bruce starting to catch up, grabbed Rachel by her wrist and ducked under a wooden table covered by plants.

But Bruce caught sight of wavy blond hair, and ducked infront of the table, seeing the two girl huddled together.

"Can I see?" He asked, voice coming out a pitch higher because of the breathlessness.

"Finders keepers. And me and Kara found it." Rachel sassed, continuing to cover her hands. Kara let out a giggle beside her.

"My garden." He fired back.

Rachel paused, not having a come back for that one. Pouting, she slowly lifted her cupped hand to show a wonky shaped stone cradled in her other hand.

But the second the stone was fully visible, Bruce snatched it out of Rachel's hand and made a break for it. "Finders keepers" he called out, running away from the girls. By the time the girls had realized what he had done, he already had a good head start.

"Hey Bruce! No fair! You cheated!" Kara yelled running after him, with the other girl right behind her.

The two girls looked around confused, not seeing the boy hiding behind a couple of green bushes. "Bruce." Rachel called out softly. Usually the boy would be gloating by now.

The girls heard their friend yell, as the ground beneath his feet gave out and he fell into a hole. Kara and Rachel rushed toward the opening, "Bruce!" Kara screamed. She reaped his name a few more times, when she failed to get a response she looked towards Rachel. "You get someone. I'll stay here with him. Ok?" She asked. The younger girl nodded, running off showard the stairs, calling for her mother as she went.

Kara looked back down where she could see a bunch of bats begin to gather around her friend. To this day, Kara doesn't really know how she figured out how to do it. But she was floating in the air. No, she was flying. Her mother did tell her that she would have amazing abilities on earth, but she never imagined this.

"Bruce! Hold on! I'm coming to get you!" Kara slowly descended into the abandoned well, the bats began to circle around her too, but she tried her best to ignore them, focusing solely on Bruce.

Bruce's eyes widened when he saw her, "Y-your flying."

Kara nodded. "I'm not sure how to stop. So just grab my hand. K. I'll take us up then." Kara instructed, extending her hand forward for the boy to take. Bruce, shivering grabbed her hand, she wrapped her arm around his waist, for some reason he weighed nothing. So she pulled him up, flying up slowly. Once they had reached the top, the two kids saw Alfred and Thomas standing there, eyes widened.

"Kara. You're flying." Alfred said amsed.

"Hey grandpa." Kara smiled, sheepishly.

After that day, it was decided that Kara's abilities would stay a secret. And the only people to know about them would be Kara, Bruce, Alfred, and Thomas.

As she got older, more and more of Kara's abilities came known. The most troublesome one being her eyesight, which they soon found a way to prevent. Most people needed glasses to give them 20/20 vision. But Kara needed hers to make sure she didn't have 40/40 vision. As she and Bruce liked to later joke.