Uncontrollable Fear

Sienna Walker was used to not having a place to call home as every time she went to a new one, they too just sent her away. It wasn't because she was a terrible kid or a troublemaker. Well, at least not on purpose anyway! She was sixteen and homeless, constantly living on the run from one place to the next. Most of the time she was an ordinary girl with mocha-colored skin, black hair that was short and wavy with brown eyes. However sometimes her eyes would randomly change to yellow and then the trouble would come.

It was during that time when her irises had shifted their hue that she was no longer just a normal teen. She had a special ability that didn't make her feel all that special, simply different. Hell, more so like a freak. Her ability wasn't something that would help people like some others that she had heard of. Instead hers did one of the worst things possible, it brought out the nightmares of people. Granted the nightmares were never real as they were just illusions but still it tended to freak people out none the less.

All things considered it would be a pretty cool ability to use against a bully or someone trying to hurt her. However, there was one huge draw back, she didn't have any control over it what-so-ever. It would turn on randomly when she was conscious and begin affecting the people around her. It started off just being people next to her when she was a child but as she grew so did her power. Now she was able to do it to people in a four-block radius of her if it decided to start up. Hell, sometimes it wouldn't even affect the full radius instead only affecting a small group. Other times she would try to use it on a certain person, and it would either affect someone else or not even activate at all.

This has caused her more problems than blessings as she had to run away from home after her power almost killed her grandmother. It had activated one day when her parents were out at dinner and she was being baby sat. It had caused her grandmother's worst fear to manifest in the living room. There was a terribly loud series of shrieks as the giant viper cornered the old woman. She was so afraid that her heartbeat raced so fast she almost went into cardiac arrest. Luckily, her parents had returned home just in time and her father was a surgeon and mothers were emergency medical service certified.

Later that night she overheard them from the hallway talking about her. They were discussing, well more like arguing, what to do with her because her powers were growing. Her mother wanted to send her away to some place better equipped to handle her. However, her father would like her to stay there but undergo research to turn it off. She hated hearing them argue about her status, they were her own parents and they treated her like a burden.

After they went to bed for the night, she grabbed some necessities and then she left them behind. She made her way out of town by hopping onto a train and rode it two towns over before getting off. After that she spent the next six years on the run from place to place. Sometimes she would stay in motels if she scrapped together enough money. Other times she would make her way to shelters or homeless hangouts.

All the while she was on the run her powers only grew stronger to the point where they were now. Her ability now causes people to suffer from the illusions of their worst fears. Sometimes they are past, present, or future fears and other times they were actual nightmares. With the increase of what her power brought to reality it also increased the damage that was done. Several of her victims over the past several years have been left in a catatonic state.

In that time, she has left a couple hundred people in various different cities and towns hospitalized. The fact of that has left her with two pressing organizations on her tail. The Armed Detective Agency as well as the Port Mafia was tracking her down, or at least trying to. The ADA was after her on the behalf of the government and police force. While the Port Mafia was trying to get her because of the black-market price on her head by Guild headed by Fitzgerald.

The Port Mafia was easier to avoid than the ADA except now they were no longer messing around. It was time for them to bring out the big guns as they were now sending Akutagawa and Chūya after her. These two guys were deadly serious about catching her and they were using tranquilizers and powers to try and accomplish it. They needed to be careful of her power because it would be dangerous if she used it on them.

The rest of the time she ended up running into the other group consisting of Atsushi, Dazai, and Kunikida. They were skilled at tracking her and on several occasions, they got uncomfortably close. She got lucky a few times in her attempt to escape because the Port Mafia showed up. Their arrival worked to her advantage as she let them end up fighting with the members of the ADA as a diversion for her to slip away.

However, this time she might not be so lucky as she moved through the city. She was running as fast as she could to escape her pursuers, but it was getting tricky. Akutagawa was gaining on her no matter how fast she pushed her legs to carry her. His ability Rashomon sent a black jet of energy after her that she just barely dodged. It tore through her side leaving her with a bleeding tear in her flesh.

The searing pain that was radiating from her side as she ran left her gasping for air as her eyes glowed bright yellow in the darkness. Her ability decided to activate in the nick of time to bring the boy's fear to life. His eyes widened in the darkness as suddenly he was surrounded by several clones of Atsushi. They were all laughing at him, mocking him. "You're so weak! You will never be better than me! I'm a better student than you! He likes me more than you! I'm stronger, faster, and more capable than a loser like you! You will never amount to anything!" the clones said repeatedly while spinning around him.

Finally, from the center of the clones came Dazai with a disappointed look on his face. "I thought you were a worthy student, but it was far easier to replace you than I thought. You are a disgrace to my legacy, and I regret wasting my time on trying to train a fool like you," the words echoed in the air around the boy as he held his head. He screamed in agony as the fight he had with Atsushi raced through his mind.

The boy crumpled to the ground as the images continued to spin around him in a taunting manner. Sienna slowed down to look back at the boys suffering. She shook her head at his fear, some people really have the strangest fears and nightmares that they consider the worst. She thought to herself when suddenly she felt a stinging pain in her left leg.

She looked down to find a tranquilizer dart sticking out of it in the center of her calf before another one hit her in her mid-thigh. She tried to pull them out in a hurry, but it was already too late. Her vision began to swim with black dots as her world grew dark, "Damn… it…" was the last thing she said before she slipped under. As her eyes closed, she fell down onto her knees before her body fell forward. Her face had hit the concrete below her.

The man who had shot her began to approach from the distance. He had positioned himself on the top of a building outside of the range of her ability with a tranquilizer loaded sniper rifle. He had taken her down finally after months of trying just on their teams' part. This wasn't counting the years that the underlings had been coming after her before that. He was vigilant of the scene when he arrived, taking in the sight of everything.

Chūya went over to the girl first as he knew her ability was turned off for at least the moment if she was actually unconscious. He tapped her with his foot careful to turn her over so that he could see her sleeping face. "Good, she's out cold. About damn time we caught her because this mission has been a pain in my ass!" he looked over toward the boy. The illusions were no longer dancing around him, but he was still on the ground with his head between his hands.

He was trembling as he mumbled to himself with wide fear filled eyes. The kid looked absolutely traumatized from what he had seen. The man felt a little sorry for him as it was a tough break, but he was the one who chose not to listen. They were told it was for the best if they executed their plan while they stayed at a distance. However, he had insisted he didn't need anyone's help and that he could do it all by himself easily. Guess he learned his lesson the hard way, the man thought as he walked over to the boy.

He clapped his hand onto his shoulder, "Calm down, it's over now. It was just an illusion caused by her powers; you know this." The boy looked really shaken up as he smacked away the man's hand, "Don't touch me." Chūya shrugged as he moved away from him and went to the unconscious girl. He hefted her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes so that they could carry her to the waiting truck.

They didn't have to walk that far down the road as Ichiyo was awaiting their arrival after Chūya sent the call in. They loaded her into the back of the truck so that they could transport her to the drop off location. Normally they would ship their captures to the buyers, but this girl was a special case. The organization that put out the bounty for her had sent a specialized unit to pick up the merchandise. Supposedly they had a machine that would neutralize her ability so that she wouldn't be a threat to them.

"Finally, I was wondering how much longer you two would be," the blond said as she opened the doors to the trailer of the truck. "I had to snap princess over here out of his panic attack," he jabbed his chin in the boy's direction as he loaded the girl into the back. He laid her down onto the cool metal bed of the truck before hopping out and locking the doors shut from the outside. The woman glared at the hatted man, "Don't talk about Akutagawa that way! He is a much better member than you are and has accomplished so much more as well."

"Yeah yeah," he just ignored her words as he started to get into the truck. "Time to drop this chick off and then I can relax after I report it," he said with a stretch followed by a yawn. He climbed into the driver side of the truck cab and started it up. He needed to drive her to the drop off and then collect their payment to take to the boss and then he was done with this damn mission.

The other two made their way toward the cab as they climbed in as well. "Let's get this over with so I don't have to deal with you again for a long time," the boy snarked at him. Little punk, he thought as he made his way down the road. As they drew closer to the location near the wharf, they were interrupted by a flash bang going off in front of them. Chūya was blinded by the bright light as he lost control of the truck and had to hit the brakes.

"What the hell!?" he cursed as he rubbed his eyes after he turned off the truck. Akutagawa and Ichiyo were already out of the truck and into the street to confront whoever stopped them. Suddenly a weretiger raced out of the dark alley and went after the dark-haired boy. Meanwhile Kunikida dealt with the woman taking her on in combat. At the back of the truck Dazai snuck around hiding from sight as he started to open the doors. By that point Chūya had exited the vehicle and spotted him drawing his knife.

He lunged at the bandaged man aiming to kill, "This time you won't get away, you traitorous bastard!" Dazai dodged carefully as he looked at him and said in a mocking tone, "Oh, look who it is! Are you trying to get me again? How sweet but like I said last time I want to die with a pretty woman in a double suicide." "Shut up, you suicide obsessed freak!" Chūya yelled in aggravation.

As the fighting outside had escalated the truck shook helping the girl inside as she began to stir from the tranquilizer. She began to groan as her head swam in the after-affect fog of the dose she was forcibly given. Slowly her eyes opened to her darkened surroundings as the cold metal pressed against her cheek. W-where am I? The sounds of explosions, gun shots, and yelling could be heard from the outside of her metal cage.

She knew she was in danger and she needed to get to her feet and prepare for a fight. She struggled to push herself up to her knees as the room spun around her. Then she pushed herself more with one leg up and another was still on the ground with her hand on it. Leverage was used to push herself up from the ground onto her feet standing albeit slightly wobbly.

Once she was vertical and the room stilled, she made her way to the back of the truck by the doors. She pushed on the doors hard finding them to be unyielding as they were locked. Quickly she abandoned the hope that the doors would give as she instead tried to figure out another route of escape. However, the rest of the truck was tightly sealed with no other means of getting out other than to doors.

Outside of the truck Dazai was still fighting or more so in his case screwing around with Chūya. Finally, he decided he was bored of playing with him and instead flawlessly dodged him once again. He ended up near the doors and unlocked them with ease during the time that the hatted man was left frustrated and confused at being dodged again. He through open the doors revealing the girl inside, "Oh good, you're awake! We could use a hand if you don't mind."

She looked at him suspiciously, "With what?" "With saving you of course silly girl. If you can prove to me just how useful you can be, I will vouch for you to join the ADA. I'll even throw in the added bonus of teaching you how to control that often-troublesome ability of yours." Her eyes stared into the man's looking for any sign of a lie but found none. Drawing in a deep breath as she ran through the decision quickly in her head until finally, she exhaled, "Deal!"

Sienna dropped out of the back of the truck as her eyes began to glow bright yellow once again. It flickered back to brown the first time she tried as her mind was still a little fogged from the sedative. However, the second time she tried they lit up even brighter than before and held strong. Her ability was let loose on her enemy's as she attempted to focus it solely on them.

She achieved her goal with a bit of a struggle as her power turned itself on the minds of Chūya, Ichiyo, and Akutagawa. Soon after the same images that had plagued the dark-haired boy before had once again manifested around him. Atsushi, Kunikida, and Dazai watched on as the illusions appeared around each person one by one. Ichiyo's was of Akutagawa laid on the ground dead. His eyes were opened wide and lifeless as he had large bloodied claw marks and bullet wounds all over his body. A large pool of blood surrounded the body with blood drenched clothes.

Chūya's was the last to form as his was strange and hard to understand. Before him materialized a group of people shrouded in darkness who addressed him. "You have failed us Chūya and for your incompetence you are to be executed." A man who looked remarkably similar to Dazai approached from the shadows, "Our prized member and shining example of excellence shall be your executioner." Fake Dazai walked over and pulled the hat off his head and placed it upon its own. "A memento to remember your death by," he whispered into his ear with a smirk.

The trio was left kneeling on the ground with tortured screams as the others left the scene in a hurry. As they neared the end of her power's radius her eyes flickered as her ability turned off. Luckily, they had enough of a lead to be harder to catch up to but still close enough they could hear Chūya's aggravation loud and clear. "DAMN YOU, DAZAI!" This only caused the man to chuckle and look at the young girl, "I think you are going to fit in just fine!"