The doors open automatically. Jane steps out of the elevator and scans the ward, looking for- oh, there it is. "Reception - register here" the sign above the desk reads. The brunette makes her way over to the blonde woman sitting behind the computer.


The woman looks up. She has light blue eyes and a kind smile.

"Good morning. Or afternoon it is, already? How can I help you?"

Jane hesitates. "I, I'm looking for someone," she says. "A woman, she should be here. Maura? I don't know her last name. She has blonde hair."

Mentally, Jane scolds herself for not finding out more about this woman. She must look like a fool.

The woman types something into her computer, but apparently without result.

"Do you know when she arrived?"

That's something Jane knows. "Three days ago. She had a gunshot wound to her abdomen."

The woman types again, this time with result. A quiet 'pling' tells her so. The blonde looks up at her from behind the computer.

"Can I see your ID?" she asks.

Jane puts her hand in her back pocket, looking for the little card. "Here you go." She hands it over and the woman looks at it, before looking back at the brunette.

"Are you family?"

Jane hesitates again. "No," she replies eventually. "But it's my fault she's here, really, and I want to see how she's doing and-"

"It's fine," the woman interrupts her. "That's not why I was asking you." She hands Jane her ID. "This is yours. Her room number is 623."

The brunette frowns, slipping her ID back into her pocket.

"Why were you asking if I'm family if that doesn't even matter?" she asks, a little annoyed, but mostly curious.

"Nothing," the blonde replies, but one look of Jane is enough to make her start talking. "Okay, fine. It's just that, uhh..." the woman stammers.

"She's been here for almost three full days, but you're her first visitor."



Cavanaugh rounds the corner into the bullpen. Both Frost and Frankie are sitting behind their desks, Korsak has just gone to the cafeteria to get some lunch.

"Rizzoli," he says, waiting for Frankie to look up. "My office."

Frankie shares a look with Frost before getting up and following their boss out of the bullpen, through the hallway, into his office.


Cavanaugh lowers himself down in the chair across from the younger Rizzoli. His face is unreadable.

Frankie tries to remain calm, but there are about a thousand scenario's running through his head. He tries to remember when he fired that shot, the shot that has led to this investigation.

"First of all, I want you to stop thinking about the worst case scenario," Cavanaugh starts. "You're lucky. All victims were shot by the attackers, not by police."

Frankie releases the breath he'd been holding. But the next sentence doesn't do much to ease his mind.

"But, I read in your statement that you didn't know who you were shooting at. You just shot."

Cavanaugh falls silent after this, waiting for Frankie to share his experience.

"I- I...," the Rizzoli stammers, "I did. I couldn't get my aim right, everyone was moving inside. Those hostages and the attackers. Next to me, people were shooting too."

Cavanaugh sighs. "Let me explain something to you, Frankie," he starts. "Shooting without knowing what you'll hit is only justified in life-threatening situations. If a killer is going after you, and you're by yourself with no one else around, it's perfectly fine to aim backwards and shoot without knowing if you'll actually hit him. In this situation, however, there was no reason to do what you did."

Frankie lowers his eyes.

He recently made a promotion and is now on the same team as his sister, the best homicide detective there is. Korsak still calls him a rookie though, because he's the one with the least experience.

"You cannot make mistakes like this," Cavanaugh continues. "Compared to Korsak, you're basically fresh out of the Academy."

Frankie looks up to meet his eyes again. His boss is right. There's no excuse for this. It's just that seeing Jane in danger still does something to him, especially when there are heavily armed men pointing guns at his sister.

"I know, Sir," he says. "What do you want me to do?"

"You understand I can't just let this go, right?" Cavanaugh asks. Frankie nods. "I would suspend you if I had the people for it. But your sister has this week off, and I'm two people short already. So it'll have to wait until she's back. Then you're off duty for one week, Rizzoli."

"Yes, Sir," Frankie replies. This could've been much worse. "Thank you, Sir."




The blonde woman is asleep in her hospital bed. She looks very small and pale, but better than three days ago. There's no blood on her anymore and she looks peaceful while sleeping.

Jane quietly closes the door behind her, not wanting to wake her. She stands very still at the end of the bed.

Now what?

She watches Maura for a bit until she decides to sit down on the chair next to the blonde's head. Maura is laying on her back, one hand resting on her abdomen and the other next to her body. Jane is already reaching out to grab the hand that's closest to her, until something makes her stop.

What is she doing?

Come on. You've held her hand before. It doesn't mean anything.

Finally, she reaches out again, and takes Maura's hand in hers. She rubs over the blonde's knuckles, wishing she'll wake up but also kind of wishing she won't.

Because what is she going to say to her?

She's so far away with her mind that she doesn't realize Maura has opened her eyes, until she hears her cough. Her eyes find familiar hazel ones and when Maura's coughing fit is over, the blonde smiles at her. "Hey, what are you doing here?"

Jane smiles back. "Checking up on you. I had to make sure they did a good job."

"I'm alright," Maura replies. "The surgery was successful and I have morfine for the pain."

The brunette softly shakes her head. "Why did you jump in front of me?" It's maybe too early for a heavy question like this, and Maura's face tells her so. The question seems to make the blonde uneasy, and she pulls away the hand Jane was still holding onto. "I-I'm not sure."

"Don't worry," Jane replies, trying to make the blonde feel more at ease again. "I always do things without thinking. They don't always have the best consequences."

It's silent for a bit, except for the steady beeping of the monitor that shows Maura's heart rate.

Eventually, Jane decides to break the silence. "The woman at the reception says I was your first visitor."

Hurt flashes through Maura's eyes for a split second, before her face goes back to neutral.

Nice, Jane. There's obviously a reason why her family hasn't visited her.

"Sorry- I'm sorry," the brunette stammers immediately, before Maura can answer. "I shouldn't have asked that."

"It doesn't matter. You didn't know," Maura says quietly. She shifts downwards, pulling the covers up to her chin. Jane notices. "Are you cold?"

The blonde shrugs. "A little."

Jane holds out her hands. "My hands are warm," she offers. Giving the blonde the opportunity to decline. But Maura doesn't, and very slowly, Jane feels one hand slip back into hers. Maura slides the other one under the covers, but Jane is perfectly fine with holding just one.

They sit in silence, just enjoying each other's company, until Maura falls back asleep.



Jane leaves the hospital with mixed feelings. One the one hand, she's happy to see that the blonde is okay, but on the other hand she can't stop wondering what her story is. Why she doesn't have family visiting her. The brunette still remembers the look on Maura's face when she'd asked. But it seemed the blonde was glad to have some company.

Remembering something, Jane pulls her phone from her back pocket. She looks through her call history and finds the unknown number that called her on Friday.

She presses call without thinking twice, and Emilia picks up on the third ring.


Jane takes a deep breath before answering. "Hey. It's Jane."

She can hear the smile in the other woman's voice as she responds. "Hey! How have you been? Back on duty?" Emilia is just as work-driven as Jane is. That's one of the reasons why they got along so well.

"Nope, unfortunately not," Jane replies. "I'm not allowed to get back until next week."

Emilia laughs. "You must be bored out of your mind. Is that why you're calling me?"

"You wish," Jane counters playfully. "I'm calling because, well, I wanted to apologize."

The woman on the other side of the line remains silent, waiting for Jane to continue.

"I wasn't myself out there on Friday. I was worried, exhausted, and just...," the brunette pauses to run a hand through her hair. "You shouldn't have had to take care of me back there."

Emilia interrupts her. "Take care?" she asks. "All I did was stop you from going back into that building. And I brought you back to Frost."

"You shouldn't have had to," Jane persists.

"Look, I know your story about being an independent woman and all," Emilia says. "What I did out there was nothing, Jane. We were all stressed. This doesn't make you weak."

For some reason, those were the exact words Jane needed to hear. She sighs, unsure what her reply should be, now Emilia has described the exact thing she meant to say. She decides on something safe.

"Anyway, thank you for getting us out of there. I really needed that deal of yours to get them out."

"I didn't do this just for you, you know that right?" Emilia says, her tone almost flirty. Jane finds herself smiling, wanting to play along. "You sure you didn't do this for me? Not even a little?" she counters. "I saw you looking at me when we were finally out there and safe."

Emilia knows exactly what Jane is doing and decides that two can play at this game.

"Don't flatter yourself, Rizzoli."

"Oh, shut up," Jane counters.

She's still smiling when she hangs up.

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