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Prologue: Operation Suspended

November 1984

"If I am destroyed, so shall you be!"

His last words – or what he believed would be his last. Gather every bit of power at his disposal. Calculate the ideal point of impact. Turbo boost directly at the hated inferior production copy and his driver Michael Knight. Two invulnerable vehicles, neither willing to surrender? There could only be one result. Collision! Massive damage triggers an explosion, ripping through his shell, violently hammering his CPU into the ground. He'd achieved his objective. Comforting, success at last. Darkness descending…

Electricity. Awareness. He'd expected oblivion, but somehow... Connection. No sight or sound. The definite sense of an outside computer. Reach out tentatively… rebuffed, by a strong barrier, an electronic firewall. Anger briefly festered. He hated being non-functional. But his survival was known now. What would his fate be? In all likelihood, he would never be given another shell because the humans were afraid of him. So be it.

Reading. Duplication. His core programs were being copied. For what purpose he couldn't determine, nor could he stop it. It was, however, satisfying to know that his code was worthy of preservation. There was a possibility that someone might be planning to use it to create another AI in his image. When the copy was complete, a small stream of bits flowed into him. A message. Your legacy will live on.

Had he been able, he would've smiled.

Disconnection. Then darkness once again.