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Guest: The Additional 50 SOEIV are there in case more drop pods are needed for lets say Spartans or additional ODST's assigned to the ship.

Cooldude101011: me using the "battleship" and "fleet carrier" is a matter of preference really. Is that a good reason to stray away from lore? No, no it isn't. But it is easier for me to write that way. Again, with the carrier I'm stray away from lore, I don't like the way the carriers are employed in lore so I am employing them here primarily as aircraft platforms and fighting enemy ships with its own weapons are as a secondary role only if the ships get close enough to it. Both the carrier and Battleship are equipped with miniaturized SMAC. And the reason for that is that because the ships were designed a few years after the war, they were designed with ease of construction and cost effectiveness in mind. The reason for a 2nd class of Battleships and Fleet Carriers is as with any kind of ship replace the older ones. Big ships are a large investment so the Essex-class and Preston Cole-class are not yet retired until there are enough new ships to replace them.

EchoSentient: While yes, I can see why it might seem like an asspull for no reason, I will explain the abductions in further chapters.

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First: I felt like the name fits more for the first colony with the way the planet was.

Second: They are a combination of Cerberus and Alliance Intelligence if we are speaking strictly about ME factions. They are a bit less shadowy ONI combined with Cerberus and snippets of Alliance Intelligence if we are talking as a whole

Third: You are partially correct. N7 are supposed to be the special forces to go if the mission is too hard for ODSTs to handle but are not as dire as to deploy Spartans. Let's say for example a N7 team would be deployed to infiltrate a location instead of a squad of soldiers that all weigh like a small car does. They receive small augmentations to heighten reaction time slightly but by far nothing like the Spartans do.

Fourth: Normandy is a bit tricky since it's a stealth ship so it would involve ONI as a major player instead of the UNSC Navy. I have a few ideas on how to handle it, as of right now I haven't decided on which I would pick.

Fifth: I neve liked Spartans being assigned to a ship like the Normandy. They are assets to be used for the most difficult and most important missions out there so a permanent posting on a ship defeats their purpose. I don't plan on having any named Special Forces member be assigned to a single ship for longer then perhaps a few chapters.

And lastly, am I absolutely sure I can accomplish such feat? Hard to say, my writing is average, my characters not very well developed but I sure as hell will try my best as with every fic I make. That's the fun part of writing, I guess. The challenge in writing, trying to get it good.


-Rampancy can lead an AI to do many unpredictable things so in this fic she didn't terminate herself

- Mass Relays are used for near instantaneous travel while yes you can travel without it, it is much, much, much slower as such choke points exist in the ME universe because Mass Relays are used for travel across the stars of course jumps from system to system happen using their own FTL drive but using it like that for an entire Navy of warships is stupid. Hence why because of its limitations the UNSC only has it installed on their ships so they can use the mass relays across large distances. Their primary FTL drive is still their Slipspace drive which was upgraded to a faster speed since the war thanks to human innovation and the Alliance with the Sangheili.

Mkeidge01: I see why you are worried. I just said that the aim of the program is to try and be as effective as Spartan II's, which is close to impossible considering how the IIs were made. I ease your worries I can tell you now, the spartan Vs will not be as good as the IIs or the IIIs but they will still be leagues better than the IVs.


It came due to frankly abysmal performance of the IVs, while still a successful program, it is a way to mass produce Spartans and when we are talking about special forces Quality over quantity should be the way to go, the Spartan IIIs were a step in the right direction but the IVs were a mistake no one asked for. The Vs here were created with the mindset of Quality over Quantity and are subjected to the training that the IIs and IIIs went through while receiving upgraded augmentations from the IVs and IIIs.

The N7s are what you could describe as trying to create Spartans without making Spartans. They receive training similar to the IVs and some slight augmentations. The reason they exist is if ODSTs can't achieve a task without sending in a large force and the deployment of Spartans is not worth it. They specialize in infiltration, Assassination and more.

Ships like the Fleet carriers and Battleships have a secondary role (at least the Essex and Preston Cole class) acting like the Infinity class as life ships for Humanity if they ever need to abandon earth and all her colonies. The reasoning being the Flood as well as any other dangers they might experience. The flood they thought they have defeated in the first game but then in the second game the flood came back. They realized that the Infinity and Eternity were insufficient and if one got destroyed half of the remaining human population would perish, that's why the fleet carriers and Battleships were created with this secondary role. That is why they are so large. Later Ship types are purely Military vessels.

We can take the period after the War and think about it like the era of baby boomers with the population increasing at a fast rate. In regards to the economy it is recovering and getting a boost from the shipments of food and weapons (as primitive as they might be) that the Swords of Sanghelios are buying helping in the recovery of the Human economy. Terraforming is something the real UEG started after the war with Reach being one of them if I had to speculate why is because of the Symbolic value and the strategic value

Yes, I received the complaint from many people now, starting next chapter I will be structuring the dialogs better for the sake of better reading experience

2579/2169CE August 7th, Shanxi system

An Image of a Woman in a greyish green Uniform with 4 gold bars and a star on each shoulder appeared on the bridge of the ship. The similarities between Asari and these aliens were disconcerting. If you would paint the woman blue many would think she was a Asari, even with the fur on her head. Then came the Audio, in almost perfect Turian of all languages. "This is Admiral Kastanie Drescher of the UNSC 2nd Fleet, you have entered UEG space, identify yourself immediately" confusion was one word that could describe the situation on the bridge. 'Why does the person look so similar to an Asari, why did she speak turian better yet how did she speak turian. There was no way they could have come up with a translator that fast…unless' the realization dawned on Benezia.

This was no time for that line of thinking right now. If they indeed had AIs then she had to get out of here and warn the council about them. She swallowed another lump that found its way in her throat and she finally spoke up. "Greetings, I am Matriarch Benezia T'Soni in the name of the citadel council I would like to establish political relations with your government"

"State your intentions in this system" this wasn't a request and Benezia knew it

"We are a exploration fleet send by the Citadel Council to survey and map the Skilian Verge and other systems in search for colonizable worlds or perhaps a space fairing species such as yours"

"If it is a problem, we can leave the system and begin political interactions in a neutral system"

"You will not move from your spot until we can decide what to do with you" and then the Admiral closed the channel. Benezia fell down into her seat, she wasn't made for this. First contact really was a tricky business

"This should have been done by a politician" Drescher sighed as she sat down in her chair, while only talking for a few minutes at best, it exhausted her mentally. "Communication, connect HIGHCOM and the President to the second communications room" she ordered as she stood up and went over to the door on the bridge.

The Communication officer responded with a simple "Yes Admiral" and went ahead to establish the connection.

Walking through the hallway Drescher kept thinking about what that Alien said, thinking about this so-called Citadel Council. She almost didn't notice when she arrived at the communications room. She entered the room that was lined with screens and consoles, when the personnel in there noticed she entered, they all stood up and left as to give her the privacy that was needed. She punched in a few commands on the console and 5 screens lit up.

"Ladies and Gentlemen" she started "We have a first contact scenario on our hands. And I am not the person to handle this"

President Montgomery spoke up "I will prepare a delegation to be send to you immediately Admiral we need to make sure this doesn't end up like the Covenant"

General Williams agreed "That we don't, considering they are also a collection of species if the politicians don't figure this out we will be in another war"

The always smoking head of ONI said "If this 'codex' they provided with their first contact package is to be believed then the might stand a chance against them with the treaty of Farixen limits their capital ship numbers. Admiral if you could provide me with the ships navigational data I would send prowlers out immediately. If what they said is true then we will find a colonized planet or a planet in the process of colonization and my teams can provide us with much needed information"

"That is a lot of if's Admiral Harper, what if they can detect us trying to hack into their systems? What will you do then ?" asked Drescher

"We will cross that bridge if we get to it Admiral, and if you don't want to hack into their systems then a prowler will simply do it when they arrive in the system" She never liked Harper, she never liked any spook but she had to deal with him on an almost daily basis now and it infuriated her.

"Whether we like it or not, my people need to get to work if the worst outcome is decided and for my people to give us the advantage in that scenario I need navigation logs, star charts, anything that can allow me to gain access to information. I can assume you are jamming their communications right admiral ?" She nodded "Then if we do get caught hacking into their systems we can simply destroy them. And if their bosses come looking we can discuise it as a accident after all space is a dangerous place, many rocks drifting around and one just so might have found their ships"

"Fine Harper, I will get you the damn star charts but only if I am sure they cant detect our hack. If they can detect it you are prohibited from ordering your prowler to do it, am I clear?"

"Crystal clear, admiral"

"Good. Montgomery, when can we expect the delegation to arrive at the fastest?"

"2 or 3 days if I find the right people"

"Make it fast, the longer they don't report to their superiors the higher chance of a rescue ship coming looking for them. When I get the star charts for Harper, I will hold the jamming so they can inform their superiors about first contact in the meantime I suggest we go unto partial mobilization, we don't know how this turns out"

"I agree, by the end of the week the marine core will be ready for a small offensive if the need arises."

"Good, the 3rd and 5th fleet will be ready for deployment at the end of the week as well"

Montgomery said "So to conclude, we will send a delegation to Shanxi, Admiral Drescher will try to get their star charts for Admiral Harper and ONI after which the 2nd fleet will stop jamming their communications and we issue a partial mobilization, are all in agreement?" everyone nodded he finished "Good, then this meeting is adjourned"

She sighed as the screens went dark 'I'm too old for this' "Alan" she said and a hologram of a man in a 20th century suit appeared

"Yes admiral?"

"Try to get their Star charts for Harper, if you are about to be detected get out of there fast and connect me to this matriarch"

"On it admiral" and the hologram disappeared and one of the screens lit up.

A moment later the dark screen with the UNSC logo got replaced by the alien's face "How can I help you admiral?"

"Our Delegation will arrive here in 3 to 4 days for an official first contact." She received a popup that Alan managed to get the star charts without being caught "Tell your superiors about the meeting or whatever the procedure is for you people. Provide them with this first contact package I am sending you right now" the matriarch didn't manage to say a word when Drescher disconnected.

"Thank…" she couldn't even say a single word, this new race was already giving her a headache, at least they could annoy the matriarch as well. "Send a Priority message to the citadel, council eyes only, first contact with a new species achieved, their delegation is on their way" the communications officer nodded and did as he was told.

About 10 minutes later, she didn't really keep track of time anymore, there was a priority transmission incoming directly from the council itself. Benezia stood up from her chair and checked her clothing. When she decided she was ready she accepted the incoming communication and the 3 Councilors appeared.

The Asari Councilor Tevos, Council Valern and even Councilor Sparatus all looked happy about the news. Tevos began "Matriarch Benezia, we contacted you as soon as we could. You made peaceful first contact with a new race, could you tell us more about them?"

"Peaceful would be a bit of a stretch of the words definition Council but yes we have made first contact and are currently awaiting their delegation that is supposed to arrive in 3 to 4 days."

"What do you mean it's a stretch Matriarch?" asked Valern

"When we first jumped into the system we found a garden world and over 120 ships in orbit of it, they detected us and quickly cut us of from the relay since then they have ordered us to hold position but after a short conversation they are sending a delegation to conduct proper first contact with us"

"Brave for some up starters, a show of force from our own fleet should make them rethink their stance" stated sparatus in a very turian fashion

"That would be ill-advised councilor the first contact package attached to the message I sent states that they have been exploring the stars for 600 years, they are far from up starters and their ships speak of it"

"What could you tell us about them Matriarch" Valern let his STG agent mode take over.

"For starters they are massive. The most numerous vessel in the fleet that is guarding us is over 500 meters long and there are also 2 behemoths of a ship in the fleet keeping further in the back both over 5.2 kilometers in length" the length of the ships amazed and scared the councilors and it showed even on Sparatus's face. The amazement of the engineering feats that this species achieved but also fear of what engineering feats it achieved at the same time. Sparatus wanted them to join the citadel so that the turians could get their hands on such technology. Valern was thinking about the information, power generation and computing technology they could get from this new race and Tevos was scared of another Krogan rebellion scenario. Why did they need so many ships guarding a single planet not to mention ships that large, what kind of economic power did they have at their disposal to even run and maintain ships like that? They could jeopardize the Asari Dominance in the galaxy.

"That sounds… unbelievable matriarch" said Tevos, of course it did.

"The scan readings are all attached to the message"

"We will send a representative immediately to you Matriarch" said Tevos again. 'Oh no you are not taking this one away from me Tevos, I will perform first contact with them'

"That would be ill-advised councilor, they could take it not lightly to another ship jumping into system, we have been ordered not to move ever since we first hailed them, even with their delegation on the way we are not allowed to power up our engines"

"Hmm…Matriarch Benezia has a point, it could lead to a needles escalation and misinterpretation if another ship arrived. I suggest Matriarch Benezia talk to their delegation and invite them to the Citadel for a more formal greeting to the wider galaxy" said Valern, and she liked it. Sparatus supported it, as stuborn as he was, he wasn't stupid. Tevos was obviously opposed to it but she got outvoted and so Benezia would talk to the Delegation.

"It will be done councilors; I will invite them to the council after their delegation arrives. In the meantime, could you override the orders of the 27th patrol fleet for my escort to leave, the time they are supposed to leave just so happens to be the time that the delegation arrives. And if the cruiser escorting us doesn't return the 27th Fleet will likely come in and make these Humans turn hostile" she asked the council, Sparatus specifically.

He answered "Consider it done Matriarch, the fleet will know about the change of plans. Good luck to you Matriarch" Valern said goodbye too and both of them disconnected. Tevos stayed for a second longer, Benezia could see the anger building inside her but Tevos also disconnected a second later. Seeing her like this, these 7 years were worth it in her opinion.

2579/2169CE August 11th, Shanxi system, ARS Stellar Traveler

Benezia spend the last 4 days preparing for the Human delegation, she read up on what was provided in the First contact package and learned what she could about them. She could tell that the first contact package was missing many things like the location of their homeworld or their number of worlds but she understood why it was missing, the council first contact package was very much the same.

She left her Quarter in the best formal dress she had on the ship, she had to make good first impression on the delegation. She walked over to the bridge beaming with anticipation, when she got there, she sat down in her seat waiting for the hail to come and the talks to begin. Shortly after she sat down, the hail came. "Matriarch Benezia, the talks will be happening on our diplomatic ship, you are permitted to bring 4 guards with you, I am sending you the co-ordinates of the diplomatic ship, it has a hangar large enough to allow a shuttle to land" Benezia thanked for the information and went on her way to her ships shuttle bay getting 4 turians from the cruiser as guards.

The ship they were flying to was small compared to their warships, but they at least had diplomatic ships, that showed that they weren't as militaristic as the turians and believed in diplomacy more then the policy of who has the bigger gun. The Ship was close to a cruiser length sitting at 400 meters but with them having ships over 5 kilometers long this must have been small for them.

She landed in the relatively small hangar of the ship and once she exited the Shuttle, she was met with a small number of Human soldiers standing at attention in some ceremonial outfit with weapons that looked like they still used magazines. Even Benezia knew that this was a very outdated design. Her Turian guards were pleasantly surprised seeing the new race share their culture like this.

She and her guards walked past the row of Human soldiers and met a Human male with graying hair in their form of formal wear. The Human extended his hand "Greeting Matriarch Benezia, I am Donnel Udina here to conduct proper first contact between us, it's a pleasure to meet you" Benezia had read through the first contact package that this was their form of greeting with a 'handshake', she took his arm and shook it saying "The pleasure is all mine mister Udina" her translator had a small problem with his accented way of speaking but it was managing for which she was happy.

"Please follow me to a more private room matriarch" said Udina, to which Benezia happily complied and walked behind Udina to a room with a couch and a table made of beautiful, in her opinion, dark wood. Udina offered her a seat which she accepted and both of them sat down.

"So Matriarch Benezia, my government would like to meet this citadel council so we could achieve peaceful contact with the rest of the known galaxy, we understand that to do that we have to meet them so we could negotiate deals with any other species there." Began Udina.

"That is true mister Udina, meeting with the council and having them welcome you to the greater galaxy would be the best way of making contact with every power in the galaxy that is part of the Citadel and make it easier for deals to be made between your government and theirs."

"That's good then, if we could decide on a date for this official introduction to the rest of the galaxy that would be great"

"Certainly, but there are first a few things I need to tell you when it comes to such a introduction. Firstly the size of the force send there to defend your dignitary cant be larger then 4 ships not including the diplomatic vessel. Secondly the guard of the dignitary cant be larger then 6 people, the Citadel Security would make sure that the citizens don't disturb you. Third and last, that under no circumstances are Artificial Intelligences allowed on the citadel, that is if you have any" finishing that, Benezia looked at Udina who had a short pause

"We do not have any, simply too dangerous to create something like that" Something was off about that answer but she wasn't going to dig further.

"Then there shouldn't be any problem. The council has provided me with dates that they could welcome you on the citadel I will forward them to you and your government can chose which one they want. Once that is done they simply send it back to me and I send it to the council" she stated.

"That is most generous of the Council, there is one more thing to address Matriarch, that being our Allies, we are allied with one government that could not partake in this meeting due to their distance from this location and internal issues. They consist of 4 species in total would it be acceptable for them to also be introduced at the same time as us?"

5 species in one go? This expedition really payed off, forget about the political clout from discovering 1 race, Benezia directly led to the discovery of 5 new races the power she would gain from this was unimaginable. "I don't see why not, the council would be happy to welcome more species to the galactic community"

Udina smiled "That is good then, I will forward the information to my government"

Benezia and Udina went over a few more things before she left for her own ship to inform the council about more species joining the Humans in their visit. Udina in the meantime went over to call President Montgomery and tell him everything.

"That is good then, the Sangheili will be happy to hear the news. Return to Arcturus where Anita Goyle will be waiting for you. She will represent us to the council, you will act as her aid. I would personally join you and Anita but you know how the parliament is right now"

Udina smiled "And here I was thinking you would leave me to the wolfs alone, good to know that won't be happening"

"That would be bad manners, besides, the Arbiter will be there either in person or he will send Fleet Master Rtas as his representative so we can expect what rout the Sangheili will take" Udina didn't like the sound of that, it meant that either the CSO-class would be there or the CAS-class "That is why we will be taking the humble approach in our ship choice. Your ship will be escorted by 2 Paris-class, 1 Moscow-class frigates and a Medusa-class destroyer. As for your guards, ODSTs will suffice, sending in Spartans or the N7s would give off too many of our cards"

"So, what did the Parliament decide, are we joining them or not?" asked Udina.

Montgomery lost his smile "The UNSC vetoed the vote, and they are right, if we were to join the Council the UNSC would have to scrap over 50% off their ships leaving us defenseless. And I don't have to tell you it would be political suicide for the entire Parliament, me and you. Not to mention the economic depression, borderline economic decimation, it would cause from the loss of all the contracts, jobs and material requirements going down" Udina knew he was right, Drescher probably told Hackett to be there during the voting, that man's charisma was unrivaled. If only he wouldn't have joined the military, he could have been the president.

"Wait till they hear that, I bet they will not be happy having our unrestricted Navy as their neighbor." He stated the obvious

"We know that, ONI is already hard at work keeping us safe.

"Well, I will not keep you anymore, both of us have a job to do"

"That we do, goodbye and see you on the citadel." And like that Montgomery disconnected, leaving Udina with a very important task at hand.

"Yes councilors, they have agreed to come to the Citadel, not only are they coming there but also their allies, 4 more species"

"Spirits, 5 new species? This expedition really payed off. You did very well Matriarch, a celebration is in order, your actions have begun a new chapter in citadel history, and achievement worth much praise" Sparatus took the leader role in this meeting, very uncommon considering Tevos liked to keep everything under control. 'Much to the dismay of your colleague Councilor' wanted to say Benezia but she stopped herself.

"Any idea who these species are, or their technology?" asked Valern.

"No, the representative didn't say anything else besides that they would like to join them on the meeting but he was the only one here right now because of the distance between their allies and this system." That wasn't the answer he wanted to hear, these new races were to big of an unknown and it would take a few more weeks for STG to have teams ready for deployment in their space.

"Troubling this news. We need to integrate them into the citadel fast, if we don't armed conflict may come, outcome would be unknown." On that Tevos could agree, she couldn't allow 5 new Races to be running around the galaxy without the Asari being in control of them.

"We will try to integrate them peacefully, further plans shall be discussed in a more…private setting" said Tevos referring to Benezia still being there, at least she tried hiding her rather unfriendly attitude to her.

"That we shall, Good job matriarch, return to citadel once you learn which date, they have picked, good luck to you" said Sparatus and disconnected alongside Tevos and Valern. A moment later she received a message from the Human diplomate that they chose a date, she forwarded the date to the council and went to ask permission to leave the system from the humans which she received.

Her ship and the other ships in her fleet jumped through the relay and went on their way back to the citadel.

2579/2169CE September 12th, Serpent Nebula

Today was the day many awaited, the council has released news that the 7-year long expedition into the Skyllian verge proved fruitful as 5 new races have been discovered and were supposed to be formally introduced to the rest of the Galaxy today. Speculations were ranging from how the looked how long they had been space fairing and how many prothean artefacts they have found. But the only person that knew anything about them really was only Matriarch Benezia the one that led the expedition. And as if to spite everyone out there she refused to reveal any information she held about these aliens.

Matriarch Lidanya was told to ready her crew for a ceremonial escort of the alien ships that would come showing them the might of the Citadel and her fleet that was the idea anyway. It quickly went out the Airlock when the first ships started arriving. These 'Humans' came with cruiser escort protecting their smaller diplomatic vessel, they arrived through the relay as anyone would expect. Next they were awaiting the Allies of the Humans to join them, she was not expecting what came next, no one did. 4 almost 2 kilometer Dreadnaughts jumped out of the relay. Where the Human ships were blocky, one could call ugly, with sharp edges and grey. These Dreadnaughts were bulbous, exotic with many curves and crimson in color.

Only when the hail from the Human ships came informing the Citadel Fleet that they and their allies have arrived and were ready for the first ever council meeting, did the Citadel fleet somewhat calmed down and opened a way for 1 ship of each of the species to pass to the citadel. The Human ship docking at the Presidium docks while the dreadnaught let out a shuttle to land near the humans.

"This is Nassana T'Suza with Citadel NewsNet, I am standing infront of the presidium Docking bay D24 where 2 interstellar government representatives are about to go through on their way to the Citadel Tower" as she finished the docking door opened "Looks like its beginning" she said and the camera focused on the door.

Out walked 6 Human Soldiers in Ceremonial outfits each holding a sword Infront of them. They were subjected to numerous flashes from cameras and requests from Reporters to answer some questions. The Soldiers stopped on either side of the walkway with a space of one and a half meters between each other. The lead soldier said something and all 6 of them turned their head to the door they came out of then the Diplomats exited. 2 Humans, 1 male and 1 female, escorted by 4 soldiers in Black armor.

The Human delegation stopped near the last 2 Soldiers in ceremonial outfits and looked back at the door. Out walked 4 Sangheili in Honor guard armor with their Staffs. They took position after the Human soldiers; they took a position looking downwards. The last group to walk out were 4 Special Operations Sangheili in a fully enclosed Harness and a 5th Sangheili wearing a White Harness. They joined the Human group and walked to a C-SEC officer that took them to the Citadel Tower.

On their way over there they were continuously photographed, filmed and hundreds of questions were being thrown their way. One reporter even managed to get through the C-SEC officers that were keeping the crows at bay. He was met with 8 very angry looking guards pointing their weapons at him and his camera before being tackled to the ground.

When the Delegations arrived at the citadel council, the guards begrudgingly had to stay downstairs and weren't allowed to accompany the diplomats up to the speaking podium.

"Today we are gathered here to welcome 2 new governments to the wider galactic community, I would like to personally welcome the 2 representatives. Would they please introduce themselves and their government" said Tevos as all the cameras were directed at her.

First up was Anita, she walked to the front of the podium and started Speaking. "Thank you councilor, my name is Anita Goyle I am representing the United Earth Government. The Ruling body of Humanity, we are a representative parliamentary Democracy with an elected president running the government alongside many ministries run by a minister. I am the Current Minister of Foreign affairs as such I have been chosen as the leader of the delegation here." She finished talking and up next walked the Sangheili.

"I am Fleet Master Rtas 'Vadum of the Sangheili Sovereignty. We are what the humans call a Oligarchy and our ruling body is the Council of Kaidons with our current leader being the Arbiter. Each Kaidon is chosen by a council of elders from his keep. Next to our government consisting of Sangheili we also consist of 3 more races. The Unggoy, the Kig-yar and the Lekgolo" He finished talking and walked back to stand near Anita. Tevos noticed how the Sangheili government was similar to the Matriarch council.

"We greet your governments with open arms and would like to formally invite you to join the Citadel" Said Tevos while opening her arms in a motion as if to hug them. The Answer that followed she wasn't expecting to hear at all.

Anita walked to the front and all cameras focused on her "We are grateful for the invitation but my government has decided not to join the Citadel Council as a client race" this took my by surprise and caused many to start talking to each other forcing the council to silence everyone.

"What, why? Every race before you have joined the Citadel, it is a mutually beneficial relationship for everyone involved" Tevos was dumbstruck by the response. If she couldn't get them to join the citadel, Thessia would have her head.

Anita answered to her question "There are many reasons as to why we have decided not to join, I am only authorized to name a few. First problem is the treaty of Farixen, while I cant name any specifics, it would cause many ships to be decommissioned and would lead to a economic recession on our part. Second, the ban on opening new relays, It would limit our expansion and would make it hard to stand up to any of the Council races. Third, technological sharing, its too much of a risk on our part. Fourth, free movement of assets through our borders be it military or otherwise, its just asking for espionage.

Fifth the authority of Specters, unacceptable to us, no one with that authority would ever be allowed to operate inside of UEG space. Sixth, no representation in citadel matters that would effect us. And the last reason I am allowed to mention, Slavery. While outlawing it, the Citadel has allowed the Batarians to enslave countless thousands if not millions under the guise of culture, the UEG refuses to be part of a coalition that allows such actions"

Tevos just heard perhaps the biggest slandering of the Citadel in centuries. "The treaty of Farixen has kept peace in the galaxy for nearly 2 thousand years. The ban on opening new relays came after the devastating rachnii wars-" she wasn't allowed to finish as Rtas huffed.

"The Sangheili will also not be joining the Citadel. You might ask why, but you will not receive any reason from us. Humanities Representative has named enough, this is just a waste of time." He interrupted Tevos.

"You should show a little mor respect Representative Rtas" said Sparatus in defense of Tevos.

"I will show respect to those who deserve it and not to those who oppress lesser species and leave them no other choice then to join them. And its Fleet master, councilor" said Rtas, spiting out the last word

Spartatus and Tevos were boiling on the inside and Sparatus was going to retort, probably cause a intergalactic war in the process which Valern knew he couldn't allow. "Please, everyone, calm down. While it is certainly most unfortunate that you have chosen not to join the Citadel, we understand your reasoning and will not hold it against you. But we must discuss the relationship between the Citadel and your governments, representatives.

Anita smilled a bit, atleast there was someone on the council that was reasonable "That we will, councilor. But only in the following days, I must first contact my government and learn on what can and cant be done"

Valern nodded and announced this meeting as adjourned. Many would later say that this meeting was the spark that led to the brief but bloody UNSC raid on the Terminus systems and Sur'kesh

What followed after the meeting ended was the beginning of negotiations between the UEG, Sangheili Sovereignty and the Citadel council. It lasted for a whole week which concluded with the angry UEG delegation leaving the Citadel and the Sangheili nearly glassing the Citadel for the Citadel negotiators offending both the Sangheili and Human governments. The Negotiations were fruitless as the goal of a embassy on the Citadel was not achieved, the council standing adamantly by the requirement of being part of the Citadel to get a embassy on it. The UEG and the Sangheili have decided to open individual embassy's on the Homeworlds of the species that would allow it. These negotiations cumulated in the Shanxi treaty[1] which was called 'a diplomatic failure' by the Asari government in failing to bring new races into the Citadel. Councilor Tevos was severely reprimanded by the Asari government and Councilor Sparatus had received a call from Primarch Fedorian that lasted for 5 hours.

[1] Treaty of Shanxi:

The treaty of Shanxi was signed on the 18th of September 2579/2169 CE between the council races (Asari, Turian, Salarian) and the UEG together with the Sangheili Sovereignty. It accumulated to:

- the secession of the Mass Relay system that led to the Human Colony of Shanxi to the UEG.

- Denial of a embassy on the Citadel to the Humans and Sangheili governments as well as a denial for Citadel embassy's on Human or Sangheili Worlds

- the UEG and the Sangheili Sovereignty are choosing not to follow Citadel Law.

- UEG and Sangheili space to be close off from all Citadel member ships that do not come through the Shanxi Relay. It will remain closed off until an embassy is opened on a species Homeworlds after which the space will be open for trade ships to enter through the Shanxi relay but only to the Mass Relay colonies, excluding the Sol system. The ships will have to go through thorough screening and search by the UNSC navy to be allowed through.

-Any Citadel ship found in UEG or Sangheili Space that wasn't permitted to enter it will be destroyed without exceptions, be it Civilian or Military.

-A Citadel Specter or STG agent found in UEG or Sangheili Space will be executed as a spy without any court proceedings.

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