Mumbo: I said it takes place mostly within the Orion arm. Humanity in Halo colonized the Orion Arm and fought the war against the covenant there. Yes Halo Rings and the Ark are not all located in the Orion arm.

Shadowstorm17: Lets look at it from what we know of Shepard mother from Mass Effect. Shepard spend most of his life on ships due to his parents both being in the military. Which mind you is a very stupid decision since what warship would allow children to be taken aboard. Or it means that he was left alone most of his Life since father was infantry and Mother was navy. We know Hannah also serves for a long time, probably started serving shortly before/after the First Contact War

Hannah is also a Flag officer by the time of ME 3 and was a captain in ME1 and ME2, but only a captain in ME 2 because she refused her promotion multiple Times. That would make her already limited time even more limited. Now lets apply that to Halo. Human Slipspace was generally slower than Mass Effect Relay Travel.

We now have a Officer in the Navy, serving on a ship that has deployments no shorter than 6 months at a time, usually even longer. Add to it a Slow FTL drive until advancements were made. We are looking at deployments that could go up to a year maybe even longer if deployed on the frontier or an active war zone.

Now she returns home to a child age 4 who does not even know who she is only knows that she is his mother that he doesn't even remember. Both sides don't know how to engage since she doesn't know what to talk about and the child because he is 4. Then comes the next deployment and you see him when he is 5 or 6. You become a Rear Admiral and have to spend time now commanding a group of ships.

Hannah serving in the Human Navy in Halo would make her relationship with shepard very tense or non-existent

1529: You misunderstand. The Asari Republics are like Earth of Today. The Example of the USA is a bad one since the states are all under the Umbrella of the Federal Government. What we have here is if Aliens came to earth but only opened an Embassy in Turkey and every other country had to let Turkey talk for them. That is the Issue with the Republics.

Slowly walking towards the Admirals Room, John ran his hand along his uniform to make sure it was straight, checked his rank insignia and most importantly of all, tried to calm himself. This was just a report, no need to burn any bridges or anything, just say what happened and leave as fast as possible.

As he approached the door he stood still for a moment and did what he learned in training. Inhale, count to 5, exhale, repeat. He did that for a minute and calmed down enough to be able to talk.

Buzzing the door he waited for it to open, once it did he walked in and announced his entrance. "Reporting as requested admiral!" followed by a salute.

Hannah looked up from her computer with a small smile on her face. "At ease, I am off duty so you can drop the rank John" she said as she stood up.

Moving to a parade rest Shepard awaited her to continue.

Stopping Infront of her desk and sitting on it she asked him "How are you feeling?"

Choosing the diplomatic approach he answered "I am fine, the doctor said I am ready for frontline duty again."

Her smile grew larger once she heard that "That's good to hear, I was worried-" he scoffed mentally at that "something major happened to you"

A short silence followed after she stopped talking and he took it as the perfect opportunity to leave "If that is all, I will be returning to my squad" Turning on his heal he was ready to walk up to the door and leave.

"John wait" he stopped when she called out to him and turned back towards her. "Listen John, I know you don't want to spend time with me and I know I wasn't an example of what a mother should be but-"

He chose to interrupt her there as his anger got the better of him "But what? You want us to start over now? After 32 years of neglect? Who are you trying to fool mother, me or yourself? Admit it, you never cared for me and just want to have a clear conscious now that I might die at any moment." He stared her straight in the eyes as he said that so he could see what she felt.

Her eyes, while showing hurt also showed determination. Taking his verbal assault without problem she turned around and picked up a picture frame, handing it over to him. Accepting it John looked down at it. What he found was a picture of his Young mother, Grandmother and 2 men in. Both looking older than his mother in the picture and all 4 of them Wearing Uniforms. He looked up at her wanting to ask something but she already knew what it was.

"That picture was taken when I finished officers school. You recognize your grandmother, the one standing on her left is your Grandfather and the one standing next to me is my brother. You said I don't care for you, you are wrong, it sounds twisted and wrong but the neglect was because you are the most important thing to me in the world"

"Then why, if what you say is true you should have been there for me, yet you weren't, you were never there"

"A year after that picture was taken, my brother died in the battle of Leonis Minoris. A Month after that my father's ship was intercepted in transit and destroyed. I watched my mother bury two empty coffins, I watched her be consumed by sorrow at having to not only bury her husband but also her child."

She took the photo from his hands and looked down on it "When I had you, the war was thankfully over but the covenant splinter groups were growing in power until they tried glassing one of our worlds. Being a captain at the time I could have refused the call since I still had almost 2 years of maternity leave available to me. I couldn't imagine however having to go through what my mother went. I didn't want to have to bury you because some alien bastard tried to wipe out humanity again. It wasn't an easy decision for me, my thoughts were only about having a safe galaxy where you can grow up and don't follow into the footsteps of our family, where you don't have to join the military"

Putting the picture back on the desk she looked up to John who she could see, while angry understood her sentiment to a certain degree "I am not asking for your forgiveness John, what I did cannot be forgiven and I will live the rest of my life knowing how much I hurt you. I am only asking you to give me a chance at trying to make up on the lost years and I understand if after today you want nothing to do with me, I will respect your choice"

Mulling over what she said to him and what he learned from her John stood silent. A part of him wanted nothing else then to hug his mother, nothing more than to receive the maternal affection he so missed for 3 decades. Another, far larger part of him was still angry at her and hated her for those 3 decades she left him. Both sides fought inside of him and he didn't know what to answer to her.

In the end he decided to play for time "I-, I need time to think" he said turning around.

"That is all I can ask for" Said Hannah as he opened the door, before he left, she spoke one last time "I love you john" and watched as the door closed behind him as he left. Sitting back at her desk she looked at a picture standing next to the one John held a few minutes prior. She was smiling, wearing a white hospital gown, tired eyes and messy hair, but smiling nonetheless because of the small bundle wrapped in a blanked in her arms

2590/2180CE, April 25th, Citadel, Council Chamber

The 3 Councilors stood on their podiums looking down on him, meanwhile Udina was going over every interaction he had with Drescher. Did he scorn her in some way? Did he do something to her that warranted being 20 minutes late to the meeting? He couldn't find a reason in him for that.

The Asari, Tevos spoke up, finally being fed up with the waiting "Ambassador Udina, we have wasted enough time. Either start this meeting or stop wasting it further"

Udina spoke "I am certain Admiral Drescher will join us-" Just then the Hologram projector turned on and was showed the UNSC eagle rotating, signalling it was establishing connection. "Very soon"

The Eagle was then replaced by Admiral Drescher standing in her Uniform, her face as always being frozen in an expression of Anger? Indifference? He could never truly tell. "Finally, Admiral for what reason have you called this meeting, your Ambassador has made it sound very urgent"

"That will remain to be seen, especially since this is less of a meeting from my part and more of a curtesy call. The real meeting will begin after I am done. Councilors our colony of Eden Prime was recently attacked, by the same person might I add"

"How does that concern us Admiral? Humanity has chosen to not join the Citadel so whatever security issues your worlds experience are none of our concern" said Valern

"I am certain your Asari colleague can answer that question Councilor" said Drescher

Sparatus turned towards Tevos "What is she talking about Tevos, what did you do" after he posed the question Tevos started sweating as not only was the attention currently on her but her headache grew thousandfold.

Seeing that she wasn't going to answer Drescher spoke "Years ago, Councillor Tevos greenlit an operation to attack Eden Prime. She send Spectre Saren and Spectre Vasir on said mission. And now Spectre Vasir was spotted on Eden Prime once again during the attack. You can set the record straight now Councillor"

"Where is Vasir right now. Answer that question or we will be meeting in person in the near future under far less ideal circumstances"

Shackingly recovering from her headache Tevos asked "Is- Is that a threat Admiral, I will let you know that-"

"Its not a threat Tevos, it's a promise. Udina, bring him in" ordered Drescher as she looked down on the ambassador.

Udina backed away and went down the stairs before returning with a new person in tow. Someone, rather something that none of the council ever saw. Both Sparatus and Valern were interested in what it was meanwhile Tevos raised her arm to her head as her headache grew.

Udina stopped at his podium and cleared his Throat before speaking "Councillors, may I introduce you to Captain Javik, a prothean."

Looking at the dead Asari Vega wasn't moving at all, it wasn't the first time he killed but something felt wrong. As Shepard walked past him he spoke up "Did we really have to do that commander?"

Shepard glanced at him over his shoulder before resuming walking "Orders were clear, area is to be sanitized, now move it Vega we are on a tight schedule!" Vega still didn't move so he shouted "Vega!" which snapped him out of it and he followed.

Rounding the corner Shepard found a wounded Asari clinging to a terminal "Why isn't it working! Where's C-SEC?!" She noticed his silver visor and tears started falling from her eyes "No, no please don-" her protests were cut short by Shepard who continued moving after that.

Arriving at the door that was titled 'Office of Councillor Tevos' he spoke on the Radio "We arrived at our target, how's it going for you two?"

"Ground floor is clear, all targets Sanitized." Reported Ashley

"All signals have been intercepted we have 10 minutes before anyone notices something wrong" reported Kaidan

"Then lets hope the ambassador can keep the council occupied long enough. Alright people Lock down the embassy, if anyone gets in drop them" he entered the office and approached the Personal Terminal that was standing next to a black piece of metal with blue glowing lines. "Vega, cover me"

Shepard went to work breaking into the Terminal, with the program from ONI it proved to be rather easy.

With the Terminal unlocked he set out to find what they came for, finding it he smilled under his helmet and opened a new comms channel "This is Spectre Actual to Cortana, come in"

"We read you loud and clear commander"

"Ma'am, the signal is out, you should encounter no issues breaching into the facility now"

"Thank you commander, Blue team over and out"

"Alright people, the job is done, lets get out of here" said shepard as he stood up and ran.

"And the Batarians?" Asked Sparatus

"Gone, Indoctrinated or Harvested, a lost cause and unless you start gearing up right now, so will you" replied Javik as he watched the Asari.

"Admiral, you expect us to believe this?" Asked Valern as he looked up at the Hologram of Drescher

"I expect Sparatus to believe it. I know you already know that what he speaks is the truth Valern. Our intelligence assets that were deployed in Batarian space all went crazy and took their own life after exposure to the obelisks. Same as your STG assets"

Valern stood silent for a moment, what she said was true. STG had faced that issue, if what the prothean claimed and the humans claimed then they really were on a timetable and they were running late "I will relay the information to the Dalatrass immediately after the meeting concludes"

"As will I" said Sparatus, knowing that the Primarch probably already knew of it.

Everyone looked at Tevos who stood motionless until Javik spoke "Don't expect the indoctrinated puppet to say anything"

At that Tevos smiled, her blue glowing eyes increased in their intensity and a laugh escaped her lips, a much lower and darker laugh that sounded like nails on a chalkboard "Fools, the Harvest has already began" the voice said and Tevos collapsed