So it has been a while. This isn't a new chapter.

Im here to tell you today that I am officially abandoning this story, a few reasons for that.

The big ones are that im not a good writer. I have written myself into many corners, when my old PC died a year ago I lost my doc with the story progression and what should happen. Because of that, not only did I struggle remembering what to write for new chapters but also made contradictory statements to my earlier chapters.

Second reason is that I am very unhappy with the way the beginning of the fic looks like. The quality of it is in my opinion horrible. I don't have the original doc's for 16 chapters at all since they are all on my old PC.

And my final reason, is the things going on with halo infinite and 343 industries. While not a major factor, compiled with the other two reasons really didn't make me want to write this anymore.

I will return to writing a somewhat similar but better structured story in the future once I finally finish the 2 last chapters for one of my stories. Until then.