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Red Merc of the Age of Wonderbeasts

Ch 1. Born into Pain and Escaped to a new family- part 1

March 5, 2XXX- 20 years ago.

Miles outside of the ruined city of Las Vistas is an incredibly larger underground bunker known as a burrow. Inside the burrow is clean and filled to the brim with both technology and scientists who are working to finding a way to secure a future for humanity. The one leading to the cause is Doctor Judas Jones who is Native American/ Caucasian decent, a brilliant geneticist working a way to make this goal a reality. To him seeing the surface that it shows that all of this change that has happened to the world was a sign from God tell that the past age of humanity is over and they need to change as well or face oblivion. That is when his idea to securing humanities future sprung to his mind by him remembering the stories his grandfather told him about the legend of Skinwalkers and their shape-shifting capabilities which leads to Judas's latest project by changing mankind through a genetic level calling it project Lycan from movies in the world's past.

Judas heard that at another burrow miles in the city that other scientist is trying to change the world back what it once was. To Judas that it is a pointless endeavor in his mind what was done in the past is done and we as a species need to evolve not through technology but by DNA only. In Judas's lab Judas began experimenting on some mutagen with his human genetic samples to see if any of them could take the injection with the added help of his assistant/wife Abigail Jones. She has dirty blonde hair with eyes of different color her left eye is blue as ice and her right green as grass. Through Judas's eyes she is like the planet beautiful, fragile, and a touch wild fun.

After a year of hard work on his project Judas slowly began to descend to impatience and spite for all the long waiting to find results with the added fact that he will become sterile in about five month by the medical doctor's examination. That is one night the mutagen with the DNA of an axolotl maintained in the human cell in fact it improved it. This is what leads to his craziest plan of them all experimenting on himself and to see if he could a child for two reasons to see this project was a success and gaining a viable test subject to improve it further. After a quick explanation to his wife on what he did to himself without informing her about the other half of his plan and in a in few months, his baby boy Alex is born with Indian red skin and blood red hair screaming as babies do.

The moment Alex looks at his mother he smiles and suddenly a salamander tail pokes through the blanket wagging like a puppy about to get a treat. Both parents have different emotions seeing the mother shock but happy and the father absolute joy because now his goal is within his sights with the added thoughts of doing many terrible experiments on his boy. Until then he will let his son enjoy his moments of mother love as he gets. That is until two years later, after Abigail doping a glass plate and desperately cleaning the kitchen floor she forgotten to notice a shard of glass which in turn Alex accidentally stepped on causes him crying in pain both parents looked at the cut and to their shock both the glass pops out with the cut being healed just in a matter of seconds.

This gave Judas all the incentive he need to take Alex to his lab and started his experiments on his son all of which his wife's disapproved and downright disgusted on what he was doing to their child. After two years of great pain and torture, Alex is in pure misery the only thing that kept him for going crazy was his own mother at night after going through all the pain and healing all of it away. She read him bedtime stories and give him love to make his miserable existence bearable. Until at his fourth birthday something else was happen first came an explosion and then a feral roar was heard which Alex became frightened and started gain characteristic of the Axolotl that is in him all thanks to his own dad's constant torture he learns to change forms on pure instinct. When the door was opened his mother came in hugging her which helped him changed back to his human form and instructs Alex to follow her while staying close to her.

After walking up to the top of the floors Alex starts hearing a group of people running up the stair and that caused your mother to worry which gave them both more reason run faster. Right when they are about headed to the opened exit it shows shining light. When Alex looked at that light it felt warm and it gave him as since of hope. As long he is with his mother he does not care where he goes everything will be better with her and he can forget the monster that is his father. That is when doors behind them are starting to close and when the exit is one-fourth of the way closed a decision has to be made. Out of desperation AJ's mother gave Alex a small bag of provisions and a picture of him as a baby and his mother holding him. "Sweety no matter what happens always keep moving forward and be brave out there. The world may need heroes more than anything similar to the stories I read to you and I will always love my little salamander," said AJ's mother while giving one last kiss on his forehead and tossed him outside just three seconds before the door closed.

"Mommy!" shouted Alex just as the door closed and submerged into the ground. Out of fear and worry for his mother Alex starts digging the dirt in a vain attempt to get the door back. Being left without his mother AJ starts crying and after over three minutes of crying he remember what his mother said and made a silent vow that he will get stronger to one day be the hero to stop his monster of a Dad but also save his mother. When he opened eyes, he was immediately blinded by the brightness of the sun but just as fast recovered which in turn see the city within his sight and start walking towards it.

At night fall AJ made it to the edge of the city and once he came closer to the buildings he spy some oddly shaped buildings to a regular person they looked like oriental temples to AJ they looked stupid and out of place in this wasteland. Once he found a safe place to sit down and rest, he opens his bag to see what he can eat. After eating one of the ration packets AJ start hearing some growling and that causes him to worry the moment the clouds blocked out the moon everything went pitched black. Before his eyes changes to the eyes of a salamander Alex is tied up and suspended in the air and once the moonlight was out it revealed a group of bipedal tigers wear samurai armor and kimonos. To the kid's eyes he is split between amazed and scared, amazed at how fast they captured him and how cool their armor looks. While scared for seeing how intimidating these tigers were looking and what possible fate lays before him. After being dragged into a temple and was represented to the largest tiger he ever saw with eyes that could kill a person slowly walking towards him.

In one fell swoop the tiger lifts him up, looking at him in the eyes, and after he see him as not a threat he gently places him back on the floor and starts talking to the other tigers in words he does not understand. After their conversation, the tiger with red armor pulled out his sword which on instinct AJ closes his eyes for the impending doom but it never came. Once his eyes were open all he could see was his rope all cut off of him and not a single cut was on him body but if there he can heal them away while have the feel of pain again from years past. All AJ's thought was interrupted but the sight of a paw extended out to him from the largest tiger. "Hello child my name is Mifune and I apologize for what my clan members actions had done to you child please take my paw we need to talk," said the tiger named Mifune. Then fade to black.

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Cut to AJ walking out the door of the burrow into the outskirts outside of the city.


Cut to AJ wear red dojo training uniform and having him grown slightly taller while following a group of tigers wearing Japanese armor and clothing.


Cutting to AJ now looking like a preteen wear red light armor with two metallic tonfa holstered on his belt and following a group of foxes wearing Dungeons and Dragons costumes.


Cut to AJ now a teenager having a golf bag with a driver, putter, and a few wedges sitting on top of a build on a purple moonlit night looking at a picture of his mother and him as a baby. This picture gave enough of a feel of nostalgia the made shed a tear. Missing her but snaps eyes back open with a determination on his face to never give up.


Now we are cut to Kipo and crew with AJ having his golf bag on his back right on their tail including a horde of mutes following as well.


Kipo, AJ, and crew are now also being chased by primates and fancy dressed people riding two headed flamingos following them. Which leads our main characters to a manhole and fade to black.

A/n: And that is the first chapter of my newest story. I have watched all Kipo and the age of Wonderbeast seasons 1 and 2 back to back and love them all from both the world and its characters. I am also a fan of Deadpool from the comics to the movies and thought bring a version into the world of wonderbeast. Take note my version is more watered down the original and we all know in marvel comics there is a multi-verse so this can be an alternate universe of Deadpool who is slightly more heroic but also like to bring humor to the plate. I even wanted to say that the tiger clan and the next pack in the next chapter belongs to the artist Ready2Create from deviantart. Pal your work is great, like some the characters you made and I apologize in advance from taking someone else's characters, but they look so cool and they deserved to be in a fanfic. Want to comment please leave a review. Thanks.